Let’s Have A Talk About Commentary

Hello everyone, this is Sovereign S.A.M. and I am back to get a few things off my chest. We all know how vital commentary can be to the pro wrestling experience because great commentary can enhance a match or angle and horrible commentary can detract from a match or angle. Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross were two of the best during the 90s and 2000s when they were a pair in WWE and are legends on the commentary table. I will always say how great they were for the WWE during those times and how their voices added to the experience. That being said, their time has come and gone, and I truly do not enjoy them on commentary for WWE and AEW respectively. I am here to voice why I feel that way and you can agree or disagree with what I have to say, and I am open to hearing your opinions in the comments.


Let’s start with the man who has made the most recent return to commentary, Jerry Lawler. I think it is safe to say that none of us could have predicted that Jerry would return on commentary on Raw when the draft happened. I was worried about it at first but was surprised with how well he was during the first week because Dio Maddin and Vic Joseph were off their game. I wondered if Jerry would be able to keep the momentum but sadly that has not been the case. If anything, Jerry has gotten progressively worse with each week to the point that I have tuned him out. His humor is so off-putting and ill timed, and he comes off as “not having a clue” when he tries to chime in on what is happening. The other problem is that with him being there, it takes the growth away from someone like Dio because Jerry tries to dominate the mic.

There is no question how much of a legend Jerry is, but time has passed him by, and he looks and sounds totally out of place. I was fine with tuning him out but this last Monday on Raw he was the epitome of unbearable. He tried to be a heel, but it didn’t come off well. The problem was that he has no chemistry with Vic and honestly, Vic has more chemistry with Dio and Samoa Joe than Jerry. Joe was only there for one week and had great chemistry with Vic. Simply put, Jerry’s time on the commentary table was in yesteryear and he is no longer needed.


Now let us move on to the quite possibly the greatest to ever do it, Jim Ross. Once again, there is no denying how much of a legend JR is but he, like Jerry, is not needed. Now you may be wondering why I am not going after Tony Schiavone and the answer is simple. Schiavone put in work in MLW to stay up to date with the current product and that has carried over to his commentary on AEW. When JR called NJPW, he sounded like he was going through the motions and didn’t care, and that same energy is there in AEW. JR is by far the one that feels out of place on the AEW commentary table as Schiavone and Excalibur are amazing and have some good chemistry with one another. Many times, JR will forget wrestlers’ names, throw slight shade at Excalibur for calling moves by different names, or call names in AEW by WWE names. One example is when he called Full Gear “Fully Loaded” on a recent episode of Dynamite.

One other key reason why I have come to dislike JR on commentary and that is when he insulted Lucha Libre for absolutely no reason. Excalibur tried to explain why the Lucha Bros wrestle tag matches the way they do and said how the rules are more liberal for tag team wrestling in Lucha Libre. JR replied by saying “that doesn’t make sense” and I was truly insulted by that and am surprised nobody called him out for that. That really felt like he was insulting a whole culture of wrestling and one that I honestly have no forgotten. People like to get on people like a certain tennis racket wielding nutjob for his comments, but people need to do the same with JR when he says things like this. That comment is honestly an insult to some of the legendary luchadors who have crossed over to America like, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, LA Park, and the Lucha Bros. That comment, on top of everything else I have stated are why I feel like he should realize that he simply doesn’t have it anymore. The AEW diehards will not say that and will defend him for simply being a legend and that is the absolute worst mindset and reason to say he has the benefit of the doubt.

To borrow something from the Broken Universe, JR and Jerry both need to fade away and classify themselves as obsolete. They are legends no doubt, but they are no longer needed and there are plenty of other men and women who can do their job better in the current landscape of wrestling.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter and please keep it civil in the comment section. I am Sovereign S.A.M. and this has been my Summation.