Jordan Myles Goes Off On WWE Again

It would seem that the Jordan Myles/WWE saga is not over yet. Myles took to Twitter today and released an NSFW filed rant and said that he quit WWE. Myles dropped a bunch of expletives in a rant in which he called WWE “racists”, how he hates the company, to now refer to him as Super ACH now (his former name had always been ACH) and that he has quit the company.  We didn’t include the video but you can find it on Twitter.

This video comes after Myles previously called out the company for what he claimed was a racist t-shirt design. He would go on to state that WWE does not care about black people. Myles made a tweet on November 3 that said he will make sure his “voice and movement” will be heard if he didn’t hear from WWE by the next day, which would have been November 4.


S.A.M.’s Spiel: There is so much to unpack here with this, so I will give my thoughts on this whole thing. This is Myles, or ACH, committing darn-near career suicide in WWE. He has gone off on WWE again and there is no way the brass will like this. The only way this is not career suicide is if this is somehow a work and this is his new character. That is just me looking at the glass half full because this really does feel like he is trying to burn every bridge with WWE.