All Strong Points, I Can’t Argue With Any Of Them

We have arrived at the go-home episode of Raw for TLC and to be honest, I have no been into the build for it. This definitely has the “filler” feel to it as we are not that far removed from the awesome build to Survivor Series. It will be interesting to see how this episode plays out because Raw has had some solid go-home episodes in 2019. Without further ado, let us see what the red brand had for us this week.


Lana & Rusev Divorce Proceedings

This storyline has been quite the polarizing one because you either hate it or you have bought into it. I for one have been into this story and have wanted to see where it goes each week. It reminds me of the talk shows and reality tv that were around in the 90s and 2000s and take that for what you will. Jerry Lawler was the one running this divorce proceeding and he would introduce Lana and Rusev. Lana and Rusev had a fun back and forth on the mic here and I love how this whole thing has brought out the personality in Rusev. Rusev has such a huge personality that we have rarely gotten to see, and it is a delight to see it come out. Before Rusev would sign his name, Bobby Lashley came out and proclaimed that he would marry Lana as soon as she and Rusev were divorced. Rusev would sign the papers and Lashley would then attack him. The two brawled and Rusev would end up putting Lashley through the table.


Kevin Owens Backstage

The way Kevin Owens has been carrying himself during this Rollins program has really reminded me of Stone Cold. We all have felt like he could always be like Austin for this era and it is really coming through here. The interview was short and sweet, and Owens still doesn’t trust Rollins. Owens left and bumped into Rey Mysterio and the two shared some words. Rey gave him his pipe so the odds could be even against AOP and that was a nice gesture. That sort of thing helps cement that Owens is the top babyface on Raw at the moment.


Drew McIntyre vs Matt Hardy

Drew’s promo before this match further proved that he is totally ready to be a top guy. He attacked Matt’s personal life and the timing of Matt attacking Drew after he said broken was interesting. We all know Matt has a desire to be broken again and this may further that. Could be a coincidence but I would like to think it wasn’t. The match itself was pretty standard in what we get from a match with a predictable outcome. Matt had some good spots, but it wasn’t enough as Drew would pick up the win.


Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch Backstage

A video was played of Charlotte Flair interacting with Becky Lynch from earlier in the day and I love how the two cannot stand each other. Often times in wrestling we see two former rivals get over things rather quickly but that wasn’t the case here. Charlotte went to Becky for help against the Kabuki Warriors reluctantly and Becky still doesn’t want to help her. Instead, Becky said she would take them on by herself and Charlotte wished her luck. Solid segment and we will see how this will play out later in the night.


Kevin Owens Looking For AOP

It is a nice sight seeing Owens wielding that pipe because it just suits him. He was backstage looking for AOP and nobody had seen them. He eventually bumps into Mojo Rawley and he tried to have fun with Owens by saying they went two different ways. Owens wasn’t having any of that and would knock down Mojo with a punch.


Viking Raiders vs Street Profits

I had high hopes for this match because, if given time, it could be a banger. That sadly was not the case, but it was still a good enough match. The Street Profits came out hot and hit their big moves and looked to get the win early, but the pin would be broken up. They tried their hardest to mount that kind of offense again, but the Viking Raiders would end up taking control and retain the tag titles. I am honestly getting worried for the Viking Raiders because they really need a proper feud at this point. They keep jumping from jobber matches to semi-competitive matches and it isn’t doing well to keep them over. They would have a sign of respect after the match with the Profits and Seth Rollins would end up coming down. He told them that they could stay and listen to what he had to say but neither team wanted any of that.


Seth Rollins In-Ring

The part I love about this recent Seth stuff is that he doesn’t feel like he is doing anything wrong. The best heels work when they feel like they are in the right and it looks like Seth is veering towards that direction. He continued to deny any involvement with AOP and even called them out. They didn’t come out, but Kevin Owens did, and he continued his accusations against Seth. Kevin kept pushing the motive and Seth didn’t want anything to do with this and left. AOP appeared on the tron and spoke in their native tongues once again. I like that with AOP they aren’t speaking English and are speaking Punjabi and Albanian because it can help hide any faults in their mic skills. Then Sami Zayn and Mojo Rawley came to the ring and that is where this segment felt like it went too long. Sami tried to reason with Owens and tell him that what he did to Mojo was wrong and I could care less. Owens would eventually beat down Mojo and that was that.


Aleister Black vs Akira Tozawa

It is nice to see Akira used every week, but it is a shame that it is always in a losing effort. The match, while predictable, was still done well. That is really no surprise as Akira and Black are fantastic workers. One of the best moments of this match was when Akira went for a dive and Aleister countered it with a jumping knee. That was done to perfection and instantly reminded me of Aleister’s classic with Johnny Gargano. Aleister would hit Akira with Black Mass and Akira sold it like a million bucks.


Humberto Carrillo Backstage

This was supposed to be an interview segment with Humberto but that would not be the case. Humberto called out to someone off screen and Zelina Vega would appear. I swear we need to find out why Zelina and Aleister always have segments back to back because it is driving me a bit nuts. Andrade would come in and would have some words with Humberto. It would appear that a match between the two would be happening tonight.


Liv Morgan Makeover

FINALLY!!! We have all been wondering if WWE was going to do something with Liv Morgan and it looks like something is coming. I have no idea what it will be but please don’t let it be anywhere near Emmalina. I have always felt like Liv has a huge upside and hopefully this is the start of something for her.


Andrade vs Humberto Carrillo

It is no surprise at all that this was a good match when you have two of the best workers on Raw. It feels like they may have pumped the brakes a little bit on Humberto, but he is still in a good spot. There was plenty of good back and forth action in this match and it looked like either man would come out on top. I love how Andrade came out hot to start the match because it sold how he has beef with Humberto. I do have to knock this down because Humberto did mess up the Aztec Press again and I am wondering if maybe he should put that move on the shelf because he is not hitting it smoothly at all anymore. Solid back and forth like I said, and Humberto would pick up the win when Zelina tried to get involved and Andrade would inadvertently knock her off the apron. That distraction allowed Humberto to roll up Andrade for the win. Zelina and Andrade had a bit of an argument after the match and the seeds have been planted for a possible breakup between the two. I hope they don’t separate Zelina and Andrade because they work so well off each other.


Rey Mysterio Backstage

Pretty standard promo here by Rey and not much to say on it. He spoke about his match with AJ and how he would win. He referenced Dominick once again and all that jazz.


Sir Mitch vs Zack Ryder

Nice to see Zack Ryder get some tv time but outside of that, we all knew who was winning here. Mitch has a big match with Aleister coming on Sunday, so they have to make him look strong. He looked strong here and would pick up the win over Ryder.


Kevin Owens AOP Hunting

Kevin Owens finally came across AOP when he found their van backstage. He called out to them and would take the pipe and hit it van with it. He eventually opened the back and saw someone sitting back there. As he went to grab the person, AOP showed up and would give Owens a beating. The camera panned to the person in the van and out came Seth Rollins. It was a turn we all knew was coming but it was still done so well. Rollins told Owens that it was his fault that it came to this and would give him a Stomp on the concrete surface. Rollins would walk off with AOP and he would eventually make his way out to the arena.


Seth Rollins Promo

Seth came out and he explained why he did what he did and blamed it all on the WWE Universe. Can’t say I blame him because no matter what he does he is met with criticism from the fans. He talked about how he tried to say he wasn’t involved with AOP, but nobody would listen even though he was telling the truth. He said that he is now running with AOP and AOP would come out and join him for a moment before they all made their way to the back. This was probably one of Seth’s best promos in some time and certainly had the fire that I haven’t seen in a minute. I cannot wait to see where this goes because this has the possibility of being a ton of fun.


Becky Lynch vs The Kabuki Warriors

This handicap match was not quite on the same level as the one from last week, but it was still a darn good one. It was also nice to see Becky working tonight as she has been absent the previous two weeks. The Kabuki Warriors have found their stride as heels and I love seeing them work the way they do. The chemistry is there now, and I love how they use the numbers to their advantage. Like last week, this match did a good job in making Becky look strong but not too strong. I did wonder if the Kabuki Warriors would pick up the win here because Becky is booked pretty darn strong nowadays. She could be on the verge of looking too strong, but I think they have done a good job in preventing that. Solid match and Becky would win by DQ when Asuka hit her with a chair. The two would continue to beat up her and then place her on a table where Kairi would hit a beautiful Insane Elbow onto Becky, putting her through the table.


The OC Backstage

Like the Rey promo earlier, this was pretty much the same thing we have gotten from the OC of late. AJ talked about wanting to regain the US title and how Gallows/Anderson are the best tag team. They made it known that they want the tag titles back and that match can be a lot of fun. AJ moved on and talked about how Randy Orton shouldn’t stick his nose in their business. AJ said that if he does, that will be the end of him.


Becky Lynch & Charlotte Backstage

We had a few segments involving Becky, Charlotte and the Kabuki Warriors back to back so I will just group them all here. Charlotte was checking on Becky backstage and Becky took Charlotte offer from earlier because she wants another crack at Asuka. Charlotte was fine with that and walked off but was then blindsided by the Kabuki Warriors. They beat her down and I love the laugh Kairi did as she walked away. Kairi and Asuka would eventually get interviewed about the attack and they said they were willing to put up the tag titles in a match against them at TLC and would await their response. Charlotte and Becky would then be shown in the trainer’s room and said they want to up the ante and said it will be a TLC match. That match has the potential to be a ton of fun.


Erick Rowan vs Jobber



Monday After Weekend Update

I honestly have nothing bad or anything to say about this segment because this just owns the week for me. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins were hilarious here doing their version of the SNL Weekend Update. There were so many funny moments to count and this is something you must see for yourself. This was amazing on every level and deserves all of the crowns and all of the smoke.


Rey Mysterio vs AJ Styles

This match could have gotten a higher grade but sadly it was hampered by a huge botch. The match prior to the botch was plenty of fun and that is no surprise considering these are two of the best workers of all-time. I would say that Rey and AJ should be in the top 10 and I think it would be hard to dispute that. Solid back and forth action in this match and it did look like AJ would regain the US title at certain points. The OC would come down to try and give AJ the unfair advantage and it did look like that would lead AJ to get the win. Then we ended up with the horrible botch that really derailed the match in the closing moments. It looked like AJ was supposed to grab Rey to do a Styles Clash from the middle rope, but he couldn’t hold on and dropped Rey and lost his footing as well. You could see that AJ was frustrated with that because that was supposed to be the finishing sequence for the match. AJ recovered and did his best to makeshift a new finish and Orton would come down to provide a distraction allowing Rey to pick up the win. They barely got that finish in as Raw came to a close darn near after the count of three. It is sad that a botch like that takes away from a pretty good match.


Final Statement

Overall, this was a pretty solid go-home of Raw, but it was a bit weak because it didn’t feel like a go-home at the same time. I think that really has to do with the kind of meh build to TLC because it feels like a filler pay-per-view. The highest point had to be the Monday After Weekend Update because that was hilarious from start to finish. I dug the Rusev/Lana divorce stuff and the Becky/Charlotte/Kabuki Warriors stuff was good as well. The Seth/KO story has progressed nicely, and I am intrigued to see where it goes from here. The only true low point was the Erick Rowan stuff because I really cannot find a reason to care about it. The other low point was the botch at the end of the Rey/AJ match because it was just unfortunate to happen at the key moment of the match. Make sure you join us on Sunday for TLC as we will have a Dignified Discussion to go with the show. They are always a ton of fun so make sure you make your way to it. I am Sovereign S.A.M. and I will see you next week for another Sovereign Statement.