Not Shaking In My Pink Sparkly Boots!

I’m not shaking in them as they are Brandi’s boots and not mine!  I was so bowled over by a Brandi’s boots that I was brought back to a comment a friend made that was taken wrong years ago.  It was the 80s and we were in junior high.  Someone made a comment to her and she made a flip comment back stating, “I’m shaking in my boots!”  The thing is that the word boots came out more like boobs.  For some reason it stuck with me all these years and as soon as I saw Brandi’s boots that phrase came to mind and I had to use it for the title this time around.


Sammy, Pull Up Your Pants!



What a lovely opening match!  I’ve always disliked the way WWE holds their Tag Team Battle Royal matches.  When the first member of the team is out, they’re both out, and I don’t think that’s at all fair.  I love how AEW handled this and I think it was a much better match for it.  It was also a much better match because AEW has a DEEP Tag Division, something we haven’t seen from WWE in years.  So many great teams in this match, so many little stories told with each elimination, but when they got to the end things really got great.  This was leaps and bounds better than any of the tag battle royals we’ve seen WWE in a long time.


A Boop For A Boop!



Shanna is from Portugal.  There has been so much talk over the past couple years as things open up more and more in the United Stated for wrestlers from around the world, but Shanna is the first I recall from Portugal.  Good for her.  Then again there’s Stat who isn’t even from this planet and she’s doing quite well in the AEW ring.  Honestly, they both looked really solid in the ring and here told a great story with their match.  The nose boops alone told a great story.  For some reason it brought to mind the ‘Finger Poke of Doom’ and how I’d be on the floor laughing if Stat was booked to win a match via nose boop – if it was done at the right time and right place, and not for a strap.  I think it would be a funny way to keep the fans on their toes.

While the storylines have sucked on Dynamite for the women, the ringwork has been great each week.  It’s more than time they bring some solid storylines to Dynamite for the women because I feel like I’m being screwed out of so much by AEW after being promised that the women would be treated right.  I’m sorry but Brit is now how AEW treats us right.  She’s not as great as she thinks she is, I’m over being told that she’s a dentist – though I love her discussing the mouth and anatomy, which I think works really well – and how great she is.  There are so many who are leaps and bounds better, like, say, Stat!


All Talk



Really not impressed with Nyla on mic here.  She said a lot but there was no personality or charisma behind it.  Not at all impressed with this segment or Nyla on mic.  I did like that two really strong wrestlers came out to get in Nyla’s face.  Either of them would be much better with the strap than Nyla, but I will give Nyla a few weeks before I declare this a failure.  I get why they strapped her, but I have issue with it in that there are much stronger and over women who could do much to elevate the championship to greatness.  They need to build the championships as they’re all brand-spanking-new, so they need to have pride behind them.  Jericho is doing a great job with it, and the Tag Team Championship has been gathering respect from word go, but the Women’s Championship has struggled as bad as the whole division has on Dynamite.  It’s time to build, not strap someone who is as dangerous in the ring as Nyla.  It’s time to think of building the company before being controversial.


The Newest Member…



During this match in the DD it was mentioned that Cobb is like a cross between Rhyno and Taz.  I have to add in Bo Dallas as his face screams Bo to me.  Honestly, that’s not a bad mix of guys to be compared to, at all.  I love that Cobb got in there and really worked the ring with Mox.  Mox is a scary man in the ring, and while careful in the ring he’s been known to look like he’s working stiffer than he is and working as stiff as his opponent likes to work.  In there with Cobb Mox was really able to let loose and go at it in there with him, giving us a fantastic match from bell to bell.

I’m a bit over all the attacks by Inner Circle after every Mox match, but I get why they do it.  I’m hoping with more joining Mox that they will have a solid faction to fight back with soon.


Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs…



I had to mention Allin’s promo that happened during the commercial.  I wasn’t as upset about this promo being during commercial as it was all signs.  Brilliant from Allin.


Greatness Versus Greatness

Count Oscar



Any other night this would have been the main event. Four wrestlers at the top of their game. The Lucha Bros are a top tag team in the world right now. Page & Omega have shown the world that they’re the champions for a reason. I expected this match to be fast action from the start, and it did not disappoint.

The crowd was split 50/50 to start the match. Omega and Page took control of the match to start. It didn’t take long for the Lucha Bros to show their experience by taking control of the match with their great teamwork. It was a fast pace, hard-hitting match that allowed everyone to showcase their great in-ring talent. The climax of the match came when all four participants were in the ring exchanging blows for great combinations. It ended with a great Canadian Destroyer by Pentagon to Omega. Rey Fénix’s luchador background allows him to pull moves other wrestlers wish they could do. He walks across the rope and kicked Omega right in the mouth. If that wasn’t enough, Rey Fénix had a beautiful over the top rope hurricanrana on Omega. Page had to one-up him with a beautiful moonsault to Penatgon on the outside of the ring. At one point we had no idea who was legal in the match. The action was non-stop and had me at the edge of my seat. Pentagon hit Kenny with a Penta Driver, and Omega somehow kicked out. Then Omega returned the favor to Fénix with a hard-modified piledriver, and Fénix kicked out. A great match with so much action. A great ending with two close pinfalls that had everyone in the crowd in awe. I expected a great match, and I got more than that. If I could get a match between the Lucha Bros, and Omega & Page every week I would be a happy guy. Great work by both teams.


Interesting Cage



I really like the look of AEW’s cage, but I worry about the bottom and how someone could fall down off the apron to the floor but still be in the cage.  When Wardlow shook the cage from the outside I could see a design flaw, but when Cody was thrown into the side of the cage, I truly saw what could be a serious design flaw in the cage.  It will be interesting to see how this specific cage is used by the AEW wrestlers over the coming years.

I love how Brandi didn’t bat an eye at MJF right in her face, threatening to punch her.  Obviously, he wasn’t scripted to hit her, but even so, she’s one tough cookie.  That being said, she has to be tough married to Cody.  That man in insane!  He is so a Rhodes boy!  All the insane things his father did in the ring followed by all the absurd things his brother did, Cody has a lot to live up to and it appears as though he’s doing just that, both in and out of the ring.

I was quite shocked at Wardlow.  I truly expected that he would be much more built and cut under that suit.  The way McMahon used to not look anywhere near as buff in his suit than in his version of ring gear, I thought Wardlow was going to look a lot bigger in ring gear.  Talking to others, I’m not the only one who was surprised at how not-big as we expected him to be.

I will be shocked if Cody didn’t blade in this match, but it didn’t bother me at all.  AEW has been pushing the envelope at times, and while I worry about the way they push that envelope at times, but I worry less about Cody as I don’t think he’d take a risk he shouldn’t at this point in his career.  Yes, he wants his AEW to be a success, but if he didn’t trust Wardlow, he wouldn’t have bladed and he wouldn’t have taken that flying leap off the top of the cage the way he did.  Honestly, I marked out in a huge way when Cody flew like that.  It was a great way to end the match and night.


Shut Up, I’m Talking!

This was, as per usual, a quite solid show.  I really enjoyed most everything that went down during this episode.  AEW continues to churn out great content each week, only leaving the women getting screwed out of storyline and push time.  If it had been twenty years ago, I’d be thrilled by what AEW has been showing of the women, but this is 2020 and it’s time AEW step up and really do what they promised to do.

Queen & Count