Hello everybody, Sovereign S.A.M. here and I have the pleasure of writing the Afterglow for Worlds Collide. I did offer up some matches for the wrestle of the WR staff and Queen KB and Count Oscar will contribute to the review. I have dubbed Worlds Collide as an unofficial Takeover because it pretty much is one. We all know that NXT delivers with their big shows so this should be a fun one. Without further ado, let us talk about Worlds Collide.


Kay Lee Ray vs Mia Yim (Queen KB)

I’ve loved Yim since I first saw her. Her look, her style, the way she works the ring, to me they all scream top superstar, yet she’s not been at the top anywhere I’ve seen. She has what it takes, and I don’t get why she’s not more over or closer to the top than she is. Just recently I watched a bunch of her matches in Impact Wrestling and I fell for her that much more. She’s grown so much since then, yet she’s still not as high up on the roster as I think she should be. Then again working with the NXT UK Women’s Champ in this match is a nice step in the right direction. Or, it would be if it wasn’t on the Kickoff show.

Code Blue on Ray, reversal from the almost Gory Bomb, was beautiful! Then Eat Defeat back on Yim was beautiful. The back and forth between these two was just beautiful! They hit the moves in a beautiful way, not making the moves look too rehearsed, and both selling well. I have to admit I really wanted to see Yim win this one as it would have been a big jump for her but losing to Ray cheating does help. It wasn’t a clean win, so I have to hope she will use that to fuel her moving forward, and I hope forward is upward on the roster.


Finn Balor vs Ilja Dragunov

This was my sleeper hit of the night and it delivered. I became a fan of Dragunov after his match with Cesaro at Takeover Cardiff and was happy to see him in this spot against a big name like Balor. Balor has taken a step towards being a more aggressive heel and Dragunov is a great person to be matched up with for that style. This match was hard-hitting and one that made Dragunov look darn good. I was worried that this would be too one-sided, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how even they made Dragunov throughout this match. Finn carried his weight as much as Dragunov and that always makes for a good match. I started to believe that Draunov could pull off the major upset towards the end of the match, but Finn was too much as he would finish of Ilja with the 1916. Great showing by Dragunov and I hope he has opened the eyes of people because I think he could be a big thing for NXT UK.


Grizzled Young Veterans & Broserweights

I usually don’t talk much about talking segments during a pay-per-view, but this was just too good to not mention. I have become a fan of Gibson since the Dusty Classic started and he was great here. The crowd was all over him and he didn’t let that get to him during this promo. He spoke about how the Grizzled Young Veterans are going to win the finals and earn a shot at the NXT Tag Titles. The floor was then for Dunne and Riddle and boy are those two over like rover. I will continue to say how surprised I am over how well they have gelled because tag teams coming together is not easy. Dunne and Riddle then made their case as to why they will win the finals and it was great. That match is sure to be fun on Wednesday and I cannot wait.


Angel Garza vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks (Count Oscar)

Fatal 4 Way matches are always, “what you can do I can do better”. This match had fireworks from the start. You couldn’t blink or you might miss a great moment. All four superstars were able to show their great athleticism. The crowd was into it from beginning to end and it lived up to my expectations.

I was most impressed by Travis Banks. I was not familiar with him as I was with the other three competitors. He is a great in-ring talent and isn’t afraid to take big risks. Swerve displayed his great athleticism, and I believe he has a chip on his shoulder to show he belongs here. Angel Garza is loved by crowd, and I was honestly shocked by the result of the match. I expected everyone else to win the match, except Jordan Devlin. I like Devlin he has great talent and has great promo skills. I can’t get this thing out of my head that he’s trying to be Finn Balor so bad. Aside from Balor training him, it feels like he can’t get out of that shadow. I’m excited for Devlin, and the challengers that might come from NXT UK. In my opinion this match stole the night, it had all a wrestling fan would want. WWE is letting the Cruiserweight Championship get some great exposure, and I’m excited for the future in the Cruiserweight division. A very solid ending with a great shock factor. Congratulations to the new champ, Jordan Devlin.


DIY vs. Moustache Mountain

There are no words that I could say that could do this match justice. This is a dream match and one that lived up to all the hype. DIY was one of the most over tag teams in modern wrestling and the pop that their music got when it hit was amazing to see. I love that Tyler Bate and Johnny Gargano worked the beginning of the match and it made me wish for a one-on-one match between the two. That made would be all kinds of amazing and could possibly one of the best matches ever. Trent Seven and Tommaso Ciampa had their turn and they delivered as well. The story was told so well in this match and that is another reason as to why these four men are among the best in wrestling right now. Honestly, I do not want to spoil much of what happened in this match because, as I said in the first sentence, this match was amazing. DIY would end up picking up the win and have a show of respect with Moustache Mountain after. It is matches like this that make me shake my head are critics of WWE that say tag team wrestling is dead in WWE when NXT, a WWE product, produces matches like this.


Dakota Kai Ringside

Like the earlier segment I wrote about, this was another one I didn’t think I would write about until it happened. NXT did their usual camera panning to find roster members and showed Mercedes Martinez in the crowd. They then showed Dakota Kai and I was wondering if Tegan Nox would attack her. Right before the camera could cut away, Tegan came from behind and the two would start to brawl. Tegan took Dakota down through the guardrail and continued the brawl. They were eventually pulled apart and this was a nice way to promote their upcoming match on Wednesday.


Rhea Ripley vs Toni Storm

I hate to say this, but this match was the worst one of Worlds Collide. I had expectations for this match and it totally underdelivered. The match started off good enough, but it never got out of first gear. For some odd reason, the two could not get going in this match. The beginning was great as both worked to gain the advantage but nothing much happened after that. Right when it seemed like the match was going to pick up, Toni missed a splash and Rhea hit her with the Riptide for the win. An underwhelming end to an underwhelming match.


The Undisputed Era vs Imperium

Yes, this match is getting full crowns and it more than deserves it. The hype was real for this match and it blew that hype right out of Houston. The crowd was hot for this match from the start and all the men contributed. The one bad thing about this match though is that Alexander Wolfe was knocked out of the match, quite literally, when Strong and Fish did a double team maneuver on him. Big props for referee Drake Wuertz for recognizing that Wolfe was out of it and getting the match stopped so the ringside medical staff could check on him. Wolfe would leave the match and not return after the injury. We all hope the injury isn’t too serious and he can make a full recovery. Back to the match and this was a doozy of a match. Everybody was made to look like a star and WALTER may be the one whose star shined the brightest in this match. WALTER was made to look like a million bucks and he more than deserves the shine. I really have no words to describe this match because it was that awesome. I had no idea who was going to win as the match progressed because that is how good the storytelling was during it. This match was simply awesome, and WALTER picked up the win for Imperium with a powerbomb on Bobby Fish. Amazing match and the crowd showed their appreciation by giving the men a standing ovation. This was an amazing way to cap of an amazing match for NXT and NXT UK.


Final Thoughts

This may not have been billed as a Takeover, but it is very much as good as any Takeover event. Darn near every match delivered and there is a definitely a match of the year contender from Worlds Collide. I would say the main event and DIY vs Moustache Mountain are easily match of the year contenders and I think it would be hard to argue that. I know it is early in the year but that doesn’t stop one from making that kind of statement. The only real downer of the night was the match between Rhea and Toni. That was sadly underwhelming, and it sucks to say that. A great night for both NXT and NXT UK for sure. Thanks to Queen KB and Count Oscar for contributing to this review and we will all see you around the WRC.