Don’t Break The Fake!

First off, let’s start off with how crazy this is that I’m writing about AEW Dynamite this week!  I will fully admit that I’ve not been the best at following AEW lately as I’ve been trying to get a lot done on the site and behind the scenes, but we will take this segment by segment, match by match and hopefully I won’t make too much of a hash of it.  I need to mention that former WR writer Marie was at AEW Dynamite live and I will be referring to comments she made to me through the entire article.

I also get to introduce the newest member of the Wrestle Royalty Community, Count Oscar.  As I’m not as up on AEW he stepped up and covered one of the matches for us.  Please welcome him as you do everyone else in the WRC, or maybe a bit kinder than most newcomers are welcomed.  Check out his bio in the Staff section and be prepared for his new voice as a part of WR!  As per usual when there’s more than one writer in an article, Count Oscar’s section will be in italics.


Hangman Party

I adore Page.  He’s just so full of charisma and knows how to work the fans and make it look effortless.  Omega is someone that took me a long time to come around to, but I’m mostly there.  I honestly don’t know what my issues were, but I will admit that I’m all good with Omega now.  I don’t know a lot about Private Party, other than the private party we had over new year’s was the wildest party we’ve had in over a decade, but that’s nothing to do with wrestling.

Omega has obviously been cupping, seeing the circles on his upper back.  It’s a smart move and I’m surprised more wrestlers don’t do it.

The opening to this match was a lot of dancing around, but not much more than that. It was rather annoying when I was expecting so much more.  It quickly got serious, but I expected serious from the bell.  Marq’s high flying was sick!  How he lands on his feet like that is really impressive, but his stature does help with that.  He’s not a very big guy which helps a lot.  Beyond all that, I expected more from this match.  I know Omega and Page can go, and I’ve heard great things about Private Party, so I expected a crisper match, quicker exchanges, and a better flow to it all.  There were some really interesting moves and creative moments, but they didn’t make this match enough for what I know they’re capable of.

Silly string?  Not sure about the name, but that move was SICK!


Backstage Abuse

Not a PAC fan, but that hold looked solid and he sold well on the mic.


Women Abound!

I’ve watched enough of Riho to know she’s great, I just have to question her size.  I’ve done it before and will continue.  I have to admit it’s hard to take her seriously, though Rey makes it work and Riho does the same.  It’s just that she’s so tiny!  At times I just cannot believe her as a wrestler against others, even the size of Kris, and she’s not that big!  I, of course, will keep watching, but I’m struggling with Riho over most of the women on the AEW roster.

I’ve not seen enough AEW to know how the refs let things go, but I was shocked by everything outside the ring that would have caused a DQ in that other company.  That being said, what a mess of craziness that I actually really loved.  Between Brandi, Kong, Mel, and even Gangrel?  Marie said it was Gangrel, but I struggled to see him in Luthor.


Not So Fallen Angel

Daniels is someone I’ve not written about in YEARS!  He is a fave of mine and that’s not changed even though I’ve not been watching him.  Same with Kaz who has been right up there as a fave of mine for years.  Daniels is such the consummate pro, even at his age.  Daniels is about six months older than Jericho, and they will both be turning 50 during 2020.  Then there’s Dustin who will be 51!  Normally most of us are screaming for wrestlers to hang up their boots when they get into their late 40s, but these men are still looking more than viable in the ring and on mic.  Anyway, I love watching him work with the young star that is Sammy Guevara.  They are of a size and their work was stellar, as to be expected.  Jericho, Cody, whoever, picked Sammy to be part of the Inner Circle and get the push he’s getting as part of that faction absolutely knew what they were doing.  He might not be a big strapping lad, but he is a star through and through.

I love how Daniels stood up to The Dark Order, throwing the mask back in Evil Uno’s face.  It was just perfect!  Daniels was under a hood at times as Suicide (when not played by others) in TNA, but his ring work is so expressive and obviously him when he was under that hood.  I know that wouldn’t matter in The Dark Order, but Daniels should never be under a mask, especially since he’s running as a face right now and doing so with SCU, being backed by Elite in the Young Bucks.


Brothers Abound

As I said earlier, Dustin is a shocking force of nature.  That man only seems to get better with age, and working with his brother seems to only make him that much stronger.  I so enjoyed this match as both Runnels boys work the ring beautifully, as do Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix.  It was such a well booked, wonderfully worked match.  These men are consummate pros, and two of them learned at the knee of one of the best.  Not only was Dusty great in the ring and on mic, but he falls into that elite group I call wrestling geniuses.  Dustin and Cody, while having very different upbringings and very different relationships with Dusty, they both learned so much and have been displaying that in their work in AEW and beyond.  Cody isn’t just a wrestler, businessman, budding wrestling genius in his own right, but a humanitarian as well.  That 100% of the profits from his Cody shirt going to New South Wales is something that warms my heart.  (The fires are a couple hours away from where Mitch lives, but if things get close to him, we will let the WRC know.)

Sorry, as I’m known for, I got off track, but this match was golden.  The ringwork, psychology, and overall flow of this match left me giddy.  This is how wrestling should be.


DDP Older Than Arn!

I know that’s not a great title for this segment, I was just so surprised in looking up the ages of the oldest and youngest on this episode of Dynamite to see that while DDP debuted six years later than Arn, he’s actually a couple years older than him. Yes, DDP debuted later than most (other than Batista), but he looks so good, is in such great shape, and so much healthier than Arn that it’s hard for my mind to wrap around it.  Arn should never bump in the ring because of his neck, but DDP could still go if need be. We all know why he’s so healthy at 63 years of age, healthier than I’ve been since I was (possibly) in my teens, but I’m always in awe of him.

Then there’s MJF.  He’s only 23 years of age.  40 years between them.  You can almost put my age between them, and that blows my mind.  MJF is one of those guys who gets the industry and how to work the fans.  The more I see of MJF – reading a great interview with Jewish Journal, watching that ‘documentary’ that if you’ve not read or seen, you should do now – the more in awe I am of him.  In the interview, he said something about being five-years-old and stating on the Rosie O’Donnell show and stating that he was going to be a pro wrestler.  I watched a lot of that show when it was on and I have a niggling feeling that I remember him from back then.  He leaves me in awe and having him work the mic against someone who has been referred to as a living cartoon character (Mick Foley in one of his books) in DDP, it feels perfect. Obviously, I don’t want to see them face off one on one, but maybe a tag match where DDP gets his last moments and doesn’t have to risk injury could be a blast.

One thing I noticed the first time they were in the ring together a few weeks ago, and I noticed again last night, is that DDP has been wearing his WWE Hall of Fame ring.  When he put his hand on MJF’s shoulder a few weeks ago, the back of his hand to the camera, his WWE ring was so pointedly obvious and it was again in this segment.  I find it quite humorous to see, making me wonder why they’re going to so much effort to show that on AEW TV.


Marko Struts At Home

Count Oscar

This match was going to be good before they even started wrestling and the crowd was into it from the get go.  A combination of great young talent.  Jungle Boy working the ropes right away to start the match, I have always been a sucker for great rope work.  Marko Stunt is the best babyface/underdog in pro wrestling and the crowd loves him, I have become a big fan of him. Marko and Jungle Boy have great athleticism and can do moves no other wrestlers can, you add big Luchasaurus and he compliments both of them so well. 

You didn’t think I would forget about Orange Cassidy. It doesn’t matter what Orange Cassidy does he will always get a pop from the crowd, and last night he got a big pop from the crowd. He goes in there does his thing and the crowd just follows him like a beautiful choir.  Flying with his hands in his pockets for the suicide dive, what can I say Orange Cassidy is just good for AEW and pro wrestling.  This match was set to get the crowd involved and into it and that’s what it did. It had big moments from both teams. I was expecting a bigger finish due to the action during the match but an overall great match.  


Those Bottles

This was the segment of the night!  Between Mox telling Jericho he will be part of the Inner Circle, taking all the heat for it, then turning on Jericho, Sammy, and that voiceless idiot who shouldn’t even be on TV.  Okay, my feelings on Thwagger/Hager have not changed and I think he is more of a liability than anything in AEW.  He will do something to injure a wrestler or a fan and then where will they be?  Further, I’ll be shocked if he’s not juiced up at this point, even though the only thing he’s been openly busted for was pot. Sorry, like certain others (BL), I have trouble not ranting when it comes to Hager.

Jericho is great and he sold this segment beautifully, but it was Mox who ruled it. He had not only the Inner Circle eating out of the palm of his hand but the fans as well.  The overwhelming chants of, “You sold out!” in the arena showed that they were all into the story as well. Mox’s swerve was almost perfect. I say almost because of the issues with the sugar bottles. Luckily the first bottle held together long enough for Mox to hit Jericho with it, barely, as it was obvious by the way Mox grabbed it. His face broke kayfabe very briefly. Then, when he grabbed for the next sugar bottle it shattered and he had to take Sammy out with only a DDT. Now I love Mox’s use of Foley’s underhook DDT and that it’s really a finisher in AEW, but seeing Sammy hit with a sugar bottle would have been great too.

Lastly, Mox in the stands with the keys in hand was the perfect way to end Dynamite for the week.


Shut Up, I’m Talking!

I realized as I was writing the title for the ending of this that I don’t want to tell any of the announcers to shut up.  Even though many think JR shouldn’t be on announce, I still love him dearly and would never dare to be so negative to a legend like him. Excalibur is such a great announcer that I couldn’t fathom going there. Then there’s Tony who is still as yum as he always was, so not happening. So I left it open-ended.

Please let me know what you thought of me covering AEW this week and be welcoming to our newest member, Count Oscar!

Queen & Count