Johnson Signs With NXT

Simone Johnson, daughter of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, grandaughter of Rocky Johnson, great-grandaughter of High Chief Peter Maivia, had been training to wrestle the past couple summers, but she just officially signed with NXT.  When she debuts with the company she will be the first 4th generation WWE superstar!


QD – I have to admit I’m a bit giddy about this.  I know little about Simone other than she’s from Rock’s first marriage to Dany Garcia.  Fingers crossed that she has the work ethic, mic abilities, charisma, and love of the industry her father has.  Further, I love it when a woman follows in her father’s footsteps, like Luna, Nattie, and Tamina.  It warms my heart more and more because Luna blazed the path for others to follow.