Cody With A Huge Hat To Fill

What a strange and exciting episode of Dynamit with Cody on announce.  He brought up so many old school names and moves that I was left agape at some of the things he said.  Talking about Cowboy Bill Watts and how he removed all the padding outside the ring when he was in charge of WCW.  I had just been talking old school wrestling while watching a DVD about Savage’s career, and how going out purposefully over the top, or sending someone to the floor that way would garner a DQ in the match, all because Watts didn’t believe that flying was a part of wrestling.  That was just one tiny part of the old school stories Cody brought up while trying to fill JR’s hat.  I loved it when Cody basically said,  “I’m sorry, I just love pro wrestling so much!”  It’s obvious that’s true after all his family has given us through the decades.

I have to thank Count Oscar for stepping up and reviewing a few matches with me this week.  He’s very into the Lucha scene and knows a lot more about it than I do.  I appreciate the help, so be kind to him in your comments.


That Ugly Tattoo!


Sorry, I shouldn’t be focused on Cody’s tat, but it’s so hard to ignore!  Ugh, it’s just horrid.  Beyond that, I loved seeing Havoc in the ring again, it’s been a long time.  I’ve always enjoyed his character work as much, if not more, than his ring work.  He’s always been entertaining and I’d forgotten how much I missed seeing him.  This was a solid match between two solid pros.  They left it out there for all fans in attendance!  Oh, wait, obviously, someone said something because the crowd was in the locker room watching on the monitor, but they still gave us some of the noise that made this match, and the others, so much better than without any noise at all, like WWE shows.  Anyway, it was great to see Havoc in the ring and with Cody they gave a solid start to the show.


Snakes Abound


I have no issue with AEW using legendary wrestlers as managers as that’s always been the way the best talkers went.  I know some people are flashing back to WCW bringing in and pushing wrestlers who were too old to be working the ring, but I see none of that.  They have done a great job of using legends to help put the younger wrestlers over.  Even Jericho, Distin, and Christopher Daniels who are all still in the ring, but put over the younger guys at every turn.  Jake is handling being Archer’s voice in a great way.  Even though he’s lost a lot physically, mentally, and even vocally, because of his demons, he still holds an audience like he did back in the day.


Lights Alive


I’m so head over heels for Darby Allin.  Everyone is saying that Sammy is the big name being cultivated in AEW, but I think it’s Allin.  He’s so unique and is given the time and space to be his unique self.  In some ways, he feels like a very young Jeff Hardy, if Jeff was given the freedom to go with his creative ideas and without all the drugs.  He has that IT factor that makes for greatness.  In some ways I want to see what would happen if he was to join forces with Broken Matt, in other ways, Allin doesn’t need to be connected to Broken Matt to get over with the fans.  Such a hard question!


Allin Shows His Greatness

Count Oscar

Darby has started to display his great in-ring works. He’s becoming more than a hardcore wrestler. He has a mysterious side to his persona, that I personally enjoy. Kip is brand new to me, but he has great in-ring talent as well. AEW has allowed them to showcase their talents, and give them more than a mid-card spot. Penelope Ford is my favorite manager. She puts in OT every time she’s out there and does everything she can to help Kip win. The match itself was good, nothing over the top. More of a technical match. Allin picked up the win with a great cover-up move called “The Last Supper”. That was the most impressive part of the match. I enjoy it when AEW lets wrestlers actually wrestle, and not uses them as fillers.


Ugh, Why?


I’m so over Hager!  He’s the only one on the roster that I truly don’t understand.  He’s dangerous in the ring and too daft to get that the heat he’s getting is X-Pac heat.  I don’t know anyone who wants to see him wrestling, at this point maybe it should be called Hager/BL heat!

Chico Adams is an indie wrestler from Massachusettes and I know little about him, but it really sucked to see him fed to such a dangerous and daft wrestler.  Hopefully we will see him back in a stronger role soon as he seems like a solid wrestler from what I saw.  Honestly the best part of this match was after it was over and Mox went out there and beat the heck out of Hager.


Backstage Beast


I loved Dean Ambrose, but Jon Moxley feels right.  This is the man we could have had in WWE if McMahon had a clue what fans wanted these days.  Mox is him dialed up to 12, Ambrose was him dialed up to three.  Holding yourself back when you have so much more to give only makes for lame characters.


Rampage Continued…


Since I’m trashing McMahon and how he used certain superstars, I can’t not say something about Harper.  I honestly didn’t know the man had more personality than we saw when he stood behind Wyatt.  Now, he showed great personality in the ring, but that was only in the ring.  I had no clue that he was such a great talker.  Then again, I should have known that half the superstars who don’t talk are probably great on the mic because McMahon is the man who hired Austin from the words of JR talking up Austin’s great mic skills.  McMahon then put Austin in a non-speaking role being led around by Ted DiBiase who spoke for him.  Obviously McMahon truly doesn’t get IT, and has only gotten worse since he let the inmates run the place and save his company after nWo and WCW tried to put him out of business.  Same crap from the old man again, because this promo by Lee was stellar.


What Happened To Vanguard 3?


I missed most of the work Matt Hardy did in TNA/Impact Wrestling but thrilled for what we will see in AEW from his genius mind.  Everyone said it was Vanguard 3 last week when the drone appeared, but they called it either Vanguard or Vanguard 1 in this segment.  I guess I’m going to have to do some research as I know I missed a lot by missing the greatness Matt bestowed upon the TNA/Impact Wrestling fans.  I’m just thrilled I can watch and write about AEW with Matt Hardy’s creative investment.


Ugly Gold Belt Match

Count Oscar


News broke out Monday that the AAA Mega Championship was going to be on the line at AEW Dynamite. Omega won the title back in October when he beat Rey Fénix at AAA Heroes Immortals XIII. Sammy has had plenty of appearances for AAA. It is very interesting to see the AAA Mega Championship defended at Dynamite. AAA, and AEW hold a working partnership that allows superstars to work for ether promotion at times. To me, AAA is the real winner of this. They get some exposure on national TV, for an American audience that may not be familiar with AAA. AAA postponed all shows on March 17th due to COVID-19. I’m not surprised that they allowed AEW to showcase, and put the title on the line on Dynamite. Great move by both AAA, and AEW.

The match was hard-hitting from the get-go. Sammy is becoming a top heel in AEW. Omega is a key babyface, and it allows for a great Rudo vs. Tecnico match. That’s something AAA loves to do for every single one of their matches. Sammy gave Omega all that he could handle. Getting away with some dirty wrestling to control the match. He controlled most of the match showing why he has become a top star in AEW. The match wasn’t very eventful and lacked big moments in my opinion. AAA is known for its high flying, Lucha style wrestling, and that wasn’t the case for the match. Guevara looked very impressive and had an answer for most of Kenny’s moves. The match was hard-hitting, and Kenny took plenty of damage. Guevara lost the match but he showed why one day he will be a top champion. He dominated the match until the end. Kenny hit him with more, then one V-Trigger, and finished him off with a One Wing Angel. A solid match, that lacked big moments. In the end, the exposure for AAA will be what matters.


Fighting A Drone!


I honestly have seen someone argue with a drone before, but nothing as eloquent as Jericho did here.  Also, last time it wasn’t just one person, all were holding medieval weapons, including myself with my cherry and purpleheart medieval crossbow.  I’m the only one who would have had a chance at taking it down, but it was all in jest.  Jericho, on the other hand, has proven that he can work against an inanimate object and totally slay with his words.

Then there’s Matt.  They couldn’t have done what they did with his entrance if there were fans in the stands, but I love how they worked him to the ring using things that they’ve not been able to do before in wrestling.  Matt simply saying he’d magic was wonderful.  I’m loving this from word go, and even though I possibly should, I have no issue with these two old guys working off each other from Matt’s first moments in AEW.  They are known entities who have amazing mic work and charisma for days.  Further, they are bringing in more fans to see these two greats who have known each other forever but haven’t faced off very often through the years.  In 2000-2001 Jericho tagged with the Hardy Boyz quite often, and then some with just Matt.  In 2004 they had a mini-feud that didn’t amount to anything.  Matt was on Jericho’s Team SD at the 2009 Survivor Series.   Finally, Matt faced Jericho’s novice in Wade Barrett during the first season of NXT.  So they’ve worked peripherally, but not very close or really against each other.  I’m excited to see where they go with this, and while I might normally complain about two ‘old guys’ getting the main event slot of the show, the world is a screwed up place right now and this was solid entertainment.    Solid entertainment is what we need right now and, as you can see by the grade I gave it.  No clue what I’ll do for grades when they continue to up theirs, but for an empty arena, those two gave us every bit of themselves and that’s possibly the most important thing they can give us right now.


Shut Up, I’m Talking

What a great episode of Dynamite!  AEW is giving us so many great moments to hold on to each week, and that’s the best they can give us right now.  They’ve taken this worldwide pandemic and are more than making the best of it.  They are leading the industry right now and I hope they continue to be recognized for their greatness when this all ends, because they deserve it!

Queen & Count