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Don’t judge a book by its movie.


Smackdown Results:

The Miz comes out for Miz TV and apologizes for his actions last week. He then introduces his guest for the evening, John Morrison. The Miz then plays highlights from Morrison’s career in WWE. Morrison then tells the fans that he is disappointed in them for how they reacted last week to the Miz’s actions. He continues to talk to the fans and the New Day make their way out. Kofi and Big E talk to Miz and Morrison about what they just said regarding last week. Miz tells Kofi how he respected his title reign but not his quick loss  to Lesnar. Kofi tells Miz that he is changing and that the fans are right to think of him the way they do.

The Miz def. Kofi Kingston

Firefly Fun House is played and Bray tells the fireflies that he loves them. He then says he doesn’t love Daniel Bryan. He tells Bryan why the Fiend has been doing the things he has been doing to him. He says he wanted him to remember, to change but now he just wants to hurt him. He continues to talk about Bryan and then says the reason the Fiend has to hurt him now is because he is going after the title. Bray signs off and says he loves everybody but Bryan.

Sonya Deville is in the locker room with Mandy Rose and talks about how they need to focus on Fire and Desire. She then says it will start tonight when she is in Mandy’s corner for her match. Sonya leaves and Mandy picks up a box with something inside that she plans on giving someone.

Elias is in the ring and he sings a song about the Royal Rumble and what has been going on in recent weeks.

Heavy Machinery are backstage and are about to leave when Mandy Rose comes up to them. She apologizes to Otis about what happened to his mom’s fruitcake and gives him an apology cake.

Mandy Rose def. Alexa Bliss

Lacey Evans comes to the ring for her match with Sasha Banks but Bayley comes on the tron and says that Sasha isn’t there. Bayley continues to talk smack to Lacey and then Lacey talks about how is is expected that Sasha isn’t there. She then tells Bayley to come out and put her title on the line because she is ready for a fight. They continue their back and forth and Lacey makes her way to the back to confront Bayley. Bayley attacks her from behind and the two brawl backstage. Bayley runs off and Lacey tries to give chase but is stopped by a referee.

Daniel Bryan is interviewed backstage and he talks about Bray Wyatt. He says that Bray is after him because he changed him for the better and he doesn’t like that. Bryan continues to talk about how he knows the Fiend is beatable and Rambling Rabbit appears on the screen behind him. He tells Bryan that there is a way to beat the Fiend but before he can tell him, Bray covers his mouth. Bray says that “snitches get stitches” and tells Bryan to let him in.

Braun Strowman def. Shinsuke Nakamura

Sheamus cuts a promo and talks about Shorty G and what he did to him last week and what he plans on doing to him

Daniel Bryan walks into his locker room and finds a box. He cautiously goes up to it and sees Rambling Rabbit inside of it and that he is dead again.

Roman Reigns comes out and talks about his battles with King Corbin and his crew. He says that he always had help but this time he got help from his family. He says he will win the Rumble and he will do it with the Usos at his side. The Usos then make their way out and they talk about how they enjoy being back on Smackdown. They talk about being on the sidelines and seeing Roman be disrespected by King Corbin. Corbin then comes out and says that Roman is hiding behind his cousins. He then says he plans on winning the Rumble and Roman tells him that he is willing to beat Corbin twice in one night. Corbin accepts the challenge and then the Usos do a dive onto Corbin and his security.

King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler def. The Usos by DQ when Roman Reigns spears Corbin. Roman continues to attack Corbin and is then attacked from behind by a returning Robert Roode. Corbin, Roode and Ziggler beat down Roman and the Usos and put Roman through the announce table.