Cena’s Philanthropy

Anyone who doesn’t know that John Cena does wonderful work with children and veterans has to be living under a rock.  Cena’s newest venture was to challenge the WWE Universe to raise a million dollars for veterans.  The WWE Universe stepped up and did just that, so Cena in his lovely way is matching that donation with a million dollars of his own money.  Two million dollars is being donated to the FitOps charity.


QD – Cena is a quirky man, but no one can claim that he doesn’t use his celebrity platform for the betterment of others.  He has his niche charity directions and does a beautiful job with both of them.  No one other person in this world has fulfilled more wishes for sick children, and while he was never in the armed forces, he’s given so much back for the service they have done.  So yes, he’s a bit odd at times, but he’s a wonderful human being.