Sin Cara Requests Release From WWE

Jorge Arias, otherwise known as Sin Cara, has openly requested his release from the WWE.  Arias, who just returned to the roster in September after being out due to injury, took to Twitter to post his request.

Interesting to note that Arias signed a new contract this past March, extending his time with the WWE through spring 2022.


Here’s the English translation:


QD – I find it interesting that Arias posted this on Twitter and have to wonder if he did it this way so it couldn’t be as easily brushed under the rug.  Personally, compared to the original Sin Cara in the WWE, I think Arias hasn’t been used to the best of his talents and would love to see him get the push his work rate and creativity deserves, but with the roster being so deep, it’s hard for almost anyone to get anywhere at this point.  That being said, I’ll be shocked if the WWE lets anyone go before their contracts run out because they don’t want to see their talent being hired on with other companies that could be competition for them.