Teddy Hart Charged, Could Face Up To 5 Years In Prison

Edward “Teddy Hart” Annis was arraigned this morning on charges of strangulation resulting in wounding/bodily harm this morning in Richmond, Virginia following his arrest on Thursday 3/26.

The victim in the case has been named publicly as Ring of Honor star Maria Manic, who Hart had been dating off and on for several months. Prior to Hart being arrested yesterday, Virginia-based independent wrestler Ace Montana posted a video on his Facebook page where he exits a house, telling someone (believed to be Manic) to lock the door behind him. After exiting the house, he confronts Hart, warning him that the police have been called and that “she would be pressing charges” while threatening Hart that he needed to leave. In the video, Hart denied ever touching Manic before heeding Montana’s orders and leaving the immediate premises.

Hart is currently being held without bail at Richmond City Jail and is scheduled for a hearing on 4/22 at 2:15 PM.

Under Virginia law, strangulation is considered a class six felony. Should Annis be convicted, he could be looking at 1-5 years imprisonment and a fine of $2,500. Manic has not commented publicly on the situation. Yesterday’s arrest is the third for Hart in the State over Virginia over the last six weeks.


S.A.M.’s Spiel: Hart is considered the black sheep of the Hart family and that feels like an understatement at this point. The man has been in and out of legal trouble for years now and it seems like he may never get escape them. Hopefully this is the wake up call he needs but given his history, it doesn’t seem likely in my opinion.