Wrestle Royalty Predicts…Tables, Ladders, & Chairs 2019

Here, ye, hear, ye.  The Royals of Wrestle Royalty are at it again – this time pontificating, elaborating on, and predicting what promises to be an amazing Tables, Ladders, & Chairs PPV!  Read along with what we have to say…and predict along with us!  Vote in the polls following each match!



TLC Match
Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin

Queen KB:  Much fun on SD with Reigns taking out all of what makes King Corbin look like a king. It was the final piece of build for this TLC match. Now, I’m not fully invested in this feud, but that is more because of Super Reigns, not Corbin who is killing it as an über heel. Corbin doesn’t need Ziggler and Ziggler is adding nothing Corbin’s character or storyline; in fact he’s a detriment to the whole feud and storyline. To be honest, I have no clue why Corbin and Reigns are feuding and why they’re having a TLC Match. I hope it’s fun, but I’m not expecting a lot from it. I’m sure Ziggler and any number of other people will get involved in this match, and while the WWE loves protecting Reigns, this really feels like it’s Corbin’s match to win.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – King Corbin


Baron Botch:  Gotta keep it real here.  I really didn’t care much about this until this past Monday night and even now, I’m still not that enthused.  The dog food bath Roman took was of some interest and there must now be retribution.  Roman got a little last night at Friday Night Smackdown but there’s clearly more on the way.  The perfect way to end this is with them both bashing each other with tables, ladders, & chairs.  I’m almost certain this will have some kind of dirty finish with Dolph getting involved in some way.  As Roode is ahem…on vacation, Dolph has made a pretty good foil for King Corbin and I’m sure he’ll be involved here.  I should be far more into this but I’m just not.  I’m sure the match will be good though and they can both work.

GOING OVAH! – King Corbin


Duke Dre:  This feud has been interesting to say the least. A lot of awkward promos from Corbin in the build up here, but nonetheless Corbin still remains a massive heat magnet and with Roman effectively taking Ziggler out of the equation last night on Smackdown, all signs point to a Big Dog victory tomorrow but I do believe Corbin has one more trick left up his sleeve. Remember a week ago when Corbin, Ziggler and his goons were attempting to handcuff Roman Reigns to the ringpost and someone underneath the ring grabbed Roman’s legs? Well I suspect that Drake Maverick was the man in question underneath the ring and I also suspect that he aligns with Corbin as his manager on tomorrow and will assist in a King Corbin victory.

Winner – King Corbin


Sir Mitch:  Ok, I admit that neither of these guys is why I may tune into Raw or Smackdown. But that aside, I honestly see the storyline that set this whole thing up is a prime example of why so many fans (myself included) are moving away from WWE and onto other promotions.

I watch pro wrestling for great athletes playing larger than life characters tell entertaining stories in the ring that have been set up by simple but logical storylines. I don’t watch to see a grown man handcuffed to a post and be covered in dog food by two men who have barely explained that they don’t like him all because his nickname is ‘big dog.”

Its stupid, illogical, childish and I am not invested in the outcome of the match in any way.

Winner  – Who cares?


Sovereign S.A.M:  I really do not understand why this match has the TLC stipulation because it doesn’t feel like it needs it. I mean, the feud has been going on long, but it doesn’t feel like it should have this stipulation. I have been a fan of Corbin and have been championing him when people were saying he was getting “go away heat” when in reality he was getting true heel heat. Roman has had the support of the fans ever since he returned, and this feud has helped keep the fans on his side. I don’t know what to expect from this match, but I have a feeling the fans will try and take it over because it is the cool thing to do. I do have a feeling that this could exceed expectations if they embrace the all-out brawl nature of a match like this because both men thrive in that type of setting.

The Winner – King Corbin


Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin

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Ladder Match
WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship match
New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E.) vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)


Queen KB:  I am really not sure I’m ready for New Day to drop their straps yet. On the other hand, they are the team that needs them the least. Big E and Kofi, with Woods out due to injury, are killing it in all they do and will continue to do so when Woods returns, so they don’t need the straps, but I’m not sure it’s right for Revival to have them now either. Honestly, I don’t get the feels from Revival that most people do. They are fantastic in the ring, wonderfully old school, but I couldn’t pick them out of a lineup on one of my best days. They are just so milquetoast to me and I’ve not been able to get behind them. I love old school to a point and these two just don’t excite me enough to care. I think because of that, and because this is a Ladder Match, I’m sticking with New Day winning/retaining.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – New Day


Baron Botch:  This is another one that doesn’t really move me too much.  They’ve faced each other before and the feud hasn’t exactly been hot and heavy.  Further, both have been tag champs before so there’s no reason to care if the Revival win.  I have little reason to be invested here, really.  I’m sure this’ll be a really fun match as both teams can go but the story that gets us here is of little interest to me.

GOING OVAH!  – New Day


Duke Dre:  You can always count on The New Day and The Revival to put together a fantastic tag match and we will for sure be getting more of the same on Sunday. But I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m not too excited about this particular match up. In fact, it’s the match I’m least excited for.

Last week, The Revival earned this opportunity at the tag titles by going over Heavy Machinery, Lucha House Party and Mustafa Ali/Shorty G last week in a fatal 4 way tag match. I was hoping for a New Day/Heavy Machinery or a New Day/Mustafa Ali & Shorty G match instead but I understand this is the real world and I can’t always get my way so here we are. And with that being said, I think we see The Revival regain the titles back this Sunday.

GOING OVAH!  – The Revival


Sir Mitch:  I caught a lot of flack for saying that Kofi still being a part of the New Day while being WWE champ made no sense and was a bad look. Main eventers lead stables; they are never merely part of them. Now, it seems Kofi couldn’t be further away from the main event scene and is back to throwing pancakes into the crowd and working within WWE’s almost non-existent tag team division. Sad!

The positive side to all this is that he and Big E vs. The Revival in a Ladder match is something that is sure to steal the show.

As far as picking a winner goes…I’m going with The Revival as I feel this will be a night for heels.

GOING OVAH!  – The Revival


Sovereign S.A.M:  I wish I could be more excited for this match, but I feel like we have seen these two teams go at it a bit too much of late. I know the match will probably be killer so there is that. We all know the rumblings of how frustrated the Revival are and how they are prime candidates to go to AEW and I am honestly so over people talking about that. If it ever happens, we will see if they are any different than they are in WWE. The New Day have seemingly been WWE’s top tag team for what seems like forever and some may not like that, but they have put in the work. Even though I feel like these two teams have been matched up a bit too much of late, that will not change that this match will deliver.

The Winners and NEW Smackdown Tag Team Champions – The Revival


New Day vs. The Revival

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Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz

Queen KB:  Is this Wyatt versus Miz or The Fiend versus Miz? I figure it’s Fiend, but it was never specifically mentioned and could throw a wrench into it if he was to come out as Wyatt. I’m really quite excited about this match and cannot wait to see what happens between them in the ring. The Fiend being who he is, Miz being driven to the edge by Wyatt’s games, involving Monroe the way he did. Personally, I love the doll Monroe so obviously loved as well. I think I’m going to make my own as soon as I find the perfect doll to paint. Anyway, this match is going to be amazing with Miz trying to keep some sort of control until The Fiend takes over and really puts a freaky beating on Miz.

As this is a singles match, not a gimmick match of any sort, right when it looks like Fiend is going to win it Bryan with his new look will appear and attack. Miz and Bryan will try to overpower Fiend together, but Fiend’s newest ‘family’ member will appear and turn the tables. If the person is male they could get involved. If the newest member is a puppet, they will distract long enough for Fiend to get the upper hand. If the person is a woman they will either get involved or distract Miz and Bryan enough for Fiend to get the upper hand. Just for chucks and giggles, wouldn’t it be amazing if the new member of the FFH is Maryse? How about Brie? Honesty Maryse makes more sense than Brie to me as Maryse is actively on WWE TV, even if she’s not actually on SD. Ten years ago I wouldn’t think she could do something dark and creepy like this, but after Miz & Mrs., I know she has the chops for it and would kill it in a way Brie never could. Just a pipedream, but it would be beautiful to see!

Queen’s Predicted Winner – DQ/craziness/what we least expect


Baron Botch:  I confess I wasn’t really into this until last night.  Bray menacing Miz’s family was done incredibly well last night.  Now, Miz has to do something as his family is being overtly threatened.  Loved the doll in Monroe’s crib.  The rumor is that they’re holding off on the Bray/Daniel feud a bit to make the story mean more and if that’s true, I’m all for that.  Bray has turned his attention to The Miz for getting at least peripherally involved in Bray’s world.  My hope is that this match doesn’t signal the end of the feud as they’re so much more menacing that Bray can do.  Interesting to note, too, that we’re getting Bray, not the Fiend.  Fiend is unstoppable.  Is Bray?  Maybe…

GOING OVAH!  – Bray Wyatt


Duke Dre:  I’ve enjoyed everything about this angle so far. Bray is being booked the way he should have been booked when the character was first introduced in 2014. Miz bringing up the fact a month ago that everybody Bray/Fiend has faced (Finn Balor, Seth Rollins) has been changed for the worse. We even got a small hint of Miz reverting back to being a cowardly heel last night he let Maryse enter the room before him. It’s the attention to small details like that one that have brought this whole angle together beautifully.

The only thing I don’t like about this match is that it’s not for the title. Having said that, I think Daniel Bryan makes an appearance during this match and will end up costing Miz the match. Not sure which direction this storyline goes in after that (which is a good thing I guess) but my pick is here is Bray.

GOING OVAH!  – Bray Wyatt


Sir Mitch:  This one couldn’t be more obvious even if Vince wrote “placeholder program” on Miz’s head LOL! But even if this is just being done to extend the “Fiend” vs. Bryan stuff bit longer without it going stale, I’m all for it.

These two are workers who get over with their character stuff, not their in-ring acumen so nobody is expecting a technical classic. But both are decent enough in the ring (Wyatt more so than Miz) that I’m sure that they will put on a solid ten minutes that will end with Bryan running in making the save after a DQ finish that sees an official return of the Yes movement to WWE.

GOING OVAH!  – Miz by DQ


Sovereign S.A.M:  This match has had such a short build, but I have loved every minute of it. I like that they are taking a break from the Fiend character and are letting regular Bray Wyatt have a match. This is smart because the worst thing they could do is overexpose the Fiend. It is also interesting that the title isn’t on the line here and it is just a grudge match. This is actually a feud that I have been waiting for ever since Bray came back as this character because it seemed primed for some great segments. That has been the case so far and both men have done a great job during the build. I feel like some sort of shenanigans will come about in this match and we could see the return of Daniel Bryan in some capacity.

The Winner – Bray Wyatt


Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz

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Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy


Queen KB:  While I’m thrilled for Mitch, I have to say I’m getting rather bored by Black wanting people to knock. Black is so much better than he’s been given on SD or Raw, which surprises me as I’d think Heyman would love someone like Black. Black is a fantastic talent all the way around, more well-rounded than most, but his storyline has proven to be tedious at best, frustrating at worst. If fans are frustrated, I cannot imagine how he feels, especially after his NXT run. So many fantastic workers have ‘come up from NXT only to see their careers fizzle on the “main roster” of Raw or SD. With NXT being on equal footing, giving us better shows than Raw and SD combined each week, you would think that McMahon would want to do more, yet he seems happy with the casual fans and doesn’t seem to want to push much of the roster to be better than the words they’re given to repeat. We all know that Black is a top superstar wallowing behind a closed door. Murphy is another who has more than proven himself in the ring, and one of the few who openly knocked on Black’s door, so now is the time for both of them to bust out of the boring they’ve been given on mic, in storyline, and steal TLC. I kind of wish this was a gimmick match as it would show just how much they believe in them as superstars, but since it isn’t I still expect them to steal the show with how diverse these two can be in the ring, and how fantastic they are in their moves. While both of them need to continue being built on Raw, I have to say I think Black’s upside is better than Murphy’s right now and think he needs to win this one. That being said, it wouldn’t be hard for the two of them to steal this PPV without a gimmick in sight. Fingers crossed that they don’t get bumped to the kick-off show, or end up in a cool-off spot on the card, because this could be their match, their moment to show that they are not lower mid-card superstars and should be pushed so much harder than they have, so much better than they have, but with Black continuing to win over pretty much everyone as he reaches for the top.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Aleister Black


Baron Botch:  It’s sleepy time with Aleister & Buddy.  Sorry but…  As has been the case all along, we’ll get a really fun match out of this.  It’s just that the story here is of little interest to me and it’ll just be a plain single match so there won’t be anything different from the other match they’ve already had.  I think the outcome is rather obvious and Aleister will then wait for someone else to knock on his door and picK…a fighT…with hiM.

GOING OVAH!  – Aleister Black


Duke Dre:  I think the outcome here is fairly obvious but I do like the way WWE creative has gone about building this one. Instead of the focus solely squared on building up Black, creative has done a solid job of building Murphy up through a series of glorified squash matches to present him as a credible threat.

With only 7 matches being announced so far for TLC there’s a possibly *fingers crossed* that this makes the main card and if so I think this one will get some time and in that case the real winners here are we the fans. But in kayfabe, Black will be the winner come Sunday night.

GOING OVAH!  – Aleister Black





Sovereign S.A.M:  If this match is given the proper amount of time, this has the potential to be the sleeper hit. Mitch has proven that he can get it done in the ring and it is about time he has some sort of feud. Black has been waiting for someone to knock on his door and he finally found someone in Mitch. This match will be interesting because a case can be made for either man to pick up the win here. One could say it is too early for Black to suffer a loss and the same could be said for Mitch. I hope they give this match enough time and it turns into a nice showcase for both men.

The Winner – Aleister Black


Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy (multiple votes allowed so we may decide Buddy's true identity)

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Tables, Ladders, & Chairs match
WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) vs. Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair

Queen KB:  After the matches we have seen between Charlotte and the Warriors, then Becky and the Warriors, there is no question that this match is going to be wonderfully painful to watch. I know I won’t be the only one cringing at the high spots and big bumps, all the while hoping that neither team suffers any injuries. We all know that all four of these women will go all out in this match, possibly trying to prove themselves after not fairing as well at Survivor Series compared to NXT TakeOver: War Games, and that we will be the winners in bearing witness to it.

Personally, I think the only superstar who can take the loss in this match is Charlotte. Becky as the Raw Women’s Champion shouldn’t be taking a loss at any PPV unless she’s dropping her own strap. The Kabuki Warriors are really coming into their own, showing just how strong they really are, even if there are still serious issues with the racial side of things. The Women’s Tag Team Champions were supposed to be floating through all three brands, but they have been stuck on Raw as of late because of the feud they’re in. Other than the Obnoxiouses, I mean the IIconics, there are no other teams in the Women’s Tag Division on Raw right now, and the IIconics don’t need another run at the straps right now as there’s no way anyone could believe them beating Asuka and Sane.

Charlotte and Becky will give Asuka and Sane quite the run for their straps, and this match should be amazing because of that, but this feud can only go so far and Becky needs to get back to being The Man on Raw, showing how hardcore she truly is, not tagging with Charlotte. I don’t want to see her feuding against Charlotte either as we have seen too much of it already, so I don’t know where they’re going with either of them, but being Tag Team Champions together or fighting each other isn’t the way to go. Fingers crossed that Liv Morgan’s return and Zelina’s growing issues with Andrade will bring them both to working the ring regularly, though neither are ready for Becky. Honestly, the Kabuki Warriors need to move on to face LeRae and Nox, Shafir and Duke, or maybe (why not?) Yim and Storm on NXT or Bliss and Cross, Sasha and Bayley, or even (ugh) Rose and (much loved) Deville on SD while Becky works against Naomi, someone who really deserves the push and could bring so much to a feud with Becky. I think any of the above feuds would be great for all the women involved.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Kabuki Warriors


Baron Botch:  Two people who can’t stand each other have banded together to take out the Kabuki Warriors.  Charlotte hasn’t been used that heavily lately and if you look at her Twitter feed, she knows it.  ‘Course, one can’t always be used heavily as other stories have to be told but this could be kind of interesting.  My love for Becky is unwavering and so is my love for Asuka.  My hope is that she’s been working on spewing the mist because up until this point, she’s been pretty clumsy at it.  Seems like a trivial thing, I know, but I grew up watching The Great Kabuki spew it and no one does it better.  It’s really a spectacle and almost magical when it’s done right.  Because Asuka has been spewing mist, Kairi has taken a bit of a back seat and my hope is that she’ll really shine with this stipulation.  Can you imagine the Insane Elbow off the top of a ladder?  There are worse things, right?  We already know Charlotte and Becky will do their thing here and Asuka will too – mist notwithstanding.  As for the winner, they have a real chance to make Asuka & Kairi be dominant champs here.  Becky is already Raw Women’s champion and Charlotte doesn’t need it at all.  That said…

GOING OVAH!  – Kabuki Warriors


Duke Dre:  This is a match that I’m really really looking forward too. If I’m correct, this is the first ever tag team women’s TLC match. Not only that but I’m having a really hard time picking a winner here. On one hand, Asuka & Kairi have pretty much had the upper hand on both Charlotte and Becky this entire build up which in wrestling math means that they’ll most likely lose the straps on Sunday. On the other hand, it would be such a major boost to the women’s tag team titles if The Kabuki Warriors actually went over Becky and Charlotte. I’m hoping the latter plays out at TLC so going to follow my heart pick The Kabuki Warriors.

GOING OVAH!  – Kabuki Warriors


Sir Mitch:  This one could be interesting. Firstly, can I say that I agree with Paige and Queen Kendra that I would like to see just one WWE women’s title program that doesn’t include a Four Horsewomen member? Especially Charlotte! Yes, she is one of the all-time greats already…but give someone else the spotlight for a little while, will you!

Secondly, it seems like Vince is begrudgingly given into the fans and is planning to book Asuka vs. Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Title sometime in the near future. Ever since Asuka lost her undefeated streak to Charlotte (a mistake booking wise in my opinion) as well as her truly awful program with Carmella that made both of them look awful, The Empress Of Tomorrow has lost so much of what made her such an intimidating and entertaining force in NXT.

A brief Smackdown Title run late last year came about due to Vince being shocked by crowds continuing to cheer her big time despite being pushed down the card. A wonderful match with Becky and Royal Rumble last year followed before Vince to put the title on Charlotte out of the blue so he could add a meaningless and unneeded unification stipulation at the first-ever Women’s main event at WrestleMania. But even now, after once again being pushed down the card and thrown together with another talented star from Japan that Vince doesn’t see money in for reasons that are beyond me in Sane…fans still believe in Asuka.

Thirdly, with New Japan’s parent company Bushiroad buying the Stardom promotion and making no secret that they are willing to spend big money to have Asuka work for the Joshi promotion as well as have Sane and NXT’s Io Shari return to there at some point in 2020 (when it is speculated that all three of their contracts are up) Vince may need to swallow his pride and book Charlotte and Becky to go under in this one. Neither will be hurt by it, and it will free Becky to face Asuka and Charlotte to eliminate Sane to win the Women’s Royal Rumble (trust me, that’s happening even though others could use the rub and we could use a little variety in the Women’s Title scene)

GOING OVAH!  – Kabuki Warriors


Sovereign S.A.M:  I have no idea which match the main event will be, but this match should be the main event. I was wondering where they were going with all the Charlotte stuff with the Kabuki Warriors and we ended up getting our answer. I have enjoyed seeing the Kabuki Warriors since their heel turn and they have embraced it fully. I have no worries about the ladies killing it because they have stepped up in every way when given the chance. Charlotte and Becky are probably to two strongest women on the roster, so it is a bit hard to see the possibility of them losing. This match should be killer and is my early pick for match of the night. I actually see this match ending with either Becky or Charlotte at the top of the ladder and Asuka hitting them with the mist so her team can win and retain the titles.

The Winners and STILL Women’s Tag Team Champions – The Kabuki Warriors


Kabuki Warriors vs. Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair

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Tables match
Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley (w/ Lana)

Queen KB:  This match is going to be a blast, but I hope it’s not the blow-off of this feud. I know a lot of people have disliked this feud, dismissing it as taudry, but I love it. Lana has shown fire and fun, even through her tripping over her lines, but it’s Rusev who has come through this looking like a top superstar, beloved by the fans, and showing personality that few of us knew he had in him. Add in his weight-loss, his dapper haircut and snazzy street clothes and he is THE man right now. The way Rusev has worked the fans in this storyline has been a thing of beauty to watch, and I hope they don’t change him up from this character until he needs to evolve into something new. Like Big E, I think they have finally tapped into the best of who Rusev is, and I hope that WWE Creative and McMahon don’t drop the ball with him after this feud is over.

I expect this match to continue the fun, though sadly Lashley is a stick in the mud in all this fun. He just doesn’t have the personality for this match and wish Lana had her ‘relationship’ with someone, almost anyone, but Lashley. Not that I can come up with anyone else on the Raw roster who this would have worked with, but Lashley is such a boring human being and has been the worst part of this feud. I’m hoping that this match is booked in the humorous way that the feud has been. Personally I want to see Lashley somehow knock Lana off the apron and through a table herself, though I’m not sure the WWE would let that happen. I’m hoping they will after Andrade knocked Zelina off the apron on this past Raw, but the unwritten backstage rules change so frequently that only time will tell. If not Lana going through a table by herself, maybe Lashley hugging Lana to him, with him going through the table first to protect her and losing that way also makes sense. Fingers crossed that in the end of this storyline Lashley breaks up with Lana for being a sex addict. That would be a great way to bring this whole thing full circle and hopefully send her back into her adorable husband’s arms.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Rusev


Baron Botch:  *I’ve enjoyed this and I don’t care what Mitch thinks.  He doesn’t like WWE, he doesn’t smile, and he hates fun.  Can you drive a truck through a few of the plot holes?  Absolutely.  Has Lana stumbled a little on promos?  That too.  She’s still managed to take lemons and make pretty tasty lemonade  Rusev’s real personality has come out here too.  Turns out he’s far more goofball and less angry Bulgarian (‘course if you’ve been watching UpUpDownDown on YouTube, you already know that).  Lashley hasn’t been quite as dead as he has been otherwise and he’s been fun too – throwing Lana in Rusev’s face in the right understated ways.  The YouTube numbers for the segments have done well and that does matter.  I think phase one of this will end tonight with Rusev coming out on top.

GOING OVAH!  – Rusev

* = This was written before I saw Mitch’s prediction.  Do I know him or do I know him?


Duke Dre:  I love the fact that this angle pisses off the IWC to no end…and yet it somehow has been one of the more watched angles on YouTube the last several weeks. Y’all said you wanted the Attitude Era back? Y’all also said you wanted Paul Heyman to have a prominent creative position backstage right? Well, you got what you asked for.

Anyway, despite a lot of negative feedback this love triangle angle has gotten, the match itself should be somewhat entertaining. I don’t think this feud ends here (much to the chagrin of a lot of people out there) so with that said, I’m picking Lashley here as I think this feud will extend into the Rumble.

GOING OVAH!  – Bobby Lashley


Sir Mitch:  Why is this storyline still going? I absolutely refuse to acknowledge this rubbish or dignify it by giving a prediction on the match result.

Winner  – I refuse to give one


Sovereign S.A.M:  So many people have hated this program since it started but I was willing to watch this play out. Now that I have, I must say that I have enjoyed darn near every minute of it. This feud has done one major thing that I think people like to gloss over. Rusev is over once again and he has been able to show more of his personality that you see on stuff like UpUpDownDown. Lashley has come out of his shell a little bit during this feud but it really is all about Lana and her reminding people how she is skilled on the mic. I know this is a tables match but I cannot help but feel that this should have been a chairs match instead. Either way, I hope they surprise everybody and put on a heck of a match.

The Winner – Rusev


Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley

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The Viking Raiders vs. ???

Queen KB:  Viking Raiders don’t even have their opponents named yet, which, to me,  said they are absolutely going to retain the straps at TLC.  I truly hope they face summertime fun, like maybe returning Usos?  As long as they don’t face absolute jobbers, things should be fun.  Even Ryder and Hawkins would be better than local jobbers at this point.  They are always fun in the ring, so it will be a fun match.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Viking Raiders


Baron Botch:  This is odd.  The Viking Raiders (i.e. the Jobber Killers) have a match but we don’t know who it’s going to be.  Other than Ivar’s otherworldly athleticism, I don’t really have too much reason to care about this.  Who will their opponents be?  I’m guessing Usos, honestly.  They’ve been gone for a hot minute and this would be a fun way to bring them back.  Since they really don’t seem to care too much about the Viking Raiders and all they want to do is put them in jobber matches, put the titles on Usos and let them have some fun.  The Viking Raiders’ run has been completely uneventful.

GOING OVAH!  – The Usos


Duke Dre:  Erik & Ivar’s opponents could potentially be 1 of these 4 teams (The Usos, The Hardyz, AOP or The Street Profits). If it’s any of the first 2 teams I mentioned, then expect a title change, it it’s the AOP, then I predict we get some sort of no contest finish which would protect both teams in the process while progressing the feud forward. If it’s The Street Profits,  then I suspect we get the same result we got from this past Monday but with a longer match.

My guess is we get a taste of The Viking Raiders/AOP which ends in a no contest. One thing is for sure, I’m glad we’ve progressed past Viking Raider squash matches

GOING OVAH!  – No Contest


Sir Mitch:  Did I mention WWE’s Tag Team scene being almost non-existent? Well, here is  another example. The Viking Raiders (despite the series of ridicules names they’ve been given since coming to WWE) are one of the best teams you will ever see, but you don’t get to see them show this off much since they only do squashes. I have no idea who the mystery opponents will be; I just hope the match is given at least ten minutes.

GOING OVAH!  – Us, if the match goes for a decent amount of time


Sovereign S.A.M:  The Viking Raiders are a confusing team because they have been booked so strangely. They have gone from squash matches, to being in a program, and back to squash matches. That type of booking can kill an acts momentum because the fans have trouble being invested in their matches. I really hope that whoever answers this open challenge is their next feud. They are really in desperate need of that because squash matches can only go so far before the fans tune you out. There are really only three teams that make sense to me that would answer this challenge. The Usos, the OC and AOP are the only three teams that make sense. The OC makes sense because they reference the Vikings during a promo on Raw and AOP also make sense because they are clearly in line for a push. That being said, I think the Usos make the most sense because they haven’t been on tv in forever and they would be an interesting opponent.

The Winners and STILL Raw Tag Team Champions – The Viking Raiders


The Viking Raiders vs. ???

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