Jordan Myles May Be Done with WWE

WWE superstar, Jordan Myles, is now accepting indie bookings as ACH/Super ACH once more and may be done with the company.  This seemingly brings to a close one of the more dramatic WWE exits in recent memory.  As you know, he recently accused WWE of being racist due to the release of his t-shirt which set off a firestorm of comments from him on his Twitter account.  Here’s the tweet from ACH himself:


The terms of his release are currently unknown.


Botch Take:  This has been such a complete mess.  He’s been quite vocal on-line about his desire to leave WWE and said as much in very colorful language at times.  If his release is unconditional (which I very much doubt), I’d be quite surprised.  There are likely stipulations in that contract that won’t allow him to sign with AEW but it’s impossible to know at this point.  If there aren’t, this could set a dangerous precedent going forward.  Any worker could raise an issue – justified or not – be loud enough, and obtain their release.  Not a great message to send.

All rumors aside, ACH is a VERY talented worker with a lot of charisma who I’ve been a fan of for years.  We here at Wrestle Royalty wish him all the happiness in the world as he moves forward with his career.