Wrestling Done Right

AEW keeps on delivering great matches throughout these tough times. The booking that goes into every Wednesday is done with intention. They have allowed their roster to glow, by allowing different wrestlers to partake in the show. We don’t get the same matches with the same talent every Wednesday. I have been helping Queen with AEW for quite some time now. At first, I was hesitant not knowing what AEW was all about. Now I enjoy watching AEW and getting the opportunity to cover matches.


Trent Delivers

A weird way to start the night for AEW, maybe not the match I expected to kick off the night. Trent from Best Friend an in-between guy, against Kenny Omega a pure baby-face. They started off with a handshake showing respect for each other. Trent is a bigger guy and matched perfectly with Kenny. The match started with some back and forth between the two. Trent had a beautiful moon-sault, that Kenny one-up with a beautiful “tope con hilo”. It was a hard-hitting match with a good tempo that kept me entertained. Trent showed a little heel side to him during the match with some dirty wrestling. It was a good match that allowed Trent to show he can be a good single competitor. There was a lot of action on the outside of the ring, at one-point Kenny power-bomb Trent into a wall. Most wrestling fans know who Kenny Omega is as a singles wrestler, but Trent surprised me keeping up with Kenny. A very good match to start the night. AEW keeps allowing all the talent to showcase every week. Trent went 19 minutes with Kenny and had a great match. My hat goes off to both, but even with the loss, Trent is the real winner.


Making Her AEW Debut

I’m a fan of Shida in the short amount of time I have watched her wrestler. She looks like a star, and to me, AEW will give her a big push in due time. I have been harsh, at times with AEW Women’s Division. They still need more talent, and time to allow them to showcase their great talent. In recent weeks they have done a decent job to allow them little by little more time, and in doing that allowing to showcase great women’s wrestling. For Anna Jay last night was her AEW debut, and she did not disappoint. She went shot for shot with Shida and showed great potential. She is a Nightmare Factory trainee and shows that she was well trained. In the end Shida came out on top and picked up another great win. After the match, she had a heated exchange with Britt Baker. Baker hasn’t wrestled much in AEW, and Shida will be a great adversary for her. A good match for the Women’s Division. Every week more and more and more I become a bigger fan of Shida. I will be counting the days she takes the belt away from Nyla Rose.


Big Match Mox

AEW keeps building Jake Hager, versus Jon Moxley. Maybe Mox will run through everyone in the Inner Circle before other wrestlers in the roster get a shot. The promo was good, Moxley can cut a good promo. He comes off with so much honesty, and it gives the match a more of sport aspect to it. Especially with Hagger’s MMA background being highlighted, it gives the match a real big fight aspect to it. AEW keeps delivering with their storytelling.  I like that there’s actually built to their match, instead of throwing them in the ring. We will see what comes out of this for Hager. I don’t think he will beat Mox anytime soon. In my opinion, he needs to take care of Mox in the ring and make sure Mox remains the top star. Hager can be dangerous at times, and this isn’t time for him to hurt Mox. I’m excited about the match, and I know Mox will deliver. The real question is what kind of Hager we will get in the ring.


Feed Him To The Hawk

I knew going into this match, they would feed Stunt to Archer. Archer made his AEW in-ring debut last night, and they wanted to make sure he made a statement. That statement came in the form of Stunt. Poor Marko tried to stand up to Archer, and it did not end up good for him. Archer allowed Stunt to take shots at him with no effect. Archer hurt Stunt and took his time doing it. At one point Marko had us all believing he had a chance, and Archer hit him so hard that he threw him to the outside of the ring. I don’t need to tell you guys who won. Archer man-handled Stunt during, and after the match. He tossed him into the crowd like a rag doll. Props to Stunt for giving it his all, but that was brutal.


The Exalted One

I love hearing Brodie Lee cut promos. He didn’t do much talking in WWE, but that has changed now. He has a good presence and comes off as a great heel. The promos of him having a short temper with his minions are great. I love the way AEW is re-building Brodie Lee.


8 & 9

QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes made their official tag team debut as The Natural Nightmares. Their opponent’s minion 8 & 9, and I have no idea why. The best part of the whole match was seeing Brandi, who will be their manager. The match was made for Marshall, and Rhodes to show their tag team abilities. Minions 8&9 at one point took control of the match, with some dirty wrestling. That didn’t last long as The Natural Nightmares picked up the win, to no surprise. Brodie Lee came out after the match to punish his minions who let him down. Brodie Lee’s character keeps growing, and I’m here for it.


Release The Hounds

I can listen to Jericho cut promos all night, and I honestly wouldn’t get tired of it. He trashes The Elite, and Matt Hardy with ease. Vanguard 1 made an appearance, what more can you ask for? Jericho can cut a promo with anyone, even a drone. Jericho offers him a tinny Inner Circle T-shirt that Vanguard steals. Then Jericho releases the hounds, which is a bunch of regular dogs. I’m pretty sure there was a chihuahua in there. One of the best promos I seen in my life, the dogs, the tinny Inner Circle T-shirt, and Jericho. You couldn’t ask for more. Go back, and watch it. You won’t regret it.


Update On Nick Jackson

AEW gives an update to Nick’s injury, and they talk about what happened to him the night he was attacked. They showed a shot of him training at home with Matt, in a very nice-looking ring. Nick just became a dad again, maybe that’s why he took the time off. It hard to tell how long he will be off the ring.


Right-Hand Punch

Not the usual tag partners we see for all four of the competitors, but there was a purpose to that. Plenty of talent in the ring for the main event of AEW Dynamite. I love the way other talent is used as the crowd. It helps the matches move along, and provides filler for longer matches. It also allows for plenty of interaction between wrestlers, and crowd that we usually wouldn’t get.  Allin & Cody took control of the match early, and both gave us great “tope suicidas” to Sammy & Spears. It didn’t take long for Guevara & Spears to take advantage using their dirty ways, and gain control of the match. As many of his matches in the past Darby took most of the punishment. Plenty of comedic relief in the match done by Spears & Guevara. I’m not a big gambling guy myself, but the gambling during the match between Spears & Guevara was great. Allin was able to take advantage of the distractions from the gambling and make a tag to Cody. The wrestling during the match was okay, with a couple of botches. The interaction with other wrestlers around the ring is what made the match good. No matter how much you take the danger away from Allin, he seems to find a way. He climbed a pole and gave big coffin drop to Spears & Guevara. The end of the match was confusing, so ill give it my best to explain it because it’s important. Guevara gives Spears a chair to use on Cody. Allin takes the chair away from Spears, and Guevara takes the chair from Allin. With Allins’ back to Spears, he rolls him up to pick up the win. The big shock came after the match with Allin taking out his frustration on Cody, and punching Cody in the face. Allin and Cody are on the same side of the bracket in the TNT Championship Tournament. This maybe foreshadows an Allin versus Cody match in the future. Another great storytelling, if that does happen.


The Count Is Here

Another good night of wrestling for AEW. They have a good balance of promos, and wrestling matches. They have added a comic side to it with the talent being used as the crowd. We were able to see some new stars make their AEW debut. They keep building great storylines for their big matches, and allowing all of their talent to be showcased. Exited to keep watching AEW.