Big Cass Steps In It Again

William Morrissey, better known to most as Big Cass when he was in the WWE, has opened his mouth, or in this case, tapped his keyboard, and got himself back into trouble.  This time he really overstepped the line by threatening the life of another wrestler.

While the tweet from the former Cass has been removed, it stated:

Only time will tell what might come of this.


QD – In researching this news story, I saw someone’s comment that basically asked who would have thought that Morrissey would be the one with the most issues of the two?  I have to admit that I wouldn’t have thought they would go the directions they have when I first saw them live at HIAC.  There were so many rumors about backstage issues with Enzo that I really thought he’d leave the company and if Morrissey could stay healthy he’d be a top superstar in five years or so.

Turns out I was very wrong and Morrissey is the one with serious mental health issues that are clearly not being addressed or handled correctly.  As we have seen with Mauro, someone who knows he has diagnosed mental health issues and works hard to care for himself as much as he possibly can in this industry.  He speaks very open and honestly on Twitter about mental health, and when he needs to, he shuts it down for a bit and takes time off from work to get his head straight.

Mauro has a solid work schedule that none on the indie scene are able to manage, but that doesn’t mean that people like Morrissey can’t take care of their mental health as they would their physical health.  If Morrissey spent as much time working on his mental health as he did saying things that caused problems, he probably could have worked things out and returned to the WWE, but I highly doubt we will see that happening any time soon.