WWE Changing Their Women’s Championships

On Backstage Becky Lynch spoke about the word women’s attached to her championship and how she would like the word to be dropped because history has been made and it’s now time for true equality.  On NXT Rhea Ripply’s title was simply referred to as the NXT Championship.

There has been much discussion backstage about whether the word men’s should be added to the WWE and Universal Championships, or women’s removed from their championships.  Also, there’s the possibility that the Raw Women’s Championship be changed to the WWE Championship and the SD Women’s Championship changed to the Universal Championship.

No decisions have been made, but WWE is moving forward with these changes when the final decision on wording has been made.


QD – I think this is fantastic.  This is the progress wrestling needs.  Moving away from the word Diva was a huge step, but it’s time to fully even things out as the women have been drawing numbers as high as the men, sometimes higher with all the hatred over Lesnar being a part-time champion.  Women have proven there is no match or gimmick they won’t tackle, so it’s very much time to take this final step and remove gender from the names of these championships.  When WWE leads the industry in ways like this, the rest of the industry follows, so I give them major props in doing what is right for wrestlers, wrestling, and the industry as a whole.