WR Predicts Royal Rumble 2020

Welcome to all our Royal subjects to The Court Of Royal Opinion. Here in court, we, the writers of Wrestle Royalty drink copious amounts of Ale and Ingest multiple servings of Hasenpfeffer while we argue and debate who we believe will be booked to go over in each WWE PPV/Network special. 

Please feel free to give your own predictions below, but I wouldn’t advise doing it as we do! Beer and Sour Rabbit Stew comes back to haunt you trust me.

Today we have Queen KB, Sovereign Sam, Magnate Mat, Duke Dre and our newest writer Count Oscar giving their predictions of what will happen at Royal Rumble 2020.

Men’s Royal Rumble

Queen KB

I said last year that Drew McIntyre was going to win the Royal Rumble Match and I still believe he should have. 2019 should have been his year, but it wasn’t, and I’m still heartbroken over that. So many names have been batted around, and I’d love to see Keith Lee, Ciampa, Gargano, or even (wait for it) Velveteen Dream to win this Rumble because things have changed so much for NXT this year, but I don’t think Dream is anywhere near cleared to compete, and I worry it’s too early to pull that trigger on Lee. As much as I’d love to see either Ciampa or Gargano win this, and I’d happily take the loss, I worry what would happen at Elimination Chamber if neither Raw or SDLive were ironed out at the Royal Rumble.

So I’ll happily take the WR Predicts loss if any of the NXT superstars I mentioned won, but I truly believe that this is McIntyre’s year. Turning him face the way they did, showing the cheeky side to him, I think that’s perfect going forward. His mic work against Heyman will be spectacular, and it feels like that’s why they changed McIntyre, even though he’s needed a serious change for almost a year now. The man is a beast, he’s grown up, he’s ready for this, and he’s going to take my most loathed Lesnar down at WrestleMania! Oh, I have to throw one last thing in.

I will not at all be surprised if Punk appears in this match. That the WWE has stopped talking about Punk since his Saudi comments make me that much more sure that there’s a real possibility that he will appear. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Edge, but I’m more worried about his health than anything, so I hope he’s only there if he really can go.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Drew McIntyre

Sovereign Sam

When it comes to this Royal Rumble this year for the men, there are only two names that pop into my head as to who will win. Drew McIntyre is one, and Roman Reigns is the other. The thing about it too is that both men are on opposite brands, so it has been interesting to see how the build has been. Roman has been pretty much preoccupied with King Corbin on Smackdown so it could lead one to believe that could be done, so we forget that he is in the Rumble.

Meanwhile, Drew has been pretty adamant about this being his time to finally get a title shot and nothing else is on his mind. It was a toss-up between the two for me, but since they have been doing such a job in building McIntyre as someone who wants this, I could see them going a different route with him. I could see him being the one to eliminate Brock and that sets up their match at Wrestlemania. That then leaves Roman and to be honest, I made my prediction for this match known months ago, and nothing has changed. I do think Roman wins here, challenges the Fiend/Bray and goes on to beat him at Wrestlemania. I said it before, so I will stick by it until something different happens.

The Winner: Roman Reigns

Magnate Mat 

The Rumble is always tough to call, or some years
it’s VERY EASY to predict. Lesnar is going in as WWE Champ and at number
one, him winning from the #1 spot isn’t out of the realm…but history
tells us that most of the winners come from the 23 and up spots. I think
Lesnar makes it to the final four or even three but is eventually
eliminated by…….Roman Reigns…ugh

WINNER – Roman Reigns

Duke Dre 

I love that this year’s Rumble will have a central storyline revolving around Brock Lesnar trying to go the distance (something only a few guys have done in this match). That role is typically reversed for the underdog, so I find Brock being put in this role very intriguing. Hell, there’s a real possibility that he may actually win the thing which would make the road to WrestleMania even more unpredictable for the RAW side of things.

While Brock winning is a possibility he’s not my pick I think he gets eliminated by Drew McIntyre late in the match setting up an angle between the two of them for Mania.

My pick here is none other than the Big Dog himself ROMAN REIGNS. Up into this point, he’s been booked in the upper mid-card in non-title feuds with the likes of Drew McIntyre, Shane McMahon, Elias and Baron Corbin and has stayed away from the WWE Championship. That changes starting this Sunday, and I’m probably one of the few in the IWC that is all about it. The inevitable clash between The Big Dog and The Fiend is just around the corner


Count Oscar 

There’s one superstar that Raw has built for the past weeks, and I believe he is ready for a big tittle run. He has gone from heel, to baby face in the snap of a finger. He has everything Vince likes in a champion, and has reinvented himself on his return to WWE. I do not consider myself a big gambling guy, but Drew McIntyre has the 3rd best odds to win the match. Let’s close our eyes and imagine this.

Drew eliminates “The Beast” Brock Lesnar, therefor setting yup the match for the WWE Championship at Wrestle Mania. WWE, please do not let Roman win, let it come naturally. Honestly, who cares who wins it’s the Royal Rumble Match. I’m ready for the surprises, who will last the longest, what crazy way Kofi gets back to the ring, and who has the most eliminations.

Winner- Drew McIntyre

Women’s Royal Rumble

Queen KB

This one was a bit tougher for me than the Men’s Royal Rumble Match. I’ve been bouncing between two very strong – physically, mentally, emotionally, and on the mic – women who didn’t start out as pro wrestlers and are both parts of the same faction. One of these women has been on a bit of a low after her recent loss, but that loss was at the right time. It was the right time for Rhea, and the right time for Baszler to move on to bigger things, like winning this Royal Rumble Match. That being said, we haven’t seen her cohort Ronda in ten months (Total Divas doesn’t count!), and I have to wonder if she’s going to appear out of the blue for this match.

Lastly, there have been rumours of AJ Lee possibly returning, but that would shock me as I know her neck/back are not the best, so there are questions about whether she can go, never mind if she WANTS to go. Anyway, I truly believe that it will be Baszler who wins this match, and it should be Baszler to win this match, because I think she is the ONLY person who can take the strap off Becky at this point. I will not quibble if I lose this one to Ronda, but Shayna might!

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Shayna Baszler

Sovereign Sam

The women’s match is another one in which I had my mind made up on the winner for some time. The only one who has truly made any noise about being in the Rumble match has been Charlotte Flair, and I think that is a bit of a diversion. They are making it so obvious that Charlotte should be the clear favourite that they are having people overlook who should be the favourite in the match. I think we got a taste of who should be the favourite with the women’s battle royal that was on NTX last week. There was one woman who may have had the most eliminations in the match and is also one that doesn’t have anything else left to prove in NXT. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am talking about the Queen of Spades herself, Shayna Baszler. She is the one that makes the most sense to me and one that may get the biggest pop if she were to eliminate someone like Charlotte. That has been my pick and will continue to be my pick.

The Winner: Shayna Baszler

Magnate Mat 

The third go-round for the women and the previous
two have been pretty darn fun. Only about half the field has been
announced and the prevalent rumour is that a good portion of the NXT
the roster is going to be involved. This can go either way between Becky
Lynch, if she loses her match to Asuka…maybe a returning Ronda
Rousey…or the next “Chosen One” in Lacey Evans

WINNER – Lacey Evans

Duke Dre 

So going back to my Bayley/Lacey prediction from earlier I have Lacey winning the SD women’s title from Bayley. But I believe her title reign will be short-lived because I envision Lacey dropping it back to Bayley at Elimination Chamber. I bring this up because Sasha Banks is the lady I have picked to win the Rumble.

Fans have been waiting for a proper Bayley/Sasha feud/match that could finally rival the matches these two ladies at NXT TakeOver and I think we finally get it at this year’s WrestleMania. A guaranteed WrestleMania match with Bayley for the title has got to be the reason why Sasha decided to come back and resign in the first place, right?

Winner: Bayley

Count Oscar 

This year WWE has sucked at promoting, and hyping the Women’s Royal Rumble Match. Only a few competitors have been announced. Both of the titles will be defended Sunday night, and maybe Becky loses the tittle and enter the Rumble matches and wins again like she did in the year. There’s Charlotte Flair; she is a top superstar that has been in the tittle mix for a while. I’m going to go out on a limb here. Don’t forget about someone that goes by the name of Ronda Rousey. She comes back as a surprise entry and wins the match to go on to face Becky at Wrestle Mania; I can dream right.

Winner- Ronda Rousey

Universal Title Match: Bray Wyatt (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Queen KB

I don’t expect this match to last very long because it’s Fiend and that’s how things have been with him. He’s mysterious, and so these shorter matches are great for him. I think they should continue in this vein, making not just the Fiend interesting, but his matches very signature and his, the way Taker’s matches, especially early on, were very Taker matches. I said from when Bray debuted that he would be the game-changer of his time, and he absolutely has.

The Fiend is something so different from everyone else in the industry, and he’s at the top of his game – until he changes the game and he’s the top of that game! Because of all this, I see him beating Bryan and continuing on as Universal Champion.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – The Fiend Bray Wyatt

Sovereign Sam

Boy has this been a fun feud so far. Bryan and Bray have some amazing chemistry, and it has allowed them to get that extra oomph in this program. The strap match is an interesting one to have because I feel like it will allow Bryan to even the odds against Bray. I think this will be a bit of a hard-hitting match because of the added feature of the strap. I expect Bryan to get more offence in this match than he did in his previous match with Bray and I think that will make for the better story in the match. I do hope that this isn’t too quick of a match though and Bryan and Bray are allowed to tell the kind of story the feud has been building up to.

The Winner and STILL Universal Champion: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

Magnate Mat 

Out of all the “gimmick” matches out there, the strap match is probably
my favourite for a couple of reasons. They are RARE, very rare because they
are visceral and legit dangerous. A leather strap bites into the skin digs in, gets right in there. The enmity between Wyatt and Daniel Bryan
has been tangible ever since they first tangled months ago. Bryan is
going to have to go to a deep dark place to beat The Fiend, and The
Fiend is waiting for him there.

WINNER – AND NEW Universal Champion – Daniel Bryan

Duke Dre 

The angle going into this rematch is Daniel Bryan finally chipping away at the Fiend’s invisibility a bit. And that will be sure to play during their match on Sunday, but Bryan’s newfound false sense of confidence will ultimately be his undoing here.

The Fiend retains

Count Oscar 

Daniel Bryan, ultimate underdog character has always prevailed in the past. The Fiend has looked unstoppable, even in the loss to Seth Rollings at Hell in a Cell. Brian got the best of The Fiend last week, but I don’t think this match will be for Daniel Bryan. He will show signs of that ultimate underdog, and feed of the crowd’s energy. It does not seem anyone will stop The Fiend any time soon. I wish I could be more exited for this match, but I just can’t. I haven’t bought into the “YES” movement like I have in the past. After tonight’s contract signing, and the way The Fiend dominated Bryan, there’s nothing stopping him.

Winner- Bray Wyatt “The Fiend”

Raw Women’s Title Match: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Asuka

Queen KB

As much as I love Asuka and truly believe she’s been screwed over on the main roster until recently, I don’t see her being Asuka 2 Belts. I am sure Sane will be a big part of this match, until she’s tossed out of the ringside area. I’m expecting this to be the match of the night, other than the actual Royal Rumble Matches, because these two women can go! I hope there isn’t any mist, other than maybe an accidental misting of Sane, but none on Becky, or she comes back from it to win. No matter what happens, after a great match, I expect Becky will retain so she can face Shayna at WrestleMania in another main event.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Becky Lynch

Sovereign Sam

Out of all the match on this card, this has been the one that has been built the best in my eyes. The fact that they have shown the history between these two and that Asuka has indeed gotten the better of Becky is nice to see. It shows that WWE isn’t forgetting their history and using it to their advantage. Asuka is looking more like the dominating figure she was in NXT, and I like it. Becky has shown that she knows that Asuka is the one person she hasn’t beaten, and I like how it has played out. I have said that if this match comes close to their match from last year, we could be in for a doozy of a match.

The Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion: Becky Lynch

Magnate Mat 

Now, this is a match I can sink my teeth into. The Man has had a heck of
a run the past year and change, but had one L, one defeat she couldn’t
get over…losing to Asuka. Continuity makes for great stories, who
knew? Asuka and Kairi Sane have been running over the women’s tag
division since winning the titles, but now Asuka has to deal with The
Man in what should be MOTN

WINNER – AND STILL RAW Women’s Champion – THE MAN aka Becky Lynch

Duke Dre 

This feud is a great example of long term booking. The motivation behind Becky wanting this match has also been well executed, until she can finally get that win over the one women who’s had her number a part of Becky will always feel that she’s undeserving of truly being the face of the women’s division. It’s the little stuff like this that truly adds layers to feuds/programs.

This should be equally as good as their Rumble encounter from last year. This time Becky will finally stand triumph over Asuka

Becky Lynch retains

Count Oscar 

Every WWE PPV has one match with a big fight feel to it. This match has a big match feel to it, call me dramatic, but it has a Wrestle Mania feel to it. Becky Lynch has sold this match so hard, especially with her killer promos. To me, Becky is putting more at stake than the Raw Women’s Title. Asuka is the only opponent to hold a win over Becky since she became “The Man”.

This match feels like Becky is putting her reputation, and future on the line. Asuka is the perfect heel to Lynches persona. The face paint and the green mist just add that much of an effect to her heel character. Becky at times has seemed scared of Asuka when they both are in the ring. To me, this is the main event of the night despite where the match happens Sunday night. After the intense, and heart felt promo, Becky cut when she was blinded by Asuka’s green mist during the contract signing. I know for a fact that this match will be fireworks, and a roller coaster of emotions. As I write this, I don’t know who to pick. I try to look at the big picture and what WWE would want for Wrestle Mania. Kari Sane will be with Asuka she will have a hand in this match.

Winner- Asuka

Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin

Queen KB

This is going to be a three on three match, and I expect it will be all over the arena and into our favourite spots – food stands, bathrooms, locker rooms, parking lot, etc. I expect this match to get a lot of time after time they got on SDLive this week. This is going to be the crazy, humorous, absurd match of the night and I’m thrilled. That being said, after Reigns and the Usos won on SDLive, I’m hoping uber heel King Corbin wins this one. They keep going in this way it’s going to be a wild Road To WrestleMania and whatever they end up doing at WrestleMania!

Queen’s Predicted Winner – King Corbin

Sovereign Sam

I am going to start this off by saying that King Corbin is the best heel in the business and nothing you can say will change my mind. He fully embraces the heel and gets nothing but heat from the fans. Since Corbin is such an effective heel, this has allowed Roman to become a bigger babyface because of this feud. I, for one have enjoyed this feud so far, and this feels like it should be the blow-off match. Both men are also puling double duty as they are both in the Royal Rumble match as well. I think that adds a bit to my thinking here with this match because I think that will play a factor in this match. Corbin has looked strong during this feud and Roman has had his moments as well. I expect this match to go all over the place and that always makes for a fun time in these types of matches. I am going to have to go with my gut here.

The Winner: King Corbin

Magnate Mat 

I guess the WWE is going to make Baron Corbin happen whether we like it
or not. Crowns, dog food, weird faux leather robes, and photoshopped
logos. Perhaps the vortex of suck that opens up will take them both
away, or maybe a decent match comes out of it. At the least, Roman
probably won’t be the most despised man of the match.

WINNER – Corbin….because why not?

Duke Dre 

This feud has been running for what seems like a good 4-5 months now and given the falls count stipulation that Roman you’d think this would finally be the blow-off of their feud, but my gut is telling me this will get extended another month before finally being blown off at Elimination Chamber. Corbin goes over here with some sort of assist from Ziggler or Roode. Then the next month we get a Roman/Usos vs Corbin/Ziggler/Roode six-man tag match with The Bloodline finally getting retribution.

Winner: Corbin

Count Oscar 

For the first time ever in my life, I will side with Roman Reigns; he has grown on me. Finally, WWE has stopped forced, feeding him down our throat, and he’s just being genuine. You pair him with The Usos, and well where do I buy the new merch. It can also be the fact that I dislike King Corbin with a passion. In my opinion, Corbin lacks personality, even as a heel, he can’t seem to get that right. The only reason this story line has had life is because of Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode.

This match has had plenty of build-up for a while now. Both participants have taken turns making each other’s life miserable. Now WWE listens very carefully, don’t mess this up. I like Roman reigns but him winning the Rumble Match, and somehow someway getting the main tittle shot at mania won’t do anybody any good. Let this grow naturally, and maybe one day I finally will be ready to let Roman be my WWE or Universal Champion. The match that should have happened at the Royal rumbled is the Six-Man tag match that happened on Friday Night. The match should be really good with it being a “Falls Count Everywhere Match”. There will be plenty of participation from The Usos, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Rood. The Usos are in Romans corner, and it will remain Roman’s yard.

Winner- Roman Reigns

Shorty G vs. Sheamus

Queen KB

This is a tough one as Sheamus losing at his first PPV back could look bad for him, but squashing G wouldn’t be a biggie either. I truly don’t get where they are going with this one, but since I have to go there, I have to go with G winning this one in some screwy way. It will keep Sheamus totally pissed off at G and continue the storyline. That’s the only direction they could possibly be going with this, I think.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Shorty G

Sovereign Sam

his is a match that I honestly have no interest in. This will likely end up on the preshow, but this screams like a match that should just take place on Smackdown instead of a pay-per-view. Shorty G is sure to try and make this a competitive match, but I feel like this will lean more towards being a squash. I will say though that Sheamus is in really good shape and might be in the best shape of his career. If you do not follow his YouTube channel, I would highly recommend it because the man puts in work. As I said, I have no real interest in this match, and I hope it delivers something at least.

The Winner: Sheamus

Magnate Mat 

So Sheamus is back, and the former Chad Gable are going at it
over…….? I don’t understand this, but I do know that Sheamus is
probably on the back end of his career as his spinal stenosis is on the
clock. Not sure why this match is happening as both men could be doing
something better with their talents but sure….why not?

WINNER – Sheamus, I guess

Duke Dre 

This is a solid spot for Gable to be in. A feud with a guy like Sheamus on A level PPV is a win/win for a guy who just a year ago was a mere afterthought. With that said, this will be a match that he’ll get eventually y’all short in *pun intended*. I just don’t see a scenario where Sheamus goes under after he just returned.

Winner: Sheamus

Count Oscar 

It has been a while since we last saw Sheamus, The Celtic Warrior. As much as we might miss The Bar, this Sheamus is the best one. I like Chad Gable, I refuse to call him Shorty G. WWE, and Chad Gable are trying to sell us this underdog persona. I’m personally not buying it. This match was made after Sheamus return to Friday Night Smackdown, and attacked Chad Gable. Gable then embarrassed Sheamus backstage after an opportune attack. Gable will show heart throughout the match, but nothing a Brogue Kick can’t fix.

Winner- Sheamus

Smackdown Women’s Title: Bayley (c) vs. Lacey Evens

Queen KB

There is no question in my mind that it’s time to strap Lacey. She’s grown by leaps and bounds over this past year, but it was her face turn that sealed the deal for me. Between how Summer has seamlessly become part of this storyline, how she handled it, and how Lacey stepped up as Mamma Bear to protect her. It’s time for Lacey, and I truly hope it’s a clean match, at least until it’s over. I have a feeling that Sasha could accidentally cost Bayley the strap, and that’s not how Lacey should win it.

I loved Lacey’s speech about her father, bullies, and using the WWE as a platform to help others. She did a lovely job with it. On the other hand, I loved how the fighting between Lacey and Bayley spilled out all over the place throughout the episode of SDLive, even busting Nikki out of her corset somehow, but that’s a whole other article. This is Lacey’s time; I just hope it’s a clean ending.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Lacey Evans

Sovereign Sam

I have been going back and forth with this match because I honestly have no idea who to choose. Lacey has come alive since turning face, and she is becoming who I thought she could be. I have said for a while now that Lacey is far better than what the haters try to say about her, and she is showing it in this program with Bayley. I think this is the match for Lacey to show everybody how much she has improved, and I think she will shut the haters up a bit here.

Bayley has been better as a heel, and I think she has done well in this feud with Lacey. Bayley has stumbled since being called up, and this feels like the opportunity to really cement herself as a heel. I think this will be a solid match and one that will truly surprise the Lacey haters as to how much she has improved her work. Like I said at the beginning, I have had a hard time deciding who will win this match, but I will go with my gut here.

The Winner by DQ: Lacey Evans.

Magnate Mat 

I don’t understand this rivalry because this seems like two flavours of bland facing off. Even with the character change, Bayley just isn’t
interesting, and I’ve never been shy about my apathy towards Lacey, even
with the character shift to “wholesome wrestle mom”. Heck, throw
Carmella in here and spice it up some, please.

WINNER – AND NEW (yawn) SD Women’s Champion – Lacey Evans

Duke Dre 

This might be the hardest match on the card to predict. There’s a perfectly good reason to pull the trigger on a Lacey win here seeing how well she’s gotten over as a face so far, but it would also make sense to have Bayley retain here. I’m going to go with the former and pick Lacey. A title win here would truly elevate here to the next level, and it seems as if WWE officials want Lacey to be seen on the same level of the Becky’s, Charlottes and Rheas of the world.

Winner: Lacey Evans

Count Oscar 

Lacey Evans baby-face turn had to be one of the top surprises to end 2019. Evans heel character had been developed for months, and it fit her perfectly. Its clear that WWE plans to make Lacey Evans The Women’s Champion. I don’t think The Royal Rumble will be that time, the Championship win will be saved, Wrestle Mania. Bayley’s heel turn has surprised me and made her a credible champion.

She is not the innocent Bayley any more. Sasha Banks has helped Bayley come off as a great heel by adding more wood to the fire, with the mocking of Evans daughter. She has shown great heart and a bad guy personality that I have become a big fan of. I expect Sasha Banks to get involved in this match from the get-go. Evans will bring her great in-ring talent, and Bayley will bring the mean side to the match. The fans have jumped behind Evans back, and have shown great love for her. WWE will hold off to help this story build.


U.S. Title Match: Andrade (c) vs. Humberto Carrillo

Queen KB

I’m so excited that this match is happening! Rey did a great job setting up Andrade to move forward to feud with Humberto. Humberto showing up the way he did to rescue Rey was great, but we all knew they were going in that direction. I’m expecting this will be the match of the night that ends in screwiness. Whether Zelina, Rey, Dominic, or even Charlotte, someone is going to get involved and cause a screwy ending. That means Andrade will retain his strap, but won’t win this one clean. That gives them more time to build this feud and Humberto as a solid force to go against Andrade. It will be fun, but also screwy.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – DQ/Craziness/Andrade Retains

Sovereign Sam

This is a late addition to the card and one I am not really looking forward to. Don’t get me wrong; I have no doubt this will be a good match; it is just that Humberto has not won me over at all. His ring work is stellar; it is just everything else about him that is absent. Humberto has a nice smile and a babyface, but that is about it. Ring work can only get you so far before people start to wonder what else you can bring to the table. I hope the time off, and this possible program with Andrade can bring something out of him because I really feel like Humberto could venture in the Rocky Maivia territory.

Andrade, on the other hand, has been built up nicely and he is one of the best on Raw at the moment. I know some may hate seeing that Zelina isn’t getting much ring work because of this, but the pairing is just perfect, and I personally do not mind it. I do think that Andrade will play up the fact that he just went through a ladder match during this one so it could create some doubt as to if he will retain. I do think they will go the smart route on the winner because I do not think this will be a one-off match for the title.

The Winner and STILL US Champion: Andrade

Magnate Mat 

Now that this IMO pointless feud with Rey is done…hopefully….two of
WWE’s bright young stars will tangle for the US Championship. I also find
it pretty great that the US Title is being contested between two proud
Mexican gentleman…excellence knows no borders. Carillo and Andrade
have had great confrontations and come from great lineages which has translated to their great in-ring talent.

WINNER – AND STILL US Champ – Andrade

Duke Dre 

This could very well be the match of the night. There’s already a backstory here also there’s the heat between the two. Andrade is just finally starting to get his feet wet with the US title, and I don’t see him losing it this soon. Therefore Andrade retains, and I’m going out of my way and say he wins clean

Andrade retains

Count Oscar 

When two luchadores meet in the ring, I tend to get a little exited. I have fallowed Andrade’s career for a long time, and he has the talent in the ring to succeed in the WWE. Humberto Carrillo is a young kid that has made his way up the Raw roster very quickly. Excuse me while I rant a bit about this whole storyline. In my opinion, WWE is looking for Rey Mysterio replacement. I could be wrong, and maybe WWE is looking for a way to connect more with the Latino wrestling fan base. Usually, when Luchadores come to WWE, it feels like their wings are cut.

They try to contain their high flying, risk-taking talents for a different style of wrestling. The Luchador fan inside of me is very happy for this match. Two Luchadores are going to battle for the United States Championship. One day that math can be for the WWE Championship, a man can dream right. This match was made after Carrillo came to the rescue of Rey Mysterio, who was about to get DDT into the concrete. This was the same move that puts Carrillo on the shelf for a couple of weeks. I believe WWE likes Andrade, and they want to build him into a great Superstar.

He’s a great heel, and with Zelina Vega by his side, Andrade doesn’t seem to be dropping the tittle any time soon. WWE is saving the big match for Wrestle Mania. Something in my gut tells me we will get a Triple Threat Match for the United States Championship at Wrestle Mania. I can also be totally wrong, and Rey Mysterio somehow helps Carrillo win the title, but that wouldn’t be very baby-face. At the Royal Rumble Andrade will keep winning. Not only inside of the ring but outside of the ring if you know what I mean.

Winner- ….and still the United States Champion Andrade