AEW Dynamite

Daily Dre:

Do magazines really have to add “Alive” to “Sexiest Woman” or am I just grossly underestimating the number of necrophiliacs in the world?



Cody defeats Jimmy Havoc  Much heat from Jericho, Spears and others watching backstage, but Billy Gunn was thrilled.  Cody brings Brandi into the ring for a little kiss.

Video from Jake The Snake talking up Lance Archer and talking down Cody.

Video of Darby Allin lighting masks of Inner Circle on fire around a table.

Darby Allin defeats Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford

Hager defeats Chico  After the match Mox came out and exchanged punches with Hager.

Backstage promo from Mox who is out for blood and will take Hager out on a stretcher, or die trying.

Video promo by Brodie Lee for TDO.

Lee defeated Marshal  Evil Uno in to put the mask on Marshal after the match.

Video from Vanguard 1 watching Nick Jackson working out.

Omega defeats Sammy to retain AAA Mega Championship

Jericho in the ring calling out Matt Hardy to do the right thing and join the Inner Circle.  Vanguard flies in and hovers over the ring.  Jericho cuts a promo on Vanguard, explaining why Vanguard needs to join the Inner Circle.  Talking up digital cigars and all Jericho can do for Vanguard.  Vanguard turns on Jericho and flies away.  Matt’s music and they use camera tricks for Matt to bounce from spot to spot in the stands.  Matt to the ring and Jericho asked how he did that.  Matt says he is magic!  Back and forth between the two, leading to Jericho yelling, “Elite” while Matt yells, “Delete!”  Jericho says he needs to slap Matt back to himself.  Jericho slaps Matt who then punches Jericho hard enough that Matt shook his hand out after the punch.  Jericho says he’s magic too, and Matt will be beaten up.  Sammy attacks Matt from behind.  Omega and Cody to the ring.  Cody with a chair on Sammy and they beat down the two members of Inner Circle who flee the ring.  Fire plumes erupt over and over from both sides of the stage to keep Sammy and Jericho from fleeing, all activated by Matt’s magic.