New Recruits From India To WWE PC

Three new wrestlers have reported to WWE Performance Center from Indie.  Gurvinder Singh is seven feet tall and was trained by Khali.  Also trained by Khali is Sukhwinder Grewal who is seven foot two.  The third member of this group is Laxmi Kant Rajpoot is accomplished in taekwondo and javelin.


QD – After reading this on Twitter first, before looking up more info on them on, I saw so many hysterical comments about this, but the best was asking who was going to train Khali?  I have to admit I got the giggles, but in reality, Khali is the one laughing last as he’s rolling in dough from his time with the WWE.  So as much as he’s so easily the butt of our jokes, he’s doing quite well for himself, and in reality, isn’t that the best revenge against haters?