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Smackdown Results:

Michael Cole is in the ring and introduces that Rob Gronkowski is the host of Wrestlemania. Mojo Rawley joins Cole in the ring and introduces Gronk. Gronk starts talking about growing up as a WWE fan and the events he has attended. Mojo talks about having Gronk’s back and Gronk gives chops to Mojo. King Corbin then makes his way out to the ring. Corbin talks about being the King and that Mojo and Gronk should bow down to him. Corbin talks about how this isn’t like football and Gronk needs to get in line with everybody. Elias then makes his way out and says he wants to play a song. Corbin tells him to play it and Elias sings a song that makes fun of Corbin. Corbin gets in Gronk’s face and it pushed to the ground by him and thrown out of the ring by Elias. Gronk then says he wants to see a match at Wrestlemania between Corbin and Elias.

Daniel Bryan & Drew Gulak def. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

Gulak and Bryan are stretching in the workout area and Sami Zayn walks in with Cesaro and Nakamura. Zayn says Gulak is helping Bryan become mediocre. Zayn tells Bryan he should start listening to him and Bryan scoffs at him. Bryan tells Zayn to put the Intercontinental title on the line at Wrestlemania and Zayn says he will do it if Gulak can beat Nakamura next week.

Michael Cole is in the ring and introduces Paige who appears on the screen via Skype. Bayley and Sasha Banks then make their way out and they trade barbs with Paige. Bayley talks about beating everyone and taunts Paige about not being able to wrestle. Paige then says she will announce who Bayley is facing at Wrestlemania. Paige says she will face Lacey Evans, Dana Brooke, Tamina, Naomi and Sasha Banks. Bayley storms off while Sasha stays in the ring.

A replay of John Cena vs Bray Wyatt from Wrestlemania 30 is played.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are interviewed backstage about Asuka and Kairi Sane. Nikki grabs the mic to talk about Asuka attacking Alexa and Alexa takes the mic to talk about it. Alexa then issues a challenge to Asuka for a match next week.

The Miz and John Morrison are in the ring for the Dirt Sheet and talk about how they don’t have any challengers. Miz and Morrison then appear in the crowd as the New Day, Usos and Heavy Machinery and make fun of each team. Heavy Machinery then make their way out for their match with Miz and Morrison.

Miz & Morrison def. Heavy Machinery when Otis snaps and hits both Miz and Morrison with a chair.

Michael Cole is in the ring for the contract signing between Roman Reigns and Goldberg and he introduces both men. Goldberg and Roman toss the chairs out of the ring. Goldberg says he wanted Roman to answer his challenge of who was next and Roman says that the legends have always wanted a piece of him and he beat them all. Roman talks smack to Goldberg and signs the contract. Goldberg then talks trash to Roman and signs the contract. The two have a stare down as Smackdown comes to a close.