Monday Night Raw (12/2/19)

If adult diapers are called Depends, then baby diapers should be called Definitely.


Raw Results:

Charly Caruso is in the back of the arena awaiting AOP’s arrival and she tries to get an interview with them. AOP speak in their native tongues and she apologizes for not knowing their languages. They tell her she looks nice and leave.

Seth Rollins comes down to the ring to explain everything he said and did last week. He talks about how he may have gone overboard with his words last week and offers apologies. He calls out Kevin Owens to apologize to his face and Owens makes his way out. Owens starts questioning if Rollins is in cahoots with AOP and Rollins denies their involvement and Owens doesn’t believe him. AOP then come out and challenge Owens and Rollins to a match in their native tongues. Rollins accepts the match and Owens is hesitant to accept. Owens calls out AOP to the ring and Rollins abandons him and AOP lets him walk by. Owens continues to call out AOP and they walk to the back instead. Owens calls out anybody in the locker room for a fight and they show Lashley walking backstage with Lana.

Owens is waiting in the ring and Lana makes her way out. Owens hates this and Lana talks about how Raw is all about her. Owens keeps interrupting her and they have a back and forth. Lana then says how she has another restraining order on Rusev and then she continues her back and forth with Owens. She then says Lashley will come out to take on Owens and he makes his way out.

Kevin Owens def. Bobby Lashley by DQ when AOP attacks him. AOP beats down Owens and drag him to the back.

Lana and Lashley are in the ring to talk about what just happened and Rusev comes through the crowd to attack Lashley. Rusev runs off before he can be arrested and Lana helps Lashley out of the ring. Lashley questions why they haven’t done anything and they say that the do things differently in Nashville. Lashley then bumps one of the officers and is placed in handcuffs. Lana then berates and slaps the officer and is then placed in handcuffs as well.

Drew McIntyre def. Akira Tozawa. McIntyre gets on the mic after the match and calls out Randy Orton.

McIntyre continues to call out Randy and cuts to a video about why he is calling him out. Orton comes out and scoffs at why McIntyre called him out. Orton tries to walk off but McIntyre calls him back and tells him that this current version Orton is only threatening on social media. McIntyre starts comparing the two and how he is the upgraded version. Orton then tells McIntyre that he has earned the right to be how he is and McIntyre hasn’t earned anything yet. Orton tells McIntyre that if he has a problem with him, they can settle it right now. Before McIntyre can respond. the OC come out. Gallows and Anderson then start blaming Orton for being the reason AJ lost the US title and AJ says he wants a piece of Orton. McIntyre leaves the ring and the OC surround the ring around Orton and attack Orton. Ricochet, Humberto Carrillo and Rey Mysterio come out to make the save and the OC retreat.

Orton is backstage with Carrillo, Ricochet and Mysterio and Mysterio asks him if he is okay. Orton appreciates the help but says it was unneeded.

Aleister Black def. Tony Nese. Buddy Murphy is interviewed backstage about knocking on Black’s door and if he regrets it and he says he doesn’t. He says that Aleister needs to calm down and if he doesn’t, he will be the one to calm him down.

Andrade def. Eric Young

R-Truth is pinned by NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and he becomes the new 24/7 Champion.

Seth Rollins is leaving backstage and is interviewed about why he didn’t help Kevin Owens earlier. He says that he offered to help Owens earlier but Owens declined his help. He is questioned about if he meant his apology and he laughs at the question. He says he was in a lose/lose situation and says he is a leader.

Erick Rowan is backstage with his pet and tells it that he doesn’t know what he would do without it.

Erick Rowan def. No Way Jose

The Kabuki Warriors def. Charlotte Flair

The Viking Raiders def. local talent

Ricochet, Humberto Carrillo, and Rey Mysterio are in the locker room and they talk about their upcoming match with the OC. They talk about how they will beat them tonight in their match.

The OC def. Ricochet, Humberto Carrillo & Rey Mysterio. Randy Orton hits AJ Styles with an RKO after the match.