Turkeys Can Fly

Welcome to another Elite Journal where yours truly reviews AEW Dynamite each and every week.


Hey Kids, It’s Virgil

For all the time Jericho and AEW spent hyping this segment up, it probably could have been put to better use in retrospect.

Don’t get me wrong, everybody played their part here (including poor Justin Roberts) but the whole thing just fell flat to me for the most part. But maybe that’s because I’m Australian and didn’t understand all the Ice Hockey references from Jericho and his father?

At any rate, the only part of this I enjoyed was watching Virgil and half hoping he would go off script and do something insane LOL.


Flying Orange

This match was another thing on this show where everyone did what they were supposed to do, but it should have been a bit more exciting. I can’t quite put my finger on it…but it just didn’t fully work for me.

I mean, it wasn’t a bad match by any stretch. The Lucha Bro’s are always good and The Best Freinds are much better than people give them credit for. Plus, Orange Cassidy remains over as rover even dressed in a turkey costume.

But in the end, the match didn’t really click!


Chicago Karaoke

Some fans claim AEW’s weakest point is it’s Women’s division and the only strong parts of it are the Joshi stars like Riho and Hikaru Shida. Well, I say that is a load of nonsense.

Yes, most of AEW’s roster isn’t as well known as WWE’s Women’s division, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth watching. A lot of the Woman I was unfamiliar with have become some of my favourites. Names like Shani, Big Swole and now Kris Statlander are ones I am determined to know more about. I want to see as much of her Statlander’s work as possible now that I’ve seen her on Dynamite.

This match was solid, but for some reason, Joshi legend Emi Sakura just dragged the others down a bit honestly. As hard as she is trying, she just isn’t as over in America as the younger Joshi stars she has trained. Personally, I think she should move to a backstage role in AEW.

But with all that being said, this was still a solid match.


Bunnies Can Be The Stuff Of American Nightmares

Cody returned to beat a jobber in minutes to make up for going under at Full Gear. Standard booking for main event stars. But having a debuting tag-team attack him afterwards isn’t a typical booking move…and I like it!

I recognised Pepper Parks straight away and I knew his real-life wife Allie would probably be revealed as his manager but I don’t believe I know his tag-team partner. At first, I thought he was ROH star, Silas Young until I saw his tattoos. Blade and the Butcher sound like ring names from the 1980s, but a freshly repackaged Allie coming out from the ring (almost like an evil Bunny coming out from her Warren) made it make a bit more sense. The three B’s (as they were dubbed by JR) look cool and I am looking forward to seeing more of them.


The Return Of The Best Bout Machine

Ah, now we get to see the Kenny Omega of old in AEW!

This match was honestly much better than their showing at All Out where both men mistimed several spots. Omega honestly needed the win here in order to keep his standing as one of AEW’s biggest stars and the show needed a great match to keep viewers invested. This delivered both things in spades.


Diamonds Are Forever

Ok, we all know what the outcome of this match would be. We also knew how the post-match stuff with Diamond Dallas Page would play out. But…that doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable to watch.

MJF is easily the best heel working today and Wardlow is good at playing Deisel to MJF’s HBK. DDP still looks great at age 63 and they seemed to tease the master of the Diamond Cutter having one last match.

I don’t know about you, but I think I might actually like to see DDP vs. MJF!


Dreams get Shattered In Chicago

Another predictable, but enjoyable segment. Dustin has teased using Shattered Dreams several times in AEW but this was the first time he actually got to use it. The Young Bucks coming out to do it on other members of the Inner Circle was also fun.


So High, He ALMOST Hit The Sky

I have always been a big fan of Scorpio Sky. Going all the way back to his days in Wrestling Society X (remember them) and even though I agree Sky getting this Title show goes against AEW’s ranking system, I was really excited to see Sky get his moment in the main event spotlight.

This match was really good, and even though we all know how it would end, there were a few genuine moments when I thought Sky might actually go over. But even if it was never really going to happen this week, I think Sky proved that he could win the AEW Title one day and people would be behind it!



Final Thoughts:

This week’s Dynamite was honestly the weakest show the promotion has put on to date. It wasn’t bad, just…weak!