Chris Jericho States Hiroshi Tanahashi Will Receive AEW Title Shot If He Beats Him At Wrestle Kingdom 14

Earlier this week, Hiroshi Tanahashi spoke to Tokyo Sports about his upcoming Wrestle Kingdom 14 match against AEW World Champion Chris Jericho on January 5. While this match is a non-title bout, Tanahashi felt if he did win, and Jericho wanted a rematch, the title should be added to the mix.

NJPW Announcer Chris Charlton provided an English translation of Tanahashi’s thoughts:

“He’s a champion right?” Tanahashi questioned. “All I’m saying is if I beat him and he comes back asking for a rematch, then I think it’s reasonable to tell him to put the belt up. If that happened it would break down a door.”

Jericho has since responded and has agreed if Tanahashi wins, he’ll give the challenger a rematch for the AEW Championship. You can Jericho’s response in the video below from his Instagram.


S.A.M.’s Spiel: Well this certainly adds a nice wrinkle to their upcoming match at Wrestle Kingdom 14. Not quite sure if Tanahashi will in fact beat Jericho but it will make a nice story beat  for their match. It will be interesting though if he does beat Jericho and does get the title shot.