WWE Superstars Being Used on Another Promotion

Well, this is interesting.  The Colons – Primo & Epico – will be competing in a Triple Thread match with Carlito for the WWC Universal title in Puerto Rico later this month.  Odder still, Epico is currently the champion of WWC.  He won it back in August.

They have not been used on WWE television at all this year.


Botch Take:  I…um…okay.  I had no clue that Epico was the WWC Universal Champion and only Sam knew when I mentioned it backstage.  I’m glad both are doing well and I wish them well in their match.  Apparently, the rumor is that they’ll be leaving when their contracts are up and if they’re smart, that’s what they’ll do.  No use in just sitting around.  Glad WWE allowed them to work.