Pro Wrestling Noah Sold To Major Tech Company

In yet another big shakeup in the Japenese Pro Wrestling scene in as many months, Pro Wrestling Noah has been sold to one of the biggest tech companies in Japan CyberAgent.

Pro Wrestling Noah was once considered the biggest promotion in Japan (and arguably produced the best in-ring product in the world) overtaking New Japan Pro Wrestling in the mid-2000’s. However, years of mismanagement and the tragic in-ring death of the companies founder the legendary Mitsuharu Misawa, the company has been on a massive downward slide that would make Impact Wrestling envious.

The company was sold to a small tech company named Lidet Entertainment in February 2019 who gave the promotion a new logo and ring mat but invested little else into the company.

This deal has apparently not been in the works for very long and it has come as a huge shock to the Pro Wrestling industry in Japan.

CyberAgent is a considerable corporation with many divisions and subsidiaries ranging from tech development, advertising firms, Video Game developers and Japan’s biggest streaming service Abema TV. They also own another famous (or infamous depending on your point of view) Pro Wrestling promotion in Japan DDT Pro.

Sir Mitch Says: This is a HUGE step forward for Pro Wrestling Noah and a significant shakeup in the Japenese scene. But I wouldn’t expect much cross-promotion between Noah and DDT given the former is known for its serious presentation and very physical matches while the latter is known as a comedy promotion which humour ranges from the silly to the politicly incorrect…to the just plain gross!