Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching one with yet another Elite Journal.  Let’s dive right in, shall we?


Jon Moxley vs. Alex Reynolds (w/ Jon Silver)

Jobber match.  Why write more?  Jon Silver met the same fate with the Paradigm Shift.  This ended really quickly.


In-ring segment – Le Champión Chris Jericho, Proud N’ Powerful & Jon Moxley

I still hate P&P’s name.  It’s just dumb.  Okay, now to the segment.  If Chris is left to tell a story, he’ll do it better than just about anyone.  He did exactly that here.  He told Jon’s whole story from WWE to here.  The crowd didn’t rattle him either.  It’s just not possible so no clue why they try.  Excalibur mentioned how contrite Jericho was here and it is awfully unusual.  I really liked this.  Jericho did all the talking and that’s how it should have been.  Do I think Moxley will join the Inner Circle?  Not a chance.


Cinéma de Powerful – Proud N’ Powerful

Nice, short clip.  It further sold their feud with the Young Bucks


The Butcher, the Blade (Andy Williams & Pepper Parks), & The Bunny (Allie) vs. Cody & QT Marshall

We know far too little about them for this to mean much.  I know who they were but don’t know who they are now.  They are really rushing this whole thing.  No grass growing under this one at all.  JR knew nothing about them and said as much but in this case, I get it.  They attacked Cody after a match just two weeks ago and now, they’re in a match already.  Little to no back story as to why they attacked Cody and no real storytelling.  Why so fast?  Slow down for crying out loud.  They’re trying to say that getting Allie’s hair clipped broke her or something but it’s all just far too quick to make any sense.  Whatever.  Okay, the match.

I absolutely hated seeing QT standing there and staring while Pepper came hurtling towards him from inside the ring.  It’s so completely corny.  Make me believe that you don’t know it’s coming – at least try.  Anyway, QT took most of the damage and that’s likely why he was in the match.  Not a bad idea, really.  He wasn’t the focus of this; Cody was.  The crowd was into this match, though, and that’s what matters ultimately.  QT was NOT good tonight.  His dive was a mess and his leap from the top rope was even worse.  He’s a producer for AEW and he should likely remain in that job and that job only.  He fell victim and the match ended.

Darby came out to help Cody up and shake his hand.  He’s an ally to Cody now.  Let’s see where that goes.  That interests me.  The match was pretty much a dog.


Why are we still getting backstage segments that happen with dialog we can’t hear during commercials?  Also, why can’t JR figure out how to throw to commercial with the pic-in-pic thing?  C’mon, guys, get it together.


In-ring segment – MJF w/ Wardlow

Fun with the grip.  I love it!  This was really fun.  MJF is a genius heel and this was so good.  He’s award-winning slime.  The crowd lost its mind and I loved every second of it.  He’s so easy and so confident.  He.  Went.  In.  He even went for Cody’s lisp.  This could not have been better.  I loved every second of it.


Cinéma de Hotel – Dark Order & The Beaver Boys

Poor Alex.  Really fun segment.  Completely twisted.  I have no other words.  Really good stuff!


Big Swole vs. Emi Sakura

I love seeing Swole debut on proper television.  She’s been on Dark up until this point and she’s finally made it here.  She’s got all of it.  Emi is really fun too so this match was totally fun from beginning to end.  Emi is so effortless with that Surfboard.  She even rolled it around like the pro she is.  Really cool to watch.  This was a fun match with both of them showing much personality.  Tony Schiavone is a fool in the best way.  “SHE FEELS GOOD!”  It had to be the title.  Very good, competitive match and it showed us a lot about both performers.  Swole’s finisher, Dirty Dancing, works well for her and make sense given how jacked she is.  You could know nothing about either one and be invested.


Backstage segment – Pac

He has been ignored and, darn it, he’s over it.  He wins so completely on the mic.  Short but very sweet.


Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford) & “The Chairman” Shawn Spears vs. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega

Still waiting to care one iota about Spears.  They’ve moved heaven and earth to make Spears a big deal and he just isn’t.  There’s a reason why WWE didn’t get behind him and we’re seeing why now.  So now they’re going to try to put him in a tag team to make us care.  Can’t say AEW isn’t doing all they can.  Tully showed up in quick segment to tell us why Sabian & Spears are together in storyline too.  Fun match and even Penelope even got involved with the really nice Hurricanrana.  She did some very nice flipping in the ring too while the ref was detained.  She’s great in the ring and I’d love to see her in matches.  Of course, she will be as time goes on.

Joey Janela rolled out a tied-up and barely-selling-any-of-it Tully Blanchard.  Shawn ran after him and that “feud” is continuing.  Sabian was left all on his own quickly ending the match.  Hangman blindly tagged himself in and finished things after Kenny did all the work to make it happen.  Not sure if there’ll be anything to that but there should be.  Hangman has been a bit vanilla and a nice turn might be fun.  The commentators did keep bringing it up so there just might be.


Cinéma de Brandi – Brandi Rhodes

This is so scripted.  Again, trying to do something that’s just not in her wheelhouse.  They’ve got serious work to do to make me care about this.  To steal a word from Sam, SKIP!


Sammy Guevara vs. Luchasaurus (w/ Jungle Boy/Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt)

Spot a name change?  Not so much.  He was mentioned as Jungle Jack Perry but also as Jungle Boy.  Someone asked JR about it on Twitter and he chalked it up to “human error”.  He’s drowning in that phenomenon these days, sadly.  “Skee-a-voan”.  LOL!!!  I have died.  Jericho and Jake Hagar made Excalibur and Tony Schiavone go away to essentially take over commentary.  This was a decent match for sure but it was ruled by the commentary from Jericho.  Luchasaurus finished Guevara and Jericho & Hagar came out to do damage to Luchasaurus.  Of course, everyone else was there to even things up.  We even got the symbolic pin on Jericho from Perry.


Texas Street Fight
Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) vs. Proud N’ Powerful (Santana & Ortiz)

This didn’t even get going on even footing.  Poor Brandon Cutler.  He came out to help and was destroyed.  Nick’s Swanton bomb on to Ortiz was just vicious.  Loved the elevated dropkick onto Santana too.  This whole thing was completely insane and I really enjoyed it.  The Cowboy helmet was a nice touch.  There’s literally nothing they didn’t try here.  As is typical of a Young Bucks match, they shortened their careers once more.  I lost track of how many tables died in this match.  In the end, the Bucks took this one.  How long can the Bucks, in particular, keep having matches like this?


Now, we know the next challengers for the AEW Tag Team championships.  This episode had some dizzying highs and some lows too.  The inconsistencies over the last couple of weeks are hard to take but when they nail, they really nail.  See you guys next week for another Journal!