It’s Just A Flesh Wound

Sovereign S.A.M. here and I am here to once again review Raw. Raw has had a good run so far in 2020 and that always makes it a pleasure to write the Raw blog. I will also say that I came into the show in a good mood because of Wrestlemania being announced to take place at the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood next year and, as a Southern California native, will try my best to attend it. We have the rematch between Asuka and Becky Lynch to look forward to tonight and also MVP is back with the VIP Lounge and his guest will be Drew McIntyre. Let us jump right in and see what the red brand had for us this week.


The Messiah & His Men In-Ring

WWE really needs to come up with a name for this faction because every solid faction needs a name. It seems like Seth is embracing his heel persona more and more with each week and is finding new wrinkles to add to it. This week he wore a different style jacket and I will say that it fit him and his heel persona. He was in the ring with Murphy, no longer Buddy, and AOP and I love how Seth takes pride in being the Monday Night Messiah. Seth spoke about how he is ready to take everybody into the future and that he needs to put Kevin Owens in his place along with the people he is running with. Kevin Owens would then come out and that is when I noticed that the entrance is still off to the side on the stage. That is so awkward looking, and I have no idea why it is over there still. Seth warned Owens about overstepping and Owens told him that he isn’t standing alone. That would bring out the Viking Raiders and a brawl would commence between all of them. Seth would be in the ring by himself and Samoa Joe would come up from behind him and put him in the clutch. Seth’s followers would break it up and the faces would enter the ring and clear it. Fun way to start off Raw and I will always say that I love a good brawl. Becky Lynch would come out and I love the look she exchanged with Owens, Erik, Ivar and Joe because you could tell she was somewhat apologizing for Seth while also saying he is his own man. Becky’s match with Asuka would come up after the commercial break.


Becky Lynch vs Asuka

Asuka and Becky have amazing chemistry with one another, and it showed again here in this match. It is hard to find words to describe their matches because they have all been used before. A part of me did wonder if maybe Asuka would win here in some heelish way only for the match to restart but it would be a straightforward match. Awesome back and forth between these two and I don’t think they can ever have a bad match together. Sometimes there are wrestlers who just click with each other and this seems to be the case here. Asuka also has that chemistry with Charlotte Flair and that really speaks to how great all three women are. I loved when Kairi Sane would get involved in the match because it was always something out of the norm for interference by a heel. She had really made it her own and has become a gif waiting to happen in the best way possible. Becky would end up picking up the win with her version of a Rock Bottom and that was that.

Or at least that is what it seemed like when Becky would be attacked from behind by Shayna Baszler. There were rumblings that Shayna would be on Raw and I was happy to see her on the red brand. She would put Becky in her own clutch and then would let her go. I wondered why she did that so quickly and it would all become clear. Shayna took her mouthpiece out and would proceed to bite Becky in the neck and come out with blood all over her mouth. The color of the fake blood may have been a bit off, but it was still a great visual. Becky also sold the heck out of it too and she would give me the line that would be used as the title of the Raw blog this week. She is clearly a Monty Python fan and I hope people got the reference because the black knight scene from the Holy Grail is one of the funniest ever. Great match and a great segment to put the cherry on top.


Mojo Rawley & Riddick Moss vs the Street Profits

I mentioned it in the DD and it really does hold true that the Street Profits could be way more over if they were no stuck doing primarily backstage segments. Let them get in the ring and show what they can do and that will win the fans over. That way when they see the backstage segments, they will be more engaging to watch. I enjoyed the promo and loved how the crowd in Ontario, California were hot for them. The match was what it was, and the Profits would win. Mojo looked to be ready to chastise Riddick when Riddick would roll him up and become the new 24/7 Champion. That left me feeling very meh and that is pretty much the way I can sum up Mojo with the 24/7 Championship.


Becky Lynch Backstage

Becky Lynch was being escorted to an ambulance where they could take her to a hospital, and I love how Becky was trying to take control of the situation. That is the character she has become, and I love that she didn’t abandon that aspect of it. They allowed her to get in on her own, but Becky had a different idea in mind. She closed the doors in the back of the ambulance and would say that she is driving herself to the hospital. She pulled out the driver and would take off in the ambulance. Great stuff from Becky here and it will not be the last we see of her tonight.


MVP’s VIP Lounge

I loved seeing MVP back and the word on the street is that he is working with WWE to possibly become a producer backstage. I think that would be a great fit for him and he can impart plenty of knowledge to some of the younger workers. I honestly did forget that he did have his own talk show segment and I enjoyed it here. I love that he got in his signature phrases and that Ontario greeted him nicely. Ontario was a great crowd overall and makes me love the wrestling fans we have here in Southern California. Drew McIntyre was his guest and he truly is on another level right now. He is just oozing “top guy” stuff every time he is out there, and it was the same case tonight. He had a strong back and forth with MVP and I love how he called out MVP for trying to become his manager of sorts. MVP told him to watch his words and I love how Drew didn’t back down when he said it. He hit MVP with a headbutt and then his signature Claymore and he would flex for the crowd. Really fun segment between these two and this is exactly how you use a legend to get over the up and coming talent.


Angel Garza vs Cedric Alexander


Prior to the match, Garza cut a promo with Zelina Vega about why he is the future. Zelina is arguably the best manager right now not named Paul Heyman and that is saying something. I know Queen and many others want to see her more in the ring and I do as well, but I love her as a manager too. The promo work was well done, and Garza just oozes all the charisma in the world. I have said it more than once that he reminds me of Eddie Guerrero, and I will not stop saying it. Humberto Carrillo would then come running to the ring and would attack his cousin Garza. This is the fire that I have been wanting to see from Humberto and it got the crowd to react to what he was doing. This could be the feud to get him away from generic babyface and I hope it does. I loved how Cedric sat on top on the turnbuckle because he knew not to get involved in family business. The match between Cedric and Garza would happen as well.

The match was fine enough and that is why, for the first time in my writing of the Raw blog, that I am giving something two grades. The first is for the promo/fight before the match and the second is for the match itself. Not much to write about in this match other than it made Garza look strong. I also wonder if Garza will continue to pull double duty with Raw and NXT when Andrade comes back or if he will stick to one brand.


Rhea Ripley Backstage

Rhea was interviewed backstage about Charlotte Flair not giving her an answer yet to her challenge. I love how you can tell Rhea is confident that Charlotte will accept because she knows that Charlotte wants that match. She was asked about her upcoming match on Sunday with Bianca Belair, but Sarah Logan would come into the interview and interrupt her. Sarah voiced her opinion to Rhea about how she thinks she can get whatever she wants by showing up. I loved Rhea’s response of that she is Rhea Ripley and who is she. That was great and reminded me of the very famous Connor McGregor sound bite of him asking who a guy is during a press conference.


Bobby Lashley & Lana Backstage

I know I have been a defended of the Lana/Lashley stuff with Rusev but it does seem now that we are through with that. I will say that Lana does talk too much and Lashley should have some equal time on the mic to be able to play off of her. Lashley isn’t special on the mic but if he is with someone who is competent, he works pretty well on it. Lana spoke about how Ricochet got lucky last week and that Lashley deserves the match against Brock. Lashley then took his turn to say that he is going to beat Ricochet and that he may not even make it to the match. Decent enough segment but nothing to write home about.


Sarah Logan vs Rhea Ripley

I’ll be honest here, I looked away from this match and then saw that it ended. It went by that quick and it does make me a bit sad. Sarah Logan is someone with a ton of potential and I feel like she is just being wasted. I liked how Sarah called out Rhea before the match, but I should have expected a squash. I guess I was hoping for a bit of offense from Logan here. Charlotte Flair did come out prior to the match and Rhea would get on the mic after the match because she wants an answer. I love the back and forth between these two on the mic and how Charlotte posed the question of that Rhea could lose on Sunday to Bianca. A small part of me wants that to happen because that would just take the intrigue of this whole story to a new level in my eyes. Blink and you miss it match followed by a fun back and forth between Rhea and Charlotte.


Ricochet vs Bobby Lashley

Wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this match but it was pretty good. We all know how great Ricochet is in the ring and I have seen it firsthand. Lashley is someone who really needs the right opponent in order for him to shine and this was a good fit for him. Ricochet sold all over Lashley’s offense like a boss and made him look like a powerhouse. I was beginning to wonder if they would give Lashley the win here over Ricochet because of how much offense Lashley was getting. That was not the case as Ricochet fought back and would win with the 630. I will say that I miss seeing the Recoil because I thought that was a fun move. Maybe he can use that as the set up for the 630 like how Adam Cole uses the Panama Sunrise as the lead in for the Last Shot. Fun enough match and the right person went over here.


Randy Orton In-Ring

Randy didn’t quite get the same heat he got last week but he still got plenty of it. Randy came out to explain why he did what he did to Edge and I love how he milks to moment. I know he isn’t for everybody and he hasn’t been for me at times, but I think he is totally nailing this so far. Before he could really get into the reason, Matt Hardy would make his way out. I love how Matt told stories about him and Edge and their days on the road and their matches in WWE. He also said without explicitly saying why he had the falling out with Edge and how he hated him for a period of time. Good stuff from Matt here and I was wondering how long it would take Randy to try something. Randy would try for an RKO, but Matt was able to avoid it. He wasn’t able to avoid the second attempt though as Randy would hit him with it. Randy then grabbed two chairs and would hit Matt with the conchairto. I have no idea what is next for Matt and this could be WWE’s way of writing him off or maybe they could give him one last run as Woken/Broken. Either way, good segment here and I love how Randy has not fully said why he did what he did to Edge yet.


Ruby Riott Backstage

I love having Ruby back on Raw as she is one of my favorites and could possibly be my favorite right now. I think it is between Ruby and Shotzi Blackheart and I think that gives a bit of a window into my personality. Ruby explained why she attacked Liv Morgan and Ruby explained that she knows who Liv really is. Ruby said that she is going to put Liv back in her place and this feud between the two is building rather nicely.


Aleister Black vs Akira Tozawa

Not much to write about here as this was pretty much a squash match. Akira tried to put up a fight, but Black was too much for him. Black got on the mic after and spoke about how he is primed and ready to fight someone. I have no idea who he is going to fight, and I hope that becomes clear sooner than later because I don’t want to start giving Black’s matches/segments the “SKIP!” treatment because he is certainly better than that.


Becky Lynch In-Ring

Becky Lynch was shown arriving in the same ambulance from earlier and she had some bandages on her neck from where Shayna bit her. Becky wasted no time getting on the mic in the ring and spoke directly to her. It certainly looks clear that Becky only wants Shayna and I love it. That can be a banger of a match if it is done correctly. The build is already getting off to a hot start and it should get better from here. Becky told Shayna that she better find her before she does because she is going to pay for what she did. Really strong stuff from Becky here and I barely noticed while writing this that Becky and Seth both had segments follow each other. Coincidence or are we in for a Zelina/Aleister situation here?


The Messiah & His Men vs Joe, KO & Viking Raiders

Not quite sure what I was expecting to happen in this match, but it certainly delivered in the main event slot. Multi-man matches really work best when there is a ton of chaos and that is how the match started. A bit of a brawl to start the match before things settled down into a traditional affair. I will say that it will get some getting used to hearing Mitch only be called by Murphy. I like how they are really building the resiliency in Owens during these matches because it makes the hot tag that much hotter for whoever gets it. Fun back and forth and I loved the tope suicida in stereo from Erik, Ivar and Samoa Joe because that had to be the biggest one, I have ever seen. It looked as though the faces would win when Rollins would hit a stomp on Joe while the referee was distracted allowing Mitch to pick up the win. Seth’s squad continues to look strong, but I will say that the faces should pick up a win some time because the heels can’t win everything only for the faces to pick up a shock win. Just my two cents on the matter.


Final Statement

Overall, this was a fun show and Raw continues to be a fun show here in 2020. Raw has all the momentum right now in my eyes and, whether this is the true Heyman influence or not, is becoming more must see than it has been in recent time. Not many segments I can complain about other than the Lana/Lashley backstage interview, Aleister’s squash and the Profits tag match against Mojo/Riddick. The Asuka/Becky match and Shayna beat down after was great and so was the opening segment and main event. The MVP Lounge segment was great as well and so was the promo with Zelina/Garza and the fight with Humberto after. I also enjoyed the Randy stuff with Matt and the back and forth with Charlotte and Rhea was solid as well. Raw had a good showing this week and I look forward to what comes next week. I am Sovereign S.A.M. and make sure you join me next week for another Sovereign Statement.