Eye For An Eye, Tooth For A Dentist

I know a lot of people are not thrilled with JR on announce, but hearing him on announce to start the show makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. His voice had sounded older and more infirm, but his voice has gotten stronger as AEW continues. He’s really sounding like JR again, even if more things fly over his head than they used to. Add in Tony and simply listening to AEW makes my heart soar.

Last week I was with my laurel (medieval arts and sciences mentor) as when there is a fifth Wednesday of any month, she is free to visit and work through things with me. Also gives her a chance to fence with people from my area. A huge thanks to Count Oscar for writing An Elite Journal for me last week. Thanks also to Sam and Mitch for walking him through some of the quirks in the back end. As he has been, Oscar has written a few matches for me this week. Please continue to let us know what you think of these articles and what more you would like to see on WR as a whole.


Key To The Eye



I love Jericho on announce during this match. He’s so great on the mic, so it makes sense to use him in every way they can.  Jericho has done a lot for AEW, as has Mox. Personally, AEW is a much better fit for Mox than WWE ever was.  I think he proved that before he was even on TV when he took his feud with Foley too far. Obviously, it wasn’t TOO too far in that Foley gifted Mox the underhook DDT. Personally, I love seeing the move used again, and so expertly.

I have to admit I enjoyed the storyline part of this, between Jericho on announce and all that went down after the match, more than the match. I know it sounds odd with Mox in the ring who is so great, but I was distracted. It had nothing to do with the match being bad, but with me being distracted by life but quickly brought back in by Mox pulling that key! While I don’t like violence for violence’s sake – a reason I sometimes struggled watching ECW and only can watch bits and pieces now – I love the direction this storyline is going.


Nap Time!



Scorpio Sky is so great in every move he hits, I’m just not vibing his name. It doesn’t work for me. That being said, putting him with the old guys – who can still go better than many young guys – is a great move. He’s a fantastic addition to Kaz and Daniels. That being said, Orange made this match for me. Few can rock the Canadian tux (jeans and denim shirt or jacket) as well as Orange, and yet make it look so chill. He’s so perfect in every way. Then there’s Trent who I still don’t like, but I like him better than Chuck. I’m just not feeling them at all.

Speaking of not feeling, I know a lot of people don’t vibe TDO, but I see that they are going somewhere. They are going slowly, but they are going. I love that Daniels is in the middle of all this, he’s so great in all he does. A number of people have mentioned to me that they wonder if Daniels will be the leader of the group. I think that’s a great idea, but I also know that AEW has been talking to a number of legends about possibly stepping into the role. Whether they know who the leader of TDO is (James J. Mitchell anyone?), I feel they are doing a great job of leaving us wondering, while leading us down a number of interesting path ideas.





A few of Yuka’s landings on Brit looked rough but it was hard to tell who was at fault there. Personally, I think Yuka is adorable, has a great look, can throw moves and sell really well. I do have a bit of an issue with her size, but she’s not as tiny as Riho. It’s not that I’m against tiny women in the ring, it’s just when it doesn’t look at all plausible, I have issue. I’ve struggled to believe Riho, even though she’s more than capable against everyone she has faced in AEW – other than Nyla Rose and that was all Nyla’s fault, not Riho’s. Anyway, I really like Yuka and hope to see more of her, but not more of her teeth. I get why they did what they did there, but I’m so sick of hearing how Brit is a dentist. At least now they’re showing, but they need to stop telling!


Paging Who?

Count Oscar



On paper, this match looked to be a great one. The Young Bucks and Lucha Bros are arguably the best tag teams in the world right now. The pairing of the Lucha Bros, and the Butcher & the Blade didn’t make sense to me. The Lucha Bros are not heels, even if that’s how AEW books them. Pentagon Jr. is over with the fans more than any other wrestler. The pyro they get on their entrance was impressive. Omega & Page are becoming a force in the Tag Division, and they are the current Tag Team Champions for good reason. It’s always fun to see the Elite on the same side. They have great chemistry and ring flow in all their matches. I also had no idea they had their own entrance as the Elite, which I really enjoyed.                      

The Elite started the match with multiple tags, isolating the Butcher. The Young Bucks, and Omega had a spot for about 3 minutes with great combinations. Page didn’t seem too happy about it standing alone in the apron of the ring. It didn’t take long before all chaos broke loose. Nick Jackson is so underrated and he can work the ropes with the best of them. He takes flight, and it’s like a beautiful piece of art. Page gets in the match and he unleashes his offense to everyone across the ring. He is the most well-rounded athlete in AEW. The match did not disappoint, at one point there were non-stop moves from everyone involved in the match. The crowd was into every part of it. The end was so well executed as well. Page refused to tag in the Bucks, and the Lucha Bro’s took full advantage of the moment. The Bucks get taken out, and Pentagon hits the piledriver on Page. Rey Fénix does a beautiful dive to the outside of the ring, and with it ensuring no one can break up the pin. A great ending giving the Lucha Bros the pin on Page. This adds more drama to the Young Bucks and Omega & Page feud. I’m crossing my fingers for a future match between them.


And Here’s Riho!



I still don’t like PAC, but what he did in this segment was really solid.  I also give him props for not putting a hand on Riho himself.  Now, as I said above, Nyla is still too green to be working the ring with anyone smaller than her, and Riho is tiny.  Riho can more than hold her own in the ring, but I think Nyla is truly dangerous and should not be working AEW at any level until she’s actually prepared to wrestle in the ring.

Beyond all that, I love how Omega sold his love for Riho beautifully, not wanting to see anything happen to his little friend who he’s known so long.  For those of you who don’t know (and I’ll fully admit I didn’t until my soon-to-be son-in-law Tyler mentioned it) that Omega worked a match with Riho when she was all of nine years old.  I have never embedded a video into a review article like this, but the match between a (heel because he had to be working against a little girl) Omega and a clearly well-trained very young Riho was so great that I had to share it here.  Please take the time to watch this match.  It’s not long but fully won me over as an Omega fan.  (Happy Botch?)


He’s Better Than This



I try not to compare AEW to WWE as they are very different products, but I have to say that if this Darby Allin video had been produced by WWE and not AEW it would have been good.  This, on the other hand, wasn’t.  I get the throat thing and showing us how it happened and all that, but I expect so much more from Allin because he delivers, but the production crew didn’t.  The grade for this segment is for the production crew, not Allin.


The Amazing Flying Penelope!

Count Oscar



The Bad Boy finally received a chance to get his hands on Kip. A decent match but it seems like the start of something bigger. There weren’t any spots in the match that caught my eyes. Penelope Ford takes the MVP award like she always does. Penelope Ford clocks in, and like always, puts in OT. She sacrificed herself and took a big hit on accident by Janela to help Kip pick up the win. She helps the matches flow better, and make them more interesting. I’m hoping we get this match again with a great stipulation and let these two go to war with each other.


The Inner Eye



I have to admit I loved the passion of this segment.  Santana gave us every bit of anger he should give after taking a key to the eye.  The way this shot was set up, the way the rest of the Inner Circle held back and let Santana step up and have his say and the overall vibe of this segment hit the right tone for the stable.  This was short but great.


More Backstage Angst



It really looks as though they are going to be making Page’s drinking into a storyline, I just hope they don’t get too preachy with it.  Further, I stated in the DD that if I could find the pic, I’d share pics of a MUCH younger me drinking from a pitcher of beer.  Well, it was the second-to-last pic I pulled out of the box, but it was so blurry that it’s impossible to tell much more than there is a hand, a head of curls, along with something glass. Sadly, it’s not worth sharing because it’s just that bad of a picture.  If I didn’t know what the pic was of, I wouldn’t know what it was myself.


Belt To The Back

Count Oscar



In all honesty, I had no idea what this was going to be all about. There was no way Cody was going to sit there and take 10 lashes from MJF. Even MJF’s explanation of why he wanted this to happen didn’t make that much sense to me. They are putting so much built into this match, and I really hope it does not disappoint. A side of me thinks this match can get dangerous. Cody in the past has put himself through so much to give the fans a great match.

I give MJF credit he is coming off as a great heel. He does everything he can so the crowd can boo him. I was completely wrong and Cody took the full 10 lashes with no retaliation. MJF lashes Cody twice, and Cody gets in his face. MJF was letting him have it with those lashes across the back. Right away the lashes started swelling up across Cody’s back. Once everyone came out to support Cody, I couldn’t do it anymore. MJF didn’t need this to be more of a heel, and Cody didn’t need this to be more of a face. In all honesty too much drama for my liking. Cody took the lashes like a champ, and I do respect that.


Shut Up MJF, I’m Talking

To be honest, MJF can talk all he wants, I just needed a name to put in there that made sense.  This was a mostly solid episode of Dynamite.  There were issues with the show, but not so glaring that I’ll stop watching.  I have to agree with Oscar in part, though he called it drama and I call it violence.  Pro wrestling is supposed to be entertaining, but not at the expense of the bodies and lives of the wrestlers, and sadly AEW is forgetting that at times.  People have been complaining that they’re doing too much with legends and looking a bit too WCW, but I’m more worried about them looking too ECW these days.

Queen & Count