Because Under Pressure I Become A God

Another week and another show inside the PC. I will say that this was probably the best PC show I have seen to date and WWE really made the right adjustments to make the show more enjoyable. Some people are still hating that they replay matches from previous PPVs, but I am fine with it because the matches are being used to further the superstars that are in stories for Wrestlemania. If they were just some random matches, I would have a problem with it, but they aren’t. It will be interesting to see what matches they choose next week because they are recording all their episodes this week so it will be interesting to say the least. Let us see what the red brand had for us this week.


Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar In-Ring

I was going to write up the video package at first, but I quickly realized that it was a replay, so I just discarded what I was going to write. Strong promo from Heyman here and he really showed how you can deliver a promo without having a crowd to play off of. All that being said, it was more of the same we have come to know of Heyman when talking about Brock. He hyped him up like only he can, and Brock did a good job looking like his intimidating self. I did like that Heyman mentioned how we live in uncertain times because that is such a true statement. Again, Heyman did his usual schtick of hyping up Brock and saying that Drew McIntyre has no chance to beat him. What I love about Heyman promos about Brock’s opponents is that he will give them props on their talent but ultimately says that they have no chance against Brock no matter how talented they are. Good promo from Heyman here and one that we have come to expect from him.


Cena vs Rollins vs Lesnar Replay

Not going to grade this replay but will say that it did its job in filling time and it is one of the better Lesnar matches during this second run of his.


AJ Styles Promo

AJ came out with the OC to talk about the Undertaker and their upcoming match. Good stuff from AJ here and he really is carrying this program so far because we have only had one real moment with Taker, and he has yet to speak on the mic. I wonder if that will change next week but I really don’t think it will. It reminds me a bit of when Taker had his match with Bray at Mania, which Bray should have won, and Bray did all the heavy lifting in the build for it. AJ kept breaking the wall and talking about Taker as the man and not the Phenom. Good stuff and I still cannot believe that video of Taker with Michelle McCool in a pool with a tiger is real, but I guess it is for a good cause. AJ then said he wants his match with Taker to be a “Graveyard Match” and I have no idea what that will be. Mania is rumored to be filmed at different locations so maybe this is one of the matches that will take place outside of the PC.


Zelina, Andrade & Garza Backstage

It would seem that Charly is smitten with Garza and I cannot say that I blame her. The man has charisma for days and she must be falling for that Latino Heat. Yes, that is an Eddie reference and yes, I still believe he has all the characteristics that made Eddie a legend. Zelina took to the mic to talk about how Garza and Andrade will take the Raw Tag Titles from the Street Profits and she did a good job as usual. Andrade reiterated the fact when he got the mic and I love how Garza played to Charly at the end. Garza and Andrade are the two that I feel like can be the heirs to Rey and Eddie and fill that void that Vince has been looking for. That also means that Humberto is the odd man out and he could be seen as the Chavo of the group. Solid worker but just doesn’t have that next tier stuff that Eddie and Rey had.


Andrade & Garza vs Ricochet & Cedric Alexander

This match was a ton of fun and is probably the best match they have had at the PC so far. All four men are so dang good in the ring and this was a nice exhibition for them. Garza and Andrade attacked the freshly shaven Ricochet before the match when he entered the ring and Cedric hurried down to even the odds. I love how Garza kept trying to tag in at spots away from the tag rope and even grabbed the rope so he could tag from wherever he was. That is something that Eddie would do and furthered my believe that he is the second coming of him. I know we are supposed to shy away from comparisons, but I cannot help myself because I see so much of the late Eddie Guerrero in Garza. Both also come from lucha royalty as well so there is that other parallel. The Street Profits would eventually come out and join commentary and they were a blast to have. Speaking of commentary, it was so nice to not have to listen to Jerry on commentary. Again, really fun match but it sadly looked like it ended with a bit of a botch. Andrade hit Cedric with his beautiful back elbow, and it looked like Cedric forgot to kick out, so the referee counted the three. I think the result was supposed to be the same but not at that moment. The Street Profits would eventually come down and the two teams would brawl for a bit before the Profits stood tall in the ring.

Side note, MVP spoke about starting a stable and how good would Ricochet and Cedric be in that stable because I think they would be perfect. They are not the best talkers but kill it in the ring and having MVP as their mouthpiece would work boatloads. Also, since he is a producer backstage it would give them ample time to pick his brain and he could impart some real knowledge to help them out.


Street Profits vs Shane Thorne & Brendan Vink

This was the first I have seen of Vink and I will say that he looked pretty good out there. Thorne is someone who used to be in TM-61/The Mighty and has been used randomly on NXT. Judging by their gear, it looks like they are a team and have probably been doing the NXT live event circuit. Overall, decent enough match but it was obvious who would win here. Short and sweet match that saw the Street Profits get the win here. The only shame is that the Street Profits were finally starting to get over and now have no crowd to play off of.


24/7 Championship Update

At long last the 24/7 Championship is back to the man that made it relevant. Riddick Moss was out for a job with it when he noticed a referee driving a car right next to him. He told him to get out and R-Truth would come out of the trunk to roll him up and take back the title. He would drive off in the car and I am so happy to see him with the title again. Mojo and Riddick did absolutely nothing with the title and it is about time that Truth gets it back. I still hold out hope that we can one day see a championship scramble match featuring the 24/7 Championship because that has the possibility of being a ton of fun.


Shayna Baszler Interview

This should have been a lot better than what it was, and I wonder if that is due to Charly not doing a good job in selling how intimidated she was of Shayna. She did a good job looking smitten with Garza earlier, so I let out a sigh when I saw her struggle here. Shayna did do her best to look as tough as nails here but the whole thing fell a bit flat to me. I don’t know if it is the different writing or a different direction or a combination of the two, but this Shayna just isn’t hitting as well as she did in NXT. She spoke about her upcoming match with Becky and what she plans on doing in the match and that was fine enough. Becky would eventually come out and attack her from behind with a chair and that was that. Not the best from Shayna here and I know she has it in her to do better than this.


Aleister Black vs Leon Ruff

I could have sworn that I saw that this match was taped for Main Event and remember seeing a clip of this playing out the same as it did on Main Event. So, either it is the same match and they played it here knowing people don’t watch that show really and wouldn’t notice or the did the same match twice. Either way, Black won with a Black Mass and SKIP!


Kevin Owens In-Ring

Seth Rollins was supposed to come out and talk about his match with Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania but Owens was in the ring instead. He spoke about how he wants to hear what he has to say so he came out to the ring. Rollins would come out to the ring and deliver what may be his best promo since becoming the Monday Night Messiah. Rollins really nailed it here and spoke about how the PC was built on his blood and sweat from the time he put in at FCW and their old training facility. I love how Rollins did a slow walk to and around the ring because it sold how he was taking his time with his promo and choosing his words wisely. I love how Owens sold it too because he wasn’t dismissive of what Rollins had to say and rather listened and could understand his point of view. Now whether he cares about it is another thing entirely, but I think that plays into it as well. Really good stuff from Rollins here and I love how dismissive he was of Owens’ notion that the match taking place at the PC will be a home-field advantage for him. Rollins even delivered the line that is the title of this week’s Statement and he delivered it with so much conviction. Seth seems to have finally gotten what this character is totally about, and I wonder if that is due to being at home and being left to stew.


Charlotte Flair vs Asuka Replay

This was another replay and it was from Charlotte and Asuka’s match at Wrestlemania that was a darn good one. Only thing I will say is that why can Charlotte hit a Spanish Fly smoothly but her moonsaults look as crappy as crappy can be?


Charlotte Flair Interview

The end of the match led right into this interview and this was more of the same that Charlotte has been saying. Spoke about her accomplishments and how Rhea isn’t ready for her. The only problem I am having with this build is how Charlotte seems to be repeating herself and not really adding anything new.


Randy Orton Promo

I believe I have said this before, but Randy Orton is putting out some of the best mic work he has done in his entire career. When he is dialed in, he totally nails it on the mic, and he has done so throughout this program with Edge. He came out and did a breakdown of everything that Edge said last week and had a retort for each point. I love how he pointed out that he did get a leg up on everybody because he is an “Orton” but that he still had to work hard to earn what he has achieved in his career. Family names can only take you so far if you don’t have the skills to back it up. There are plenty of wrestlers who have come from famous families that ended up flaming out because they didn’t have the talent. Tangent over and this was another great promo from Randy. He would eventually accept the challenge from Edge for a Last Man Standing match and I cannot wait for that. Randy is one of the safest workers in WWE, so he is the perfect opponent for Edge’s first match back. I know I didn’t speak much on Randy’s promo but that was done on purpose because it is one you should see for yourself.


Final Statement

Overall, this was a good and solid episode of Raw with no real low points to speak of. We had two filler matches this week and I didn’t mind either of them. The Ricochet & Cedric vs Garza & Andrade match was a ton of fun to watch and made me excited about the Garza and Andrade match with the Street Profits at Mania. The Randy promo to end the night was killer as well and Seth’s promo delivered too. The only real low point was the Aleister squash match and that was because it felt so unnecessary. Also, if anyone knows if that is the same match from Main Event, please let me know in the comments. Again, good episode of Raw and probably the best PC show to date. Make sure you come back for another Sovereign Statement next week and stay safe out there everybody.