Maxwell He Sells Sea Shells By The Seashore

Hello everybody, this is Sovereign S.A.M. and I am filling in for Sir Mitch this week in reviewing AEW Dynamite. This is the first show since Full Gear and it will be interesting to see what AEW has in store for us. Enough with the introduction, let us see what Dynamite had to bring to the table this week.


Jon Moxley vs. Michael Nakazawa

Um yeah, nothing to see here other than this being a squash match.


Jon Moxley Promo

I had to separate this from the “match” because it deserves to get praise. Moxley has always been killer on the mic, yes that includes WWE, and this was more of the same. The way he talked about his match with Kenny was great and the unhinged factor came through well here. He called out the whole roster about nobody wanting to step up to him and issued a challenge for anybody to step to him. Moxley would leave through the crowd and we will see how this story plays out later on in the night.


Dark Order vs. Jurassic Express

The Dark Order are to AEW what the Forgotten Sons are to NXT. By that I mean that I just cannot get into them no matter how hard they try. They are just not clicking with me, so it is hard for me to get invested in any of their matches. Jurassic Express on the other hand are great and I am loving the chemistry between Stunt and Jungle Boy. This was a pretty good match but did have some botches as well. Dark Order would end up picking up the win here and I was just left feeling a bit meh. Evil Uno then got on the mic after the match to offer Stunt a mask so he could join them, but Jungle Boy would stop that from happening. This led to the Dark Order to attack Jungle Boy and Stunt and they were going to force the mask on the men when Luchasaurus made his return to save his fellow Jurassic Express members. He cleared the ring and stood tall with Stunt and Jungle Boy. I will say that he looked a bit slow in the ring and I wonder if he is still not 100%.


Shawn Spears vs. Peter Avalon vs. Darby Allin

I have said this before about Spears, but I am just not fully into what AEW is trying to do with him. It feels like they are doing what they can to distance him from his WWE days, but I just am not buying it quite yet. I haven’t been into Peter Avalon in this librarian gimmick yet and I do not know if anybody else it either. Darby is the star of this match and the only reason why I was into any of this match. He is the one that could become the big breakout star for AEW like AJ Styles was for TNA and I know that is high praise, but I think it is possible. The match itself was fine but definitely felt like filler for what would happen after the match. Darby would go on to pick up the win here and then accept Moxley’s challenge from earlier in the night. That match will happen next week and that is one that I am certainly looking forward to.


Nyla Rose vs. Dani Jordan

Nyla came to the ring and she squashed Dani rather easily. Outside of that, nothing really to see here.


Allie Promo with Tony Schiavone

I absolutely love Allie and I feel like she has been so underutilized by AEW so far, so it was nice to see her on Dynamite at long last. I feel like she is someone that can be a big part of the women’s division if given the chance. She also has an awesome YouTube channel with Rosemary that everybody should check out. She was talking to Tony for a bit and then out came Awesome Kong with Brandi Rhodes. I still have no idea what to make of all of this and I hope AEW can do more to explain this partnership of Brandi and Kong.


Chris Jericho In-Ring

This was probably the best part of the night and that has everything to do with the mic work involved. I question Jericho’s ring work nowadays but one thing I will not question is his mic skills. He is one of the best to ever speak on the mic and it showed here. Cody’s music then hit and MJF trolled everybody by coming out to it. I love how he painted the picture of Cody being the heel in this whole scenario and how he was taken advantage of. True villains always see themselves in the right and this went right along with it. His back and forth with Jericho was good as well and it even gave the title for the blog this week. Cody would eventually come out and attack both men despite not being cleared to compete. Wardlow would then make his debut and it looks like he is the muscle for MJF. I have to say that with all the hype packages for him to be someone’s muscle is a bit underwhelming. Overall, this was a really good segment and one that cements MJF as one of AEW’s top heels.


PAC vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

This was a good match, but we didn’t need to see them wrestle again when we just saw this match on Saturday. They did callbacks to that match throughout this one and took me out of it a bit. I am still not connecting with Hangman as a character, but I cannot deny how good he is in the ring. PAC is stellar as well, so this was a good match. People like to hate on WWE when they put rematches from pay-per-views on the shows right after, so I am going to give AEW some of the same flack. If we want to be fair, we have to judge it all the same and not make special rules just because there is a shiny new toy. PAC would go on to win this match and I hope they distance themselves from one another because they need time apart.


Backstage Brawl

We had ourselves a backstage brawl occur right after this match between the Young Bucks and Santana and Ortiz. There was so much chaos involved in this brawl that it would be hard to name all the spots. We saw people go through tables and the staging area when they made their way out to the arena. Just when you thought the brawl would end, it picked right back up and more chaos ensued. The one thing about this brawl was that it really made the referees and security staff look powerless because they couldn’t stop the brawl at all. The best part was when someone was thrown into the bathroom and Orange Cassidy was standing there and they calmly closed the door. That was hilarious and also makes me wonder what they are going to do with him. Santana and Ortiz would get the better of the Bucks this night and we can expect some sort of street fight between these two teams some time in the coming weeks or months.


Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara vs. SCU

If AEW is going to have a rankings system, how is it that Jericho and Guevara are able to leap frog everybody for a title shot? This is the problem I have with the ranking system because it leads to questions like this. Okay the match itself was pretty good and should be expected given who is involved. Kazarian and Scorpio are tremendous as a team and I feel like they will hold on to the tag titles for a good amount of time. Sammy is really relishing in his heel role and I feel like he is getting some guidance from Jericho about how to be proper slime as a heel. Solid ring work from all four men in this match and SCU would pick up the win and retain their titles. I had no problem with Jericho eating the pin, but it was the type of pin that left me underwhelmed. AEW is overdoing it with the roll up victories in my opinion and I am not particularly a fan of roll up wins during a title match by the champion(s). That is just something that doesn’t scream strong champion to me and rather someone that can just squeak by. Jericho threw a tantrum the likes that would make Alicia Fox proud as Dynamite came to a close.


Final Thoughts

This week’s episode of Dynamite was good but also a bit underwhelming coming off of Full Gear. Some of the high points had to be the Jericho/MJF promo and Moxley’s promo where he challenged the locker room. Outside of that, everything felt a bit underwhelming to me or skippable. The Nyla Rose squash was a low point and so was the Moxley squash. I am still not into the Dark Order and the whole Brandi/Kong thing has me scratching my head. Not the strongest showing by AEW this week but I am sure the AEW diehards will say otherwise because they can do no wrong. I am Sovereign S.A.M. and I will see you all around the WRC.