Empty To The Rafters

Another strange episode of Smackdown has happened and when most people are actually home to watch the show, the shows just cannot be up to par.  It really is nothing WWE can do, but it is what it is at this point.  The whole world has changed in a monumental way, and we just have to take what we can get and enjoy it.  I’ll admit that I watched the formation of DX earlier this week because I wanted to see wrestling and storylines.

I do find it interesting that WWE was told that they couldn’t have ANY audience at all, but AEW had wrestlers in the front two rows making noise and adding to the fun.  That bit of noise added so much to the show.  I hope WWE gets things ironed out so they can do the same, at least for the WM Matches.


Technically Technical



Four of the best from the SD roster in one match?  I’m not going to complain about there not being a crowd, because I completely forgot they were not there for this one.  It’s that these guys are so good that I didn’t need the hype from the fans to help get me into the match.  Add in heel Sami on announce and this was one of the best things I’ve seen from WWE in the past week.  Only thing better was Austin, and that’s because I was really sick and he made me laugh.


Artist Collective



Dang, Sami is mouthy!  He’s really has embraced this character.  Between the dancing and the mic work he’s so on in every segment.  I will admit that he’s in a strange faction and I don’t like their name, but they’re working in the strangest of ways, and that’s because of Sami.


You Bitch!



Normally I think single-legged looks are horrible.  Sam with single sleeved looks, but that’s me.  Ruby Riott’s ring gear is the first I’ve found that I don’t truly loath.  I normally say everything Sasha wears is amazing, but that catsuit wasn’t good on her body.  It was obviously made by her husband, and it’s the first piece of his I’ve not liked as well.  Great fabric on a great body only goes so far when the cut is horrible.

I was hoping for so much from Paige here.  Okay, I was hoping she was coming back to the ring, but beyond that, I thought the way she set up the match, until Sasha was added in, just didn’t flow well.  Add in how horrible Bayley is on mic and that lands us with a pretty poor segment.  The only parts not total dreck was Sasha calling Paige names and Paige in certain moments.  So sad that even in an empty arena Bayley cannot go back to her NXT roots and pull her head out and give us some decent mic work!


Dirt Sheet



I’ll admit I got the giggles.  The problem is that these things come so naturally to Miz, but not JoMo.  For some reason, he very much looked the uncomfortable friend with the bestie with the best of personalities.  He looked uncomfortable with the whole thing while Miz was fully invested.  It’s who Miz is, and only one of the reasons we love him and watch everything he and Maryse put out there.

I will give them points for creativity in this time of strangeness.  I know a lot of people think it’s juvenile, but I’m thrilled that they are trying things to keep us entertained.


Crying Otis



I used to think guys didn’t cry like that often, then a spent I whole week in bed watching crap reality TV and learned that guys cry like girls, it’s not a gender-specific thing.  Yes, my paternal upbringing was a bit macho.  Anyway, I thought this was a really solid match, but it did show how much Otis works the fans.  He automatically started pandering before remembering that he needed to do it to the camera.  Tucky appears to have lost all the personality he showed us at Elimination Chamber.  Hopefully it was just an off night for him.

Of course, they have to bring Ziggy out to cost Heavy Machinery the match, and he did a solid job of working over Otis emotionally.  They really need Mandy to leave Ziggy for Otis at WM.  It’s time for the tide to turn.


Toss The Chairs



I love how Cole told them to sit down and both chairs got tossed from the ring.  Sadly, that was the best part of this segment.  They tried, but Goldberg just isn’t good at things like this, and Reigns isn’t much better, so it was stiff and annoying.


Shut Up Covid-19, I’m Talking!


All in all, not a bad episode of SD considering what they are working with.  It was better than last week, but I felt like it needed Triple H back on announce.  Further, bring in HBK and give us that much more fun.  I’m hoping they work out the rest of the bugs before WM.