Beer In His Hand, Foot In His Mouth

Sometimes people make offhanded comments that run away from them and gain a life of their own.  On the other hand, people rarely say things they truly don’t mean.  There is always some modicum of personal truth in it somewhere.  I’d like to think that Sandman was either trying to fire people up or make himself relevant again, but it doesn’t seem like that’s it.  I further wondered if maybe he’d just had a grueling match and was blowing off steam in a truly stupid way, but that wasn’t it as he’d only done his entrance schtick and little more.

For those of you who missed it, backstage at WrestleCade Sandman made an announcement to the entire Knockouts locker that women should not be main eventing any pro wrestling shows.

This, of course, about turned Twitter on its head.  Chris Jericho and Wil Osprey, quickly stepped up to disagree with Sandman.  Madison Rayne stated that she hoped Sandman would stay to watch the main event and be proven wrong.  The main event of the show was Rosemary vs Taya vs Su Yung vs Jordynne Grace and from what I heard it was even more stellar than it sounds as they seemed to feel like they had even more to prove.

Tessa Blanchard was scheduled to work the show but was unable to do so because of an eye injury, but she went right after Sandman in her ire-filled promo:

“I was in the back earlier tonight and I had to listen to an old ECW guy that used to have a beer in his hand, talk about how ‘women shouldn’t be main eventing this event or any event.’ Not because he didn’t have faith in these women, but because he didn’t have faith in you fans. It’s 2020 and I think that’s a crock of horsesh*t. The women in this ring right now, are some of the best women’s wrestlers — no, they are some of the best wrestlers in this business. You’re looking at women who have traveled the world and held notable titles in notable companies all over the entire world. I can’t think of anybody better to main event,”

I honestly don’t know what Sandman was thinking saying what he did in front of a locker room full of women who could easily take his drunken old body down and make him hurt, which I have to give them huge props for not doing, though I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken many of them.  In this day and age, to say something to inflammatory in any industry but especially the pro wrestling industry where the women are main eventing the biggest show and having better matches than the big guys who used to be the staple of the pro wrestling industry, is just a bad idea.

The WWE is the most televised pro wrestling company in the USA and women have not only stolen more shows than not, but have proven themselves in Elimination Chambers, HIACs, and most recently WarGames!  Not one of these women had role models doing what they do now, but the role models they did have paved the way for them through their hard work and determination.  The world as a whole is evolving, but it’s sports like soccer, basketball, powerlifting, MMA, and professional wrestling where we have seen the most obvious growth.  Comments like those from Sandman show us how far we have come as women, yet how much further we need to go for sexist pigs like him to see that women are doing things in the ring he was never able to do, and reaching things that he could never possibly have achieved with a kendo stick in one hand and a beer in the other.