NXT Worlds Collide

NXT Worlds Collide is a great step away from the traditional TakeOver and really showcases the best of NXT and NXT UK.  We all know that NXT UK is full of talent, but because the indie scene is so strong in the UK it’s struggled to get over the way NXT has in the USA.  This is a brilliant way to showcase the best of the best in the company from both sides of the pond, and the card looks stellar!


Imperium vs. The Undisputed Era


Both of these teams are amazing in all they do.  These two are exactly why I love heel stables and what they can do when booked well.  Normally I’m against heel versus heel matches, but UE are so over that they get a mixed reaction no matter how arrogant and evil they are.  How well this feud was built and how organically this match was put together shows exactly why Trip is at the top of his game with NXT and NXT UK.  He gets the wrestlers, he gets the fans, and he gets how they mesh together.  I will say that Full Sail is another big part that makes the whole wonderful, but it worked very well on NXT UK as well, so it’s not 100% Full Sail.  All that being said and as much as I love UE, I have to wonder if their usefulness to each other as a group has run its course.  I have this gut feeling that UE might be winding down in 2020, and a step in that direction could be having problems in the ring with Imperium who, as a whole, are almost twice the size of UE.  Normally I’d go with UE over anyone else, but not with this one.  I need to give this one to Imperium.

Queen’s Predicted Winner: Imperium



This is a match between the two top factions in the world, I said world, and I cannot wait to see it. Both factions have invaded and taken it to the other and I have loved it. WALTER is the top dog in NXT UK, and he leads Imperium whereas Adam Cole does the same with the Undisputed Era in NXT. I hope the rules are a bit more relaxed during this match because I fully expect some chaotic moments in this match, and I don’t want any silly rules to get in the way of something fun. This is one match where I don’t even want to pick a winner because I love both sides in this case. This is the match where I fully expect the crowd to be split because the fans love both factions and it is easy to see why. I pretty much have to flip a coin to see who will win this match because I think it is that close to call.

Sam’s Predicted Winners: Imperium



Whoever said stables were dead is clearly not paying attention. A bit of delayed prophecy but the UE holds all the cards…or gold in NXT, as they possess every title NXT has to offer. Imperium has ONE title, but they also have WALTER and that’s really all they need. Imperium might not have been around as long as UE, but they are every bit as capable.  This match is going to be a great showcase for what Imperium can REALLY do.

Mat’s Predicted WINNER: Imperium



The only other match with some real built and hype is this one. First, it was Undisputed Era attacking Imperium at NXT UK Takeover Blackpoll II. Undisputed Era didn’t just attack Imperium, they dominated them and showed no mercy to their leader Walter. Then came Imperium’s turn, they distracted Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly during their Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic match costing them the match. I apologize in advance if I’m biased, I consider myself the biggest Undisputed Era fan and they have shown they are one of the best factions in WWE. If I get the chance to brag about Undisputed Era I will. I write this from a heavy heart, Imperium took advantage of the devastating loss of The North American Championship held by Rodrick Strong. They came out and try to ambush Undisputed Era, but unlike NXT UK Takeover Black Pool II Imperium did not look as strong. As I write all this I’m going with my gut, I might be the biggest fan, but my gut tells me the change is here.

Oscar’s Predicted Winner- Imperium



Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Toni Storm (NXT Women’s Championship)


I’m a huge fan of Storm and have been since I first saw her, but I have to say the same about Ripley.  Both of them are fantastic wrestlers, characters, and just impressive women.  I have to admit that I love their ring gear as well.  They show their style and their personality in the ring, something I find incredibly important.  As much as I love Storm and I’m thrilled to see her in NXT more and more as I’m not great at watching NXT UK, but NXT is all Ripley right now.  She came in like a house afire and hasn’t stopped.  She is a force in the ring and while Storm is a strong little thing, she just doesn’t have the power that Ripley does.  Between two evenly talented competitors, the larger always wins in real life – or that’s what they say.  That doesn’t always happen in pro wrestling, but Ripley just won the NXT Championship and I don’t see her losing it any time soon unless it’s because she wins the Royal Rumble and has to drop it to take out Becky at WM.  I don’t see that happening as this is Ripley’s time to rule NXT and she’s going to continue doing that for quite a while looking forward.

Queen’s Predicted Winner: Rhea Ripley



Based on their previous matches, this should be a doozy of a match. Both women are two of the best in the world right now and this match will definitely not disappoint. The thing is that both women are faces and I wonder how the NXT crowd will react to them during the match. Will they be more towards Rhea or Toni? I think there will probably be a nice split in this match between the fans, but I think Rhea may get more cheers because she is representing the main NXT brand. This match will be loads of fun and one I am totally looking forward to. I will say that under any other circumstance, this would be a hard pick to make but it seems rather predictable. Predictable isn’t all that bad though because this will most certainly be a good match.

Sam’s Predicted Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion: Rhea Ripley



Rhea Ripley ended the year-plus long reign of NXTs most dominant champion in Shayna Baszler and has shown no signs of slowing down. Toni Storm was the inaugural UK Womens Champion and has seemed a bit adrift since losing that title to KLR. Ripley and Storm have uncanny chemistry and as usual, the NXT Womens Division will rise to the occasion and outshine some of the other matches on this card.

Mat’s Predicted WINNER AND STILL Champion: Rhea Ripley



This is one of the two matches on the card that has actually had some build to it, by built I mean the promo in the ring where Toni Storms challenges Rhea Ripley and she accepts. Toni is coming off a loss in her attempt to recapture the NXT UK Women’s Championship at NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II. Rhea shocked the world by beating Shayna Baszler to become the new Champion. In my opinion two of the best women wrestlers right now. There is plenty of history between the both of them, with Toni Storm getting the best of Ripley to become the first NXT UK Women’s Champion. It has been a long time since that, and the two have taken different paths to get to this point. Storm took a beating from Io Shirai last night, as well as from Bianca Belair the number one contender. Ripley came out and all hell broke loose. In the end, Storm stands in the middle of the ring and lifts the NXT Women’s Champion, as she got some boos from the crowd. I’m going to take a risk and side with Toni Storm as she will stand again this Saturday in the middle of the ring as the new NXT Women’s Champion.

Oscar’s Predicted Winner- Toni Storm



Finn Bálor vs. Ilja Dragunov


This is one of the best things about NXT to me, unexpected matches that leave you in awe.  I don’t know a lot about Dragunov beyond the build to this match, but he looks fantastic.  Add in Balor who is a force to be reckoned with and this could be the match of the weekend (other than the actual Rumbles that are my favorite matches of the year).  TakeOver almost always blows away the PPV after it, even though said PPVs are Big 4 shows.  I know this isn’t an actual TakeOver, but what’s in a name?  We all know this is and that’s what these two men are going into.  Two fantastic wrestlers who will be on the show of the weekend, and they will kill it.  All that being said, I’d love to see Dragunov go over Balor on this one.  That will push this feud to continue as Balor will be so mad over the loss that he won’t be able to live with himself, so he will make Dragunov’s life as horrible as possible until TakeOver before WM.

Queen’s Predicted Winner: Ilja Dragunov



This match is my sleeper pick for the whole weekend because it feels like every Dragunov match is pretty much a sleeper hit. I like how simple the build for this match has been as it is just two men coming for one another. Finn says he sees a younger version of himself in Ilja and Ilja wants to prove himself against Finn. I think this will be a match that shows the people who do not watch any of the NXT UK product that Dragunov is someone that can bring it. This could be a nice match for Finn too because he will be working with someone a bit different than what he has been working with in more recent times. I think this will be a fun match and one that will be a nice surprise to some.

Sam’s Predicted Winner: Finn Balor



Ever since his return to NXT, Balor, or should we say The Prince has claimed NXT as his kingdom. Since making his debut in NXT UK, Dragunov will fight anyone and everyone to make a bigger name for himself. This is probably a main event match at any WWE or independent show. This will be a straight-up fight for supremacy.

Mat’s Predicted WINNER – Finn Balor



Finn is back to his old self, and the move back to NXT has served him well. This match is very interesting to me because it can either be great or it’s just going to suck. Ilja Dragunov is a young, fast, hard-hitting wrestler that is ready to take over. I’m excited to see Balor back in action, he has this swagger, bad-boy attitude that we haven’t seen since his departure from NJPW. If this match sucks, well we have the two awesome promo videos to hype the match. Balor had a dominating match last night against Joaquin Wilde formerly known as DJZ. To quote the “Real Rock’n Rolla”, Ilja Dragunov “You come at Finn Balor you better not miss”.

Oscar’s Predicted Winner- Finn Balor



Angel Garza (c) vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks (NXT Cruiserweight Championship)


This is a tough one!  So much wonderful talent and NXT is the perfect place for the CW Division to really show the fans what they can do.  This is so much smarter than shoving them on the Kick Off show to whatever PPV we are watching.  They deserve more than being an afterthought, and so NXT is the perfect spot for them.  That being said, as much as I love Garza and see a massive future for him in WWE, I’m all about the Swerve.  Something about that young man screams ‘Strap him!’  He looks like a champion, he has charisma oozing from every pore and is a major talent in the ring.  I think it’s time to strap Swerve and see what he can do with it moving forward.

Queen’s Predicted Winner: Swerve



The speed and fluidity that this match will have will be something to watch. Garza has been on fire since he made it in NXT, and he has star potential written all over him. I seriously see a bit of Eddie Guerrero in him and I think it is hard to argue against that. Swerve has been a favorite of mine since seeing him in Lucha Underground and MLW and I am glad he is in NXT. He, like Garza, has star potential and has a bright future in my eyes. Devlin is someone I have loved since the inaugural UK tournament and I think he has a bright future. Banks is a great talent too and someone that can definitely bring it in the ring, but I feel like he may be in this match to take the pin.

Sam’s Predicted Winner and STILL NXT Cruiserweight Champion: Angel Garza



Angel Garza is a STAR, full stop. Taking the CW division by storm and grabbing the title from Lio Rush, Garza has planted his feet as WWEs up and coming Latino superstar. Swerve Strickland, also ascendant in the NXT ranks definitely has the chops to be WWEs preeminent high flyer.  Travis Banks is one of the newest UK superstars to appear on NXT regularly and is looking for a place in the CW division.  Jordan Devlin is the odd man here in my opinion, because honestly, he’s better than this, he should be competing for the WWE UK Championship but WALTER has another engagement this event. I expect a fun match with all the varying styles but expect Garza to retain.

Mat’s Predicted WINNER and STILL CW Champ: Angel Garza



Isaiah “Swerve” Scott needs to change his name, it’s too much to say and it’s not very catchy. I wish he could go back to being Killshot and put the Lucha mask back on. With all that being said this match could include 3 Luchadores, I’m including Swerve as a Luchador because he was Killshot at one point. I’m also accounting for Ligero to beat Jordan Devlin. The other participant could be ether, Brian Kendrick or Travis Banks. No disrespect to either of them but it doesn’t matter who it is. If my wishes come true and we get three Luchadores this match will be a high flying Lucha match. Swerve shined in the number one contender match, let’s not forget that awesome flip he did to the outside of the ring. Garza has shined as the Champion, especially in his rivalry with former champion Leo Rush. I was surprised when Garza beat Rush to become the new champion. He has all the tools to be a great star in NXT and showed with the amazing promo he had last night. They have built him as a great Champion and at Worlds Collide it won’t be any different.

Oscar’s Predicted Winner- Angel Garza



DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) vs. Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate)


I’m giddy to see DIY back together.  This is one of those teams that I have said a number of times will come back together again and again when needed, or when is right for Gargano and Ciampa.  They are such strong competitors in the ring, but also amazing characters, have great personalities, and they both ooze charisma.  While Cole is the NXT Champion, I think of DIY as THE superstars of NXT, and have thought that about them since before DIY broke up.  They are everything the face of any wrestling company could want, and there’s two of them!  They are a couple of the best in the industry today, if not the best, but don’t make me choose between them.

Then there’s Moustache Mountain who I’ve never been big on.  They’re adorable and they are both very strong in the ring but they really don’t have the personalities or charisma of DIY (together or separate).  Bate is so cute and recognizable, but he’s rather boring.  It’s okay to not have the charisma of DIY if you’re not facing DIY, but they are.  So as adorable and solid as they are in the ring, they are mere shadows of DIY and for that reason, I just cannot see them standing up to DIY in this match.

Queen’s Predicted Winners: DIY



Here we have a rarity because DIY is reuniting for the night. Ciampa and Gargano were one of the best and most over tag teams during their time together and I will be interested to see how they work together. The two are excellent in the ring so it should be like riding a bike when it comes to their chemistry. Moustache Mountain has been a fun tag team to watch and I think this could easily be the match of the weekend in all honesty. People like to rag on WWE for the lack of tag team wrestling, but I will always say that it lives and thrives in NXT and this will be an example of that. I have no idea who will win here, and I think that is what will make it all the more fun. This is one match I cannot wait to sit back and watch because it is bound to be a ton of fun.

Sam’s Predicted Winners: Moustache Mountain



This is actually pretty damn cool. Two teams that represent the spirit of their respective brands. DIY has had some of the best tag team matches the WWE has seen in this era of wrestling, and the divergent paths that Gargano and Ciampa took just made them better as competitors.  Moustache Mountain were at the vanguard of the UK brand, both being introduced to the WWE fanbase at the inaugural WWE UK Tournament, and training partners turned tag team have held the banner of the UK brand.  Chances are good this will be MOTN

Mat’s Predicted WINNERS: DIY



This match will steal the night. #DIY got the band back together and they are ready to go to work. The story that never ends, best friends turned bitter rivals are back together at least for now at Worlds Collide. This match came about after Tomaso Ciampa came to the rescue of his old friend Johnny Gargano. Moustache Mountain issued the challenge over twitter after seeing Ciampa rescue Gargano from the beating by The Undisputed Era. We all know what #DIY can do as a tag team, it’s no secret they can put on a show. The former NXT Tag Team Champs are non-stop action and work great as a team. Moustache Mountain are nothing to mess with ether. Trent Seven and Tyler Bate to me are the heart of NXT UK. I’m crossing my fingers for a fast pace, hard-hitting match. There is no loser in this match, we all win if this match lives up to expectations.

Oscar’s Predicted Winners- The Fans



Mia Yim vs. Kay Lee Ray


I feel a bit bad that I’ve gone mostly with NXT over NXT UK workers, but they are the wrestlers I really believe can win the matches.  I will continue in that vein in this match, but it has nothing to do with where each of these women came from, but my love for Mia Yim.  I’ve adored Yim since I first saw her in the Mae Young Classic, but just recently I’ve been watching a lot of older TNA/Impact Wrestling on the Impact Network on the Pluto App.  While watching I saw a number of matches by a much younger Yim and the love I had for her before has grown by leaps and bounds.  She was so adorable in TNA, so much so I wanted to hug her, but it also showed me just how far she has come.  Yim is a fantastic wrestler with a very interesting personality.  She’s cute, perky, but not someone to be trifled with.  Her character and personality has grown a lot since TNA, and since she joined NXT.  Yim has become one of my top five favorite wrestlers working today.  Not top five women, but top five wrestlers.

I feel bad saying all this about Yim and not much about Ray, but Ray is a scary woman in her own right and proved that in War Games.  She’s a really scary woman who knows how to work the ring and will give Yim quite a fight this weekend.  This match will be stellar and I’m hoping is a favorite of mine of the weekend, because it’s a favorite of mine on the card.

Queen’s Predicted Winner: Mia Yim



This match was announced this week for the preshow and this should be a good one. Mia had a bit of a breakthrough 2019 and she has become an instant favorite in NXT. Kay Lee Ray took the title from Toni Storm and she has quickly become a favorite of mine because of how talented of a heel she is. This match is probably one I feel like could be a bit of a toss up because either one could eat a loss here and not be too damaged by it. Like many of the matches taking place at Worlds Collide, I could expect the crowd to be a bit split, but I think this will be one that is fully in the corner of Mia Yim. This should be a fun way to start the show during the preshow and I am looking forward to it.

Sam’s Predicted Winner: Kay Lee Ray



Almost out of nowhere, KLR has taken the UK Womens Championship, notched wins over Toni Storm, Piper Niven, and anyone else that the UK Womens Division has thrown in front of her. Mia Yim has been grinding her way up, even had a title match against Shayna Baszler, and has put on solid performances week in, and week out. This will be a physical match, more so than fans will expect.

Mat’s Predicted WINNER: Kay Lee Ray



Let’s be honest there’s no way the NXT UK Women’s Champion loses to Mia Yim. If WWE wants to keep building the UK brand, they need to be able to give the Champion a big win. Yim is no easy win, she will give Ray all she can handle. Ray is coming off a big win at NXT Takeover Blackpool II. Yim was asked on Twitter why the match was made. She simply replied with a video of Ray throwing her off the ladder. This happened in the advantage match for war games, which gave Io Shirai the win and team Baszler the advantage. This should be a good match to kick off the night knowing both women can take big hits.

Oscar’s Predicted Winner- Kay Lee Ray



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