Two WWE Superstars Suspended For Wellness Policy Infractions

The WWE has confirmed that two WWE superstars have been suspended for Wellness Policy violations.  Primo Colon and Robert Roode have each received their first violation, earning each 30-day suspensions.

Primo has been working in Puerto Rico at his father’s promotion along with his cousin Epico.

Robert Roode was last seen on WWE TV at the end of November on SD when Reigns, on a rampage, put Roode through the timekeeper’s barrier and then flipped the announce table on top of him.


QD – I have to say that it feels like forever that we’ve had a Wellness Policy violation and the two names listed above really do shock me.  I know that Primo’s brother Carlito had Wellness Policy violations when he was with the WWE, but that seems like forever ago.  Many people are shocked when they realize the Colons are still with the WWE as they’ve done nothing visibly important within the WWE in years, but they are keeping the relationship between the WWE and Colon’s promotion in Puerto Rico open and that could be much more beneficial than most of us could know.

Then there’s Roode who I am truly disappointed in.  Honestly, I’m as disappointed in how the WWE has handled Roode, if not more so, but I’m still rather upset that Roode failed a recent test.  Not good for his future in the WWE, because his name isn’t Reigns or Orton, who we all know seem to get their Wellness Policy violations glossed over because of how much McMahon ‘believes’ in them.