Stu Bennett Officially To Join NWA Announce Desk

Stu Bennett, known better to many as Wade Barrett in the WWE, has officially announced that he will be joining the NWA announce desk, debuting at the Into The Fire PPV.  He will be calling the show with Joe Galli.

Bennett is replacing Jim Cornette who was forced to resign from the role after an off-color joke made during an episode of NWA Powerrr.




QD – When I first hear Bennett was joining NWA I was mortified as he’s so obviously snake-bit.  The man is injury prone.  Even just writing this I’m picturing the night he dislocated his elbow just after returning to the ring from another injury.  On the other hand, the man can talk and has great charisma.  I wasn’t a big fan of Bad News Barrett, I thought it was too little too late for him, but putting him on announce is a great idea.  I’ve been thrilled that I get to try watching NWA Powerrr again.  The first time I tried watching it I turned it off within ten minutes because I couldn’t stand listening to Cornette, but I’m excited to check out the show again and I think Bennett will be a great addition to the announce team.