Is Orton Injured?

There have been many reports floating around all day about Randy Orton being injured at the house show in Hershey, PA over the weekend.  Some say it’s an actual injury, others say it’s a work.  Only time will tell, but everyone here at WR hopes for the best as we never want to see any wrestlers injured in any way.



QD – I’ve been watching reports fly by all day but for me the proof is in the pudding.  First off, Orton isn’t THAT good of an actor and they had all the important people in the ring checking on him, not just fluffing it off.  Second, I saw the pic of Orton’s right thigh as he was leaving the ring and it looked really wrong to me.  Third, if this was a work, it would have happened on Raw.  There is no way they would leave a huge storyline like this to a house show.  Lastly, Dave Meltzer came out stating loudly that this is a work, which means I truly believe Orton is injured.  That man is wrong more often than not and has lost all the respect he took so many years to earn.