Two Superstars Express Issues They Have With Creative Directions

Paige appeared on After The Bell with Corey Graved and had a few things to say about how the Women’s Division had been booked.  She doesn’t like that the Evolution PPV was a one-off and they deserve one every year.  Also, while she loves the Four Horsewomen, she feels like other women are being held back and deserve to be pushed as well.  She’s thrilled for Liv’s return and hopes it leads to something

“I don’t understand why we don’t have another girl’s PPV. We had that one-off deal, like what the h*** is that about? Give us one every year what the f**k? That’s the whole purpose, we had a women’s evolution for a reason.”

“Let’s stop talking about the women’s evolution and actually just let the women do whatever they want. I just feel like a lot of the girls are being held back.”

“There’s a lot of women that should be given an opportunity as much as I love those four, there are other women in the company.”


An interview with Becky and Seth that was conducted when they were in London has come to light and Becky also had a few comments about issues she has with how all WWE superstars are handled.

“I think I would give the wrestlers more freedom to talk and to be able to cut their own promos. Because we know ourselves, what our mission is. We know why we want to do things, why we don’t like people.”

“If we don’t know those things then we shouldn’t be in WWE. My God.”


QD – I have to say that I’ve been stating over and over, as often as possible, wherever anyone will listen, that I’m sick of only seeing Bayley, Charlotte, and now Sasha.  Honestly, I think Becky is the only one who has held her own and continues to evolve, proving that she’s deserving of the face of the WWE.  That being said, I want to see her working with ANYONE but Charlotte for the Raw Women’s Championship, as I worry we will be seeing sooner than later.  The only reason we haven’t seen Sasha going after Bayley’s SD Women’s Championship is that they’re buddies right now.

When it comes to Becky’s comments, I agree, to a point.  Certain superstars work better with scripts than others.  Some have proven that they need everything written out for them word for word, like AJ who was not good on the stick in TNA because of how promos and vignettes were handled.  Everyone has their strong and weak points.  That being said, those who know how to make it work and can prove it should be given the leeway to do so.  We know Cena and Bryan have much more freedom for those things than most others, but anyone who watched Robert Roode in TNA knows what a great promo he can cut and how flat they’ve been in the WWE.  It’s all about working with the strengths of the superstars, something McMahon seems to have forgotten how to do since going PG again.