WWE Star Close to Leaving

There have been few WWE stars that have been started and (mostly) stopped on more than Luke Harper.  While there’s been some extra time added to a deal that was set to expire soon due to time he was out with injury, he hasn’t just been sitting around waiting for that to happen.  Turns out he’s taken steps to ensure that he can use his former name whenever his WWE deal ends.  He recently trademarked the name “Brodie Lee” for his use wherever he goes for both work and merchandise.  Of course, the rumors who have swirled about where he’ll end up next (including the inevitable AEW) but it’s currently unknown.


Botch Take:  He has been absolutely nowhere for a very long time and there isn’t any light at the end of the tunnel.  We thought there was some time ago but for whatever reason, WWE didn’t keep Luke & Erick Rowan together.  Erick has been seen as someone they can move forward with but not so with Luke.  He’s incredibly talented and it’ll be interesting to see what he does away from WWE as that appears to be the only way he’ll flourish.