AEW And In Demand Sign Long-Term Deal

Cox Communication and In Demand have finalized a deal with AEW for video on demand and PPV distribution.  This contract guarantees a minimum of one PPV per quarter through June 2021.

Mark Boccardi In Demand’s SVP of Programming and Marketing stated:

<p style=”background-color:purple;”>We’re huge fans of AEW’s exciting wrestling talent and events, and are pleased to partner with them as they continue to build their audience, marketing and distribution. “This commitment from AEW demonstrates that our programming partners see the value in a long-term relationship with In Demand, and with the pay-per-view platform itself. We’re able to offer our content partners the largest distribution reach in the PPV business, as well as customized marketing and promotional support.</p>


Tony Khan stated:

<p style=”background-color:purple;”>AEW pay-per-view events are the best shows in wrestling, and In Demand is a perfect PPV partner for us as well as our fans. “With In Demand’s vast reach and connectivity, we’ll be able to bring all of our AEW pay-per-view shows into the homes of wrestling fans throughout North America.</p>


QD – This is another big step in the right direction for AEW.  They seem to really be taking the bull by the horns in all areas of pro wrestling as well as business.  They keep going in the direction they are, and stop making silly mistakes by constantly referring to the WWE the way they did in WCW, I think they will be a top company in the industry in the USA.