Sorry I Had To Pause While They Chanted My Name

We have arrived at another episode of Raw and I was curious how this one would go. Raw has been pretty solid so far in 2020 but last week was a bit of a letdown. Not that the show was horrible, it was just not as good as previous weeks. This is also the go-home episode for Super Showdown and that is a show I don’t really plan on watching. I may watch a match or two, but I will not tune in live. There are some good matches and segments on tap for this week’s episode so let us see what the red brand had for us this week.


Randy Orton In-Ring

Randy Orton has been doing some of his best promo work since he attacked Edge weeks ago and it shows how invested he is in this. We all know he can phone it in when he isn’t into something but that doesn’t feel like the case here. He was showed with boos when he came out and I love how he has yet to truly explain why he attacked Edge. He issued an apology for it but that wasn’t enough for a certain superstar from Canada. Kevin Owens would come out and tell Orton that he does not buy his apology at all. Owens reminisced about when he saw Edge retire and how that was when he was working on the indies. Owens then talked about how Edge was able to make his return and how he was looking forward to working a match with him, but Orton took that away with his attack. Everything would break down and Owens would end up challenging Orton to a match and that would be made official later. Really strong opening segment here and this is the best Orton has looked in some time.


Angel Garza & Zelina Vega In Gorilla

If this backstage promo didn’t let people see how charismatic Garza is, I don’t know what will because the man is oozing charisma. He and Zelina were interviewed about their new partnership and Zelina did what she does best and that is hype up her client. She spoke about how he is the better member of the family and how he is better than Humberto Carrillo. Zelina always does a bang-up job in hyping up the man she is managing, and she did the same here for Garza prior to his match with his cousin. Really good job by Zelina here and the cherry on top here was when Garza charmed Charly at the end. That just shows how charismatic he is and how the man has “future star” written all over him.


Angel Garza vs Humberto Carrillo

This was a hard match to rate because it was so good, but the ending is the reason why I knocked the rating down a bit. There is no denying how talented both men are in the ring and this was a great showcase for it. We saw some innovative offense from these two and you could clearly see that being in the ring with family has its benefits. The trust they have with one another, along with the probable repetition of being the in the ring with one another showed here. That sequence in which they were slapping each other is a prime example of that because I have never seen offense quite like that. Really fun back and forth action throughout this one and I wondered if Humberto would actually pull of the surprise win on his cousin. I feel like that would do wonders for Humberto because his character is seriously lacking in everything while Garza isn’t lacking anything at all. Garza would end up picking up the win after he and Humberto traded a series of roll ups. Really good match by both men but I wonder if Garza was supposed to grab Humberto’s tights in his roll up win because it did look like he was supposed to in my eyes.


Ricochet vs Luke Gallows

This was a decent enough match and that is to be expected because Ricochet is one of the best in the world. Gallows did a good job in hanging with Ricochet, but it was hard to be invested in this match when the outcome was very obvious. I did like that they showed Paul Heyman watching the action in Gorilla because it shows that he is scouting Lesnar’s opponents. Gallows did do a good job imposing his size on Ricochet, but it wouldn’t be enough as Ricochet would hit him with the Recoil and a Shooting -Star Press. The Shooting-Star was ever so impressive because Ricochet hit it with Gallows basically at the center of the ring.


The OC Backstage

The OC were backstage and were arguing about Gallows’ loss to Ricochet. AJ told them to calm down because a miracle could happen with Ricochet beating Brock Lesnar. AJ said he could take the title from him and that he plans on winning the trophy at Super Showdown. Aleister Black then walked by and AJ trash talked him a bit. The OC would then beat him down and we will see how that impacts his match with Erick Rowan.


Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman In-Ring

Honestly, this was more of the same we tend to get from Heyman when he is with Brock so there is almost no point in me trying to recap. Heyman did his usual schtick with Brock and his introduction and the things he says about Brock to hype him up. He did have some funny lines but that is typical of Heyman when he is with Brock. It made Brock laugh and you could hear Jerry laughing too. Heyman did more of his prediction/spoiler stuff about Brock beating Ricochet and then beating Drew McIntyre. The segment was good, but it is more of the same from these two.


Erick Rowan vs Aleister Black

This was just about as good as last week’s match and I honestly don’t know what the point of the rematch was in the first place. I did like how Aleister sold the beatdown from the OC throughout the match because wrestlers today have a tendency of not selling a beatdown fully. Back and forth in this match and Aleister would pick up the win by hitting Rowan with two Black Mass kicks like last week. Aleister was interviewed after the match and said he wants AJ Styles next week in Brooklyn. That match would be made official later in the night and I cannot wait for that one. I would much rather see an Aleister/AJ program over that rumored Undertaker/AJ one. Also, where does Rowan go from here? Two definitive losses now and nobody seems to care about him. He is receiving no reactions from the fans and honestly, they need to abandon this pet gimmick because it has not worked at all.


Drew McIntyre Interview

Interview segments have become really hit or miss of late with WWE and this one definitely was a hit. McIntyre didn’t say anything new in regard to his first run and everything that happened after that, but it was still nice to hear him talk about it. Drew has spoken in the past that he was not ready for a run as a top guy during his first run and it would have been a bust if they did pull the trigger on it. He now seems more than ready for the position and you could see it during this interview. Again, nothing groundbreaking was said but it was still fun. Drew has the upmost confidence that he can beat whoever is the champion at Wrestlemania and I sure hope that Vince pulls the trigger on it.


Truth TV

Not much to say here other than R-Truth is amazing. He introduced Bobby Lashley and Lana for Truth TV and Lana would tell him that they were not out there for a segment. They were out there for a match between the two and I love how Truth tried his best to talk them out of the match, but it was to no avail.


R-Truth vs Bobby Lashley

Not much to see here other than the fact that R-Truth continues to do John Cena’s moves in matches. Other than that, Lashley squashed him. SKIP!


Elimination Chamber Contract Signing

We all knew this was going to breakdown at some point, so this was all about the journey to it. All the women made their way out to the ring and sat down at the table except for Shayna Baszler. She was apparently running late according to Jerry and they would proceed with the contract signing until she arrived. I love how Asuka was the one to point out only five women were there and how she wants Shayna. The women signed the contract and I love how Liv Morgan delivered it to Ruby Riott. It looked like they were going to fight then and there but that was not the case. The best part was Sarah Logan looking distraught over seeing her friends fighting because she doesn’t want to choose sides. Shayna would eventually show up to sign the contract and she talked some trash. Asuka then got in her face and I totally want to see a match between those two. A brawl would then happen, and Shayna was left in the ring all by herself. That was until Becky Lynch showed up and those two would fight for a bit before being separated. Predictable yet fun segment overall.


Angelo Dawkins vs Murphy

I loved the promo the Street Profits cut before the match and I really want them to get more time in the ring because that will help them get over. They need less, backstage segments and more matches because that will get them over. They have potential to be big money for WWE if they are given the proper tools for it. Murphy, Seth and AOP would then make their way out for the match and it wasn’t much of one really. A few moves were hit, and it looked like Dawkins would pick up the pin when Seth would come in to break it up causing the DQ. Montez would talk some smack to Seth after the match and their match would happen right after.


Montez Ford vs Seth Rollins

This was a fun match and one I hope gets revisiting at one point because these two could tear the house down if given the proper time. Montez is one of the most athletically gifted wrestlers in WWE right now and he showed it here. Seth is always on top of his game in the ring and these two meshed pretty well. Montez hit Seth with some high flying moves early on, but Seth would gain control at certain points. This was a really fun back and forth match and I really thought that Montez would be able to pull out the shock victory here over the Monday Night Messiah. That ended up not being the case though as Montez would come crashing down after missing his super impressive Frog Splash and eat a Stomp from Rollins. This was a great showcase from Montez here and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Street Profits come out of Super Showdown as the new champions.


Randy Orton vs Kevin Owens

I knew some shenanigans were coming with this match and they certainly did come. This was a good match and it was enhanced by Owens trying to get some bit of revenge on behalf of Edge. Randy was his usual self, but he did have some chemistry with Owens in this match. Solid back and forth action and I wondered when the shenanigans would start and that happened when Seth and his disciples showed up ringside. They wouldn’t last very long out there when the Street Profits and the Viking Raiders would come out to attack them. They all left ringside except for Seth and he would play into the match later. The match continued and there was some more solid back and forth action with Randy and Kevin. Seth tried to get involved but Owens was always there to try and shut him down. Orton then went for the pin on Owens and the referee made a quick count that gave Randy the win. Everybody looked shocked and the referee checked on Rollins and that was all the confirmation I needed to know he would be revealed as a disciple of Seth. Seth threw a pair of chairs into the ring so Randy could hit Owens with the conchairto but Owens would eventually get up and grab one of the chairs for himself. Rollins would leave the referee and Owens would tear the shirt away to reveal a Monday Night Messiah shirt and confirming that the referee was a follower of Seth. Owens would hit him with a stunner and powerbomb him through a table. I loved Seth’s reactions to all of it and this was a solid way to end Raw.


Final Statement

Overall, this was a good episode of Raw and certainly a bounce back from last week. The highlights had to be the opening segment and main event. The Street Profits matches against Murphy and Seth were also definite high points and so was the contract signing. The Humberto/Garza match was darn good and so was the promo by Zelina and Garza prior to the match. The only true low point was the Lashley/Lana/Truth stuff and the lackluster Black/Rowan match. The set up for Black versus AJ was good but the Rowan match was meh. Good Raw overall and there was some solid advancement in stories. I am Sovereign S.A.M. and I will see you all next week for another Sovereign Statement.