Injuries Change Storylines In WWE

Braun Strowman was scheduled to work a storyline with Shinsuke Nakamura that would have led to a match between the two at TLC.  Strowman missed live shows over the weekend due to a minor injury.  Some report that he’s having back spasms, the WWE says he has a sore hip.  We will have to play the wait-and-see game, but if Strowman is healthy enough to work the ring there are hopes of throwing together their match on the go-home SDLive at the end of the week.

Seth Rollins is also struggling with a broken finger, which is why he didn’t work the match they had planned for him on Raw.


QD – While much of this info came from Meltzer, someone I don’t trust as far as I can throw my house, but with the WWE stating Strowman has a sore hip I thought it was worth posting.  I truly hope that Strowman is better as he needs a solid push to jumpstart his career again after how horribly he’s been booked – for years!