Brett DiBiase Indicted On Embezzlement Charges In Connection To Ted DiBiase Sr’s Heart Of David Ministries

Brett DiBiase was one of six people indicted on embezzlement charges involving $4 million in federal welfare funds.

After leaving pro wrestling the Million Dollar Man freed himself of his demons and formed the Heart of David Ministries in Mississippi.  He seemed to truly find his calling in preaching, all the while still making periodic appearances at pro wrestling events.

The Heart of David Ministries had a contract with the Mississippi Department of Human Services for a subgrant of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families funds.  This all started when Brett was hired in February 2017 by then-director John Davis to work for the Department of Human Services at a $79,000 salary.  Brett was gone six weeks later and indictments charge that Davis and another employee faked invoices up to $48,000 for Brett to attend a drug treatment facility in Malibu, CA.  The same department also confirmed that the Mississippi Community Education Center paid Ted DiBiase Jr. to provide training to DHS employees in late 2018 through early 2019.

During 2017 Heart of David Ministries revenues doubled.  The tax filings cited a grant used for religious education and training, general church speaking engagements, religious conferences, school assemblies, and wrestling events.  It’s unknown exactly how the $2,126,739 was spent between May 2017 through earlier this budget year.


There is so much information coming out on this matter that we are trying to compile as clearly as possible for you.  We will continue to cover this news as more information becomes available.  This is the first of many articles to come on this matter, and we will try to stay on top of it to make sure you get the information as clearly as possible.  I have someone researching this and only this for WR.


QD – After reading about this I discussed bits of it with Stacy (my significant other) and I said pointedly that I truly believed that DiBiase Sr. truly believed in what he was doing and was a truly pious man.  I only met him briefly at one event right after his son Brett had signed with WWE, and I commented on the work his sons were doing with the company.  At that point, few knew Brett was signed to WWE and he looked at me surprised that I knew Brett was with WWE, then he glowed with pride for his sons.  He was also truly annoyed at Virgil who was buzzing around behind him and not happy that I was so interested in talking with DiBiase Sr. and had walked right past his table – but that’s a story for another time.  When I looked into DiBiase Sr’s eyes I had no question that I was looking at a really good man who had grown from all of his demons and wrongdoings.  DiBiase Sr. hasn’t been charged with anything and I’ll be shocked if he is as the man I met did not seem capable of what his son has been charged with.  I’ve been very open about following my gut feelings until proven wrong, and I feel that DiBiase Sr. had no involvement in the embezzlement and will eat my words if I am wrong.