Indies In The Time Of A Public Health Crisis

Hey All,

Mat here, in this time we are all aware that our day to day lives are experiencing some changes and everyone is affected. From schools to business and yes, even independent wrestling.

Numerous shows have been postponed, canceled, rescheduled, and so on for the foreseeable future across the landscape and that means wrestlers can’t wrestle and therefore, they can’t get paid. Here are a few things you can do to help out.



Almost every independent wrestler you’ve seen has merch of some sort. T-shirts, 8x10s, pins, even art. They are selling and shipping their wares and most likely will work with you on pricing. Merch is a time-tested money generator for independent workers and a genuine asset.



A recent development in the world of social media/engagement is Cameo. Cameo lets entertainers sell customized videos to people and independent wrestlers have embraced the platform. From anywhere from $20 and up, you can probably get a customized message from a wrestler of your choice.



Wrestlers and performers have also expanded into things like Patreon and Only Fans. These are an individualized subscription service where wrestlers provide exclusive access/content for a monthly financial contribution.



This is more of a way to expand your wrestling viewing. Currently WWE is doing shows at the PC with no fans, but if you get tired of that, check out sites like IndependentWrestling.TV and the Highspots Wrestling Network. Both are $10 monthly (just like WWE Network) and for that, you’ll get a wealth of content – shoot interviews, documentaries, and entire wrestling shows from multiple promotions from all over.


We are all dealing with this in our own way, and my way, as an independent fan is to tell others to help the people who do their best to entertain us