Daily Dre:

Bad Day? Remember there are folks out there who have their ex’s name tattooed on their body. Happy Valentines Day everyone!


Smackdown Results:

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss come out for A Moment of Bliss. They talk celebrity crushes and introduce the guest for the evening, Carmella. Carmella talks about how she plans on beating Bayley tonight and they talk about Bayley and Carmella’s friendship. Bayley then makes her way out and says it is not about Sasha but about Carmella. Bayley talks about how she pitied Carmella and how she beat Alexa and Nikki in a match. Carmella says to have their title match right now and both women make their way to the ring.

Bayley def. Carmella to retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Bayley attacks Carmella after the match and Naomi then makes her way out. Naomi and Carmella beat down Bayley after the match.

Bayley is interviewed backstage about her win and she says there was no controversy. She says her next defense will be at Super Showdown.

Otis is backstage getting ready for his date with Mandy Rose. Tucker then helps calm Otis down for his date because Otis is nervous.

Sheamus def. Apollo Crews & Shorty G

Carmella is interviewed backstage about her loss and she wants a rematch with Bayley. She says for the higher ups to name a time and place and she will be there.

Hulk Hogan is interviewed about the Goldberg/Fiend match at Super Showdown. His interview is interrupted by a Firefly Fun House NWO style intro. Bray does the Hogan walkout in the Fun House and he tells Hulk that he has eaten his vitamins and such. Hulk tells him that he has jokes and Bray says that there is always room on his wall for him. Hulk leaves and Bray waves to the camera to Goldberg and Hogan.

Sami Zayn and Cesaro are in the ring and Sami says he is there for a protest concert. Sami prepares to start singing when Elias interrupts them. Elias says that Sami is trying to make his name on Elias and Elias says he knows it will happen again. Sami then tells Elias to shut up because they are there for a protest song and Elias says he is there to counter their protest. Sami lets Elias to come into the ring and Sami says the song is mostly about Elias. Sami tells Cesaro to calm down on the cowbell and then he stops playing when the crowd asks for more. They continue playing but stop when the crowd continues to interrupt them. Sami and Cesaro attack Elias and Braun Strowman comes down to make the save.

Naomi is interviewed backstage and she says that Bayley has never beaten her and wants her shot at Bayley.

Otis arrives at the restaurant for his date with Mandy Rose and Dolph Ziggler shows up. Otis sees them eating together and leaves distraught.

The Miz and John Morrison cut a promo prior to their match with Roman Reigns and his mystery partner and talk about how great they are and how they will beat the New Day at Super Showdown.

Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan def. The Miz & John Morrison. King Corbin attacks Reigns after the match and leaves to sit on his sedan.