WrestleMania 36 – SD Matches

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Universal Championship Match: Goldberg (c) vs Braun Strowman


This one is so hard for me!  I want the strap off Goldberg, but WWE didn’t see enough in Braun to leave the IC strap on him for more than nine days, so I have my worries.  Should Braun win?  Absolutely!  He has what it takes and could really do a lot of fun things online with the strap until they can get back to traditional shows, but I keep coming back to how badly he’s been booked since he debuted.  The WWE might not believe in Braun Strowman, but I do!  I’d rather lose points on this match than go against my gut and my heart.  Reigns can come after Braun after quarantine is over, but until that, get the strap off Goldberg and let the old man return home to his rocker.

Queen’s Predicted Winner & New Universal Champion – Braun Strowman



I have less than zero expectations for this match and could care less about it. I completely agree with Roman pulling out because he is worried about his health and is looking out for his family. I have to feel bad for Braun here because he is taking on the relic known as Goldberg. This match feels destined to be a huge cluster and I will be shocked if it isn’t. Honestly, this is one match that should have just been scrapped once Roman decided he wasn’t going to partake in it, but I understand why they would not do that. I will be shocked if this match goes longer than 5 minutes because that is seemingly the only amount of time Goldberg can go. Even then it is questionable whether he can last 5 minutes.

Sam’s Predicted Winner and Still Universal Champion: Goldberg



I respect Roman’s decision to not partake in Mania and take care of himself and his family. His life and family are more important and it goes beyond wrestling. I have become a fan of Roman. His work ethic and reputation in the locker room makes him a great leader. With Roman, confirming via Instagram that he decided to pull himself from the match, it left everyone wondering who would face “Old Man” Goldberg at Mania. SmackDown did nothing addressing Braun replacing Roman. So much, that I missed it even happening. With that, I have lost interest in the match, and Goldberg will retain.

Oscar’s Predicted Winner: Old Man Goldberg



I am sick of Goldberg, I was never a fan of his, even back when he was the “in thing” I thought he was lame and not worth it.  Yes, its time for Strowman to get a shot and win this title.  He has earned it and then some.  So yes, I say Braun Strowman will win.

Natalie’s Predicted Winner & New Universal Champion – Braun Strowman



Roman has confirmed that he’s out and the rumor is Braun will be his fill in. While I think it would be cool if Strowman got the rub here I don’t think it’s likely. WWE is still gonna wanna do Goldberg/Roman at some point for that title so with that said I got Bill getting the win here in pretty short order which is unfortunate for Braun.




Firefly Fun House Match: The Fiend vs John Cena


I hope they do everything they should in this match.  The most important things they need to do in this match are:

1- Cena needs to put Bray over in an epic way to make up for their previous WM match that just trashed all the build Bray had had until that point, and it took him too long to come back from.

2- Cena needs to hit his big moves and give the littles what they tune in to see, but as important, Cena needs to put Bray over in a believable way.

3- They need to make this the most absurd WM match ever.  It needs to be silly, screwy, shocking, and completely Firefly Fun House.

4- This match needs to be entertaining.  Cena is one of the top superstars ever and his career is rolling down the other side of the hill, so he doesn’t need to play this one traditionally and look at how it will advance his career, so he can go out there and play and make this match into something he wouldn’t have done ten years ago.  Bray has the creativity and quirkiness so it won’t be a leap for him to make this into the most over-the-top entertaining.  I’m willing to bet that they spent a lot of time making sure this match looks fantastic in a way that they couldn’t do if the match was live, so I’m expecting this match to steal whichever night it airs.

Queen’s Predicted Winner: The Fiend Bray Wyatt



I have no expectations for this match, and I know that sounds bad, but I mean it in the best way possible. I am keeping my expectations low because I have no idea what will happen in this match. I have heard rumors hat this will be way out there and I hope it is. You also have to figure that Cena is game to go with the wackiness that could come from this match and he may even have his own ideas for it. This is one match that I sincerely hope that it delivers because the recipe is there for the right amount of craziness. I really hope that Vince does not shackle them too much and lets this match be as wild as it should be. I also hope that Cena will do everything he can to put the Fiend over here because he needs it after the atrocity of dropping the title to Goldberg.

Sam’s Predicted Winner: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt



We don’t know what a Firefly Funhouse Match is. Plenty of rumors and speculations are out there. One floating out there is that match will be filmed outside the WWE Performance Center. After WWE buried Bray at Super ShowDown, he rebounded with John Cena. Bray’s professionalism in the way he handled the loss at Super ShowDown can’t be overlooked. I’m sure there was a very nice check with that as well. After Cena said he wouldn’t take part in WM36, Bray showed up to challenge Cena. The 16-time world champion has taken more of a part-time role in WWE. It wouldn’t be WrestleMania without Cena, and Bray has plenty of history with Cena making it a perfect match. Bray has blamed Cena for the downfall his career has taken. Cena took shots at Bray’s dedication to the business. Bray needs to show that he is still a force and not a shell of The Fiend. With the loss to Goldberg, Bray has seemed more human than ever. He can be beaten and is not what he seemed at one point, unbeatable. Cena has nothing to prove and to me has come back to put Bray over. Bray needs this win to resuscitate “The Fiend”. We might get another “Compound” style match as we did with Broken Hardy. That was a piece of art that many enjoyed. Cena’s acting career is in full swing now, so why wouldn’t he want to have a more creative match that he can give his opinion in and display his craft. Last night, Cena cut a great promo guaranteeing that he would beat Bray at Mania. “The Fiend” showed up, then Bray showed up at the same time behind Cena. Cena mic skills are still one of the best. His passion for wrestling translates through the screen. I hope the ball is not dropped on this one, and the creative juices can flow giving us something unique.

Oscar’s Predicted Winner: The Fiend



I have not really seen John Cena wrestle, but I have seen The Fiend, he is a great showman and his character is fantastic.  However, John Cena is only a part-timer and to be honest if he’s going to be a part-timer he shouldn’t win, just my humble opinion.  I would love to see the Fiend win, as he has lost to Cena once and that’s enough.

Natalie’s Predicted Winner – The Fiend



Talk about coming full circle. The one thing about this match that really intrigues me is the possibility of Cena coming out of this a changed man after expediting The Fiend up close and personal. We saw with Finn Balor, we saw it The Miz and we saw it with Seth Rollins. Would WWE dare? Either way, my pick here is The Fiend.

Dre’s Predicted WINNER: THE FIEND



Fatal 5 Way SD Women’s Championship Match: Bayley (c) vs Lacey Evans vs Naomi vs Sasha Banks vs Tamina


This is the one women’s match I really have little interest in.  Bayley has been a piss-poor champion and while her heel turn helped, her mic work just isn’t up to par and she feels like she’s resting on her Banks more often than not.  I truly wish Lacey had beaten Bayley for the strap so we wouldn’t be in this mess.  Speaking of messes (I feel horrible saying this), I’m shocked Tamina is healthy enough to wrestle.  She’s absolutely snake bit, and I feel bad saying that, but it’s true.  Further messiness comes in with the fact that McMahon wants Bayley and Sasha to feud, even though Bayley has proven over and over that she just isn’t what she was in NXT.  Add in what I think is obvious in that Sasha doesn’t seem to really give a flying fig about being a WWE superstar any longer.  She might say she does, but she sure doesn’t act or look it.  It feels to me that either WWE was a stepping stone for her, or she just got to a point that injuries and not being where she wants to be in the roster she’s lost her smile.  Either way, it’s been over a year of more injuries and very obviously not giving a flying fig about what she’s doing within the company, and that makes me not want to see her hold gold, even in a WWE ring, ever.  Honestly, I’d rather see Naomi win the SD Women’s Championship, but I don’t think that will happen right yet.  Honestly, I’d rather see Naomi win the SD Women’s Championship, but I don’t think that will happen here.  I’d even be thrilled with Lacey winning the strap, but they didn’t go there when they had the chance, so I don’t see them going there now.  Tamina isn’t even in the mix at this point, even though I had huge hopes for her career early on.  It truly hurts my heart to pick Sasha to win this one.  It makes my stomach roll.  My fingers are trying to get me to type anything but Sasha’s name, but I have to go the direction it looks most like McMahon wants to go, even though I think it’s the worst idea for any of the belts at this point and everyone knows how I feel about BL!

Queen’s Predicted Winner & New SD Women’s Champion – Sasha Banks



I am excited for this match because I think all the women can bring it. Well except for Tamina and that is because she has been so injury prone that she has never really had a chance to show what she can do in the ring. I think if they book this well that it can be a ton of fun. Multi-person matches have a way of being fun 9/10 times and I hope this isn’t that 1/10 time that they aren’t. I think this match will have Sasha and Bayley teaming up for the majority of it only to have one turn on the other. It feels like that is the story they are going for and the one that makes the most sense. It is a shame that Dana Brooke couldn’t be in this match because she is in quarantine because I think she could have added something to this. Naomi will probably bust out a great looking move in the match given how athletic she is, and I hope she does.

Sam’s Predicted Winner and NEW Smackdown Women’s Champion: Sasha Banks 



Call me biased, but the SmackDown side of WM36 seems to be better than Raw. This is one of the matches that makes me feel that way. I’m not a one on one match style of person, I enjoy when more wrestlers are involved. The unpredictability of the match when more wrestlers are involved is what I enjoy. I would have rather have a Fatal 5 Way match, but beggars can’t be choosers. The built for this match is not the best. Paige was allowed the opportunity to announce the match and opponents for Bayley at Mania. Originally announced to be a Six-Pack Challenge match, that has changed due to the circumstances we face. Dana Brooke was removed from the match due to quarantine. Leaving 5 wrestlers to be part of the match. Evans has had plenty of problems with Bayley & Banks in the past, so having her in the match made sense. Naomi faced Bayley at Super ShowDown, with some history there she will be part of the match. At some point, we knew the Bayley and Banks tour would come to an end. Paige shocked Bayley and Sasha by adding Sasha to the match. Tamina is the wild card of the match. She made her return to the ring not that long ago. She brings toughness and strength to the match. Three of the five-member competed in a match on SmackDown, with Sasha & Bayley at commentary. The match wasn’t very eventful. Cole spent most of the match questioning Bayley & Sasha’s relationship going into Mania. At one point, Sasha got involved and Naomi kicked her in the face. Tamina will take the momentum going into Mania picking up the win and super kicking Bayley in the face. It should be a good match with so many different styles in the ring. I think this can be the perfect way to bring the Bayley and Sasha alliance to an end. There is Lacey, she can get her big push here. Finally becoming the babyface champion.

Oscar’s Predicted Winner and new SmackDown Women’s Champion: Sasha Banks



After seeing smackdown this week, I think that Bayley and Naomi will be focusing on beating the crap out of Tamina and while they are not looking Naomi will pin Spacey Lacey and win!  Ok, I’m a fan of Naomi, she’s got fabulous ring gear and I do like watching her wrestle.  Its time she was on top for once!

Natalie’s Predicted Winner & New SD Wommen’s Champion – Naomi



This multi-women champion match is just filler and likely a prelude to a Bayley/Sasha program in the near future. The other three ladies are just here for semantics. The Boss wins after pinning Bayley which ultimately drives a wedge between the two leading to what many of us hope will be the proper Bayley/Sasha feud that we’ve all wanted to see since their NXT days.




Triple Threat Ladder Match SD Tag Team Championship: Miz & Morrison (c) vs New Day vs Usos


This is one of the most confusing on the card for me.  There are questions about Miz’s health and whether he actually worked this match, but I’m guessing we won’t know how it will all play out until we get to the actual match.  Putting JoMo and Kofi in a Ladder Match together makes me giddy for them making up for what they didn’t get to do in the Royal Rumble Match.  I’m expecting some serious craziness in this match with the Usos flying through the air in tandem and Big E putting on shows of strength but it’s JoMo and Kofi who I’m expecting the most insanity from.  Last time I remember JoMo in a Ladder Match, his partner didn’t block a see-sawing ladder to his face and really got banged up, but he’s obviously fine as he was Rollins’ stooge there for a while.  I don’t recall JoMo being in a Tag Ladder Match with anyone but Mercury, but I could be wrong.  No matter what happens, I see no reason to move the straps at this point.  I’m not sure if Miz was able to work the match due to being ill, but even if he wasn’t able to, I see them retaining the straps at this point.  They have a lot more to do with the straps before dropping them.  Covid-19 came at the worst time for Miz and JoMo coming back together in the WWE, but it won’t hurt them in any long-term way.

Queen’s Predicted Winners – Miz & JoMo



This match has all the potential to be tons of fun. Smackdown has probably had the edge in tag team wrestling in recent years and it is easy to see why given what teams have been atop of the division on the blue brand. I will say that I do not expect Miz and Morrison to drop the titles so soon. I also don’t think that the Usos or New Day are the team that will do it. Maybe it will be Heavy Machinery or some other team, but I do not think it would be a good idea to go with one of the same teams that have dominated the division. There is no denying this has the potential of being a really fun match and I hope it delivers.

Sam’s Predicted Winners and Still Smackdown Tag Team Champions: Miz and Morrison



Anytime you have a ladder match, there will be fireworks. You add The New day & The Usos, and well you get a full firework show. New Day is one of the best Tag Teams of all time. The seven-time champs are back to renew their rivalry with The Usos. The six-time champ Usos are one of the best tag teams in WWE history. They have been in WWE since 2010 as a team. Their high-flying offense makes them exciting to watch. Their “swagger”, and cockiness makes them a unique team in WWE. The Usos and New Day have a long history. They respect each other because of the hard-hitting matches they had in the past. Whenever these two teams are in the ring it’s a must-watch. Sorry, I forgot Miz & Morrison are in the match as well. Miz and Morrison survived the Elimination Chamber to remain champions. I respect the Miz and Morrison. They are great in-ring talent, but their reunion as a tag team was not what I wanted. They boasted and mocked the SmackDown Tag Team Division after their win at Elimination Chamber. To their surprise, the Usos and New Day received the opportunity to face each other for the number one contender spot. Something Miz and Morrison did not like. They attacked both the Usos and New Day ending the match. The consequence was a Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Tag Team Championship. This is a must-watch match, because of the high-risk moves that will be on display. The Usos and New Day have the experience as they both have competed in a ladder match as tag teams. They competed in a ladder match at WWE TLC in 2015. All three teams cut a great promo on Miz TV to hype their match, with Miz & Morrison getting the upper hand going into Mania. I don’t have to hype this match up for anyone, just watch it. You won’t regret it. I think somehow, in some way, Miz & Morrison find a way to retain, though I wouldn’t mind The Usos becoming champs again and go on a year-long feud with New Day.

Oscar’s Predicted Winners: The Miz and John Morrison



This is a hard one to call, I like all the teams.  The Usos really need to win this and I would love to see them win.  New Day has proven to be great champions in the past as well and they too could use a win.  Miz and Morrison are the champs and would love to keep the belt.  I think in this match it will boil down to who is the hungriest for a win and I’m going to go with The Usos on this, they need it and know it.

Natalie’s Predicted Winners & New SD Tag Team Champions – The Usos



This has the potential to be the show-stealer of the night. Can’t go wrong with these triple threat ladder matches and you have six talented performers who will definitely pull this off. I can only imagine what stunts Morrison and Kofi have in store for us this weekend. Miz and Morrison will be just crafty enough to sneak away from this match with their titles.




Elias vs King Corbin


Now I need to state that I’m writing this prior to the go-home SD, but I’ll add anything in at the end if anything changes during that final show.  I’ve been on such a roll writing and compiling the WR Predicts WM36 that I went with the flow to get everything finished as early as possible for you, our Wrestle Royalty Community.  After the horrible camera-cut way King Corbin threw Elias from way up high, my brain went old school HBK booking.  Corbin had the upper hand over Elias tossing him off the platform, which means the face will come back and prevail at WM.  As soon as Elias landed, all I could see was HBK and right there I knew which direction my prediction for this match would go.  Corbin losing this match won’t hurt Corbin in any way, but winning would do a lot for Elias moving forward as he’s done little more than sing recently.  A big WM would be great for Elias and I think as much as the hardcore fans love King Corbin for being one of the best heels in wrestling right now, a loss at WM could only add fuel to his fire and elevate his mic game that much more.  King Corbin is one of the rare few who losing at WM could help with character building, but the work we will get before Elias wins could make fans giddy.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Elias



This match feels a bit random but doesn’t at the same time. Corbin is the best heel going right now and it was easy to pencil him in for Mania. Elias hasn’t really done much since he came back and was inserted into a storyline with Corbin by singing songs making fun of him. I really have no idea what to expect here and I can honestly see this as being either the quickest or one of the quickest matches on the card. My heart is telling me to go one way, but I think I will listen to my head on this one.

Sam’s Predicted Winner: Elias



My trashing of Corbin is in the past. His character developed has come a long way since he first became King Corbin. He has become a good heel and his in-ring work has grown as well. The two have developed a rivalry over the past couple of weeks. The outspoken Corbin came out to interrupt the host of WM36 Rob Gronkowski on the last episode of SmackDown. Elias proceeded to come out and serenade Corbin with a song he wrote about him. The Gronk and Rawley had a good laugh with the song, something that Corbin did not like. The numbers games were not on The King that night as Elias helped get rid of Corbin. This feud and match seemed to be a filler for Mania. Elias’ babyface turn has been somewhat stale. Elias is more of an attraction then he is a wrestler at this point. I hope this will be his coming-out party and we get more of Elias in the ring. He has shown that his in-ring ability is there. Corbin has developed into a good wrestler. Let’s hope for a good match, with some comedy to it. We all could use a good laugh.

Oscar’s Predicted Winner: Elias



This is a match that I honestly couldn’t care less about.  Elias used to be interesting and Corbin never was.  Elias has not impressed me with his wrestling Corbin is full of himself.  However, I am going against my normal feelings and say that Corbin is going to win, but it won’t be the cleanest win ever, Corbin will do something dirty and underhanded at some point, but then again so won’t Elias.

Natalie’s Predicted Winner – King Corbin



After feuding winning KOTR and feuding with Roman Reigns for the majority of the last 4-5 months this felt like a step back for King Corbin but I do appreciate the effort last Friday from WWE to create some much-needed heat for this match with Corbin knocking Elias off the stage. Elias will show up but he won’t be 100% for this and will fall short. Corbin gets the win but this feud will continue and with that Elias will finally be given his first real proper feud since getting called up from NXT.




Intercontinental Championship Match: Sami Zayn (c) w/ Cesaro & Naka vs Daniel Bryan w/ Drew Gulak


As much as I’m loving Gulak and Bry together, I have a gut feeling that Gulak is going to cost Bry this match.  Even though Sami has been all over Gulak verbally, talking about how much of a nothing he is, how he’s not worth the time in the ring, I see him being a fantastic addition to Sami’s stable of wrestlers.  I’m loving Sami with Cesaro and Naka, and Gulak would really fit in.  He’s a fun face, but he’s an accomplished heel and that’s where he seems more comfortable.  It seems a natural for Gulak to turn on Bry and leave him in a heap in the center of the ring after he loses the match.

Queen’s Predicted Winner: Sami Zayn



If they give this match the time and care it deserves then it can be a darn good one. Bryan is one of the best in the ring of all-time and can work with anybody. Sami is also one of the best but has been hampered with injuries, so he hasn’t been able to have much momentum of late. He has done a good enough job being the manager for Cesaro and Shinsuke and you have to figure they will play a role here. I also figure that Drew Gulak will play a role here and I hope that is the case. My dream scenario for this match is to have Bryan win and for his partnership with Gulak to continue. It would eventually lead to Gulak wanting a title match against Bryan and Gulak to be the one to take the title from Bryan. That is my ideal scenario, but time will tell if this actually comes to fruition. I have to go with my gut on this one.

Sam’s Predicted Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Daniel Bryan



I have checked this match at Mania as the show-stealer. If you’re not familiar with Zayn and Bryan’s history go on YouTube, and look it up. Bryan Danielson versus El Generico matches are set in stone as wrestling history. I won’t bore you with much here. Zayn has finally become a champion in WWE and it was long overdue. His heel character has developed very well. He has two great partners in Cesaro and Nakamura. Bryan is always ready to wrestle and has partnered with former Cath Point leader Drew Gulak. I’m a big indie wrestling fanboy and this where all these ties in. All five of the previously mention guys have crossed each other before their time in WWE in the independent circuit. They have all had great matches with each other in the indies. That makes this match very exciting to me. Seeing how far these guys have come, and all the rich wrestling history they all have with each other. The feud between Zayn and Bryan has been very simple, but cleanly built. Zayn offered Bryan to side with him. Bryan did not do that, instead, he sided with Gulak. Bryan gained respect for Gulak after their short feud and saw he could learn from him. This, of course, made Zayn mad and led to conflict between the two. Zayn agreed to the match with Bryan for the Intercontinental Championship as long as Gulak could beat Nakamura. Gulak beat Nakamura in a very tactical wrestling match. Bryan had to face Nakamura in a brutal match last night. That ended in a brawl between everyone at ringside, with Sami taking the upper hand. VKM needs to let this match be least 35 minutes and let them battle. I hope we get another wrestling classic.

Oscar’s Predicted Winner and still WWE Champion: Sami Zayn



Sami Zayn is great on the mic!  That said I’m not a fan of his especially since hooking up with Cesaro and Naka.  Daniel Bryan is a very good wrestler, even though I haven’t always liked him.  When it comes to sheer wrestling ability then Daniel will win, but with the henchmen thrown in, that’s a different game.  Personally, I wish Gulak could hold of Cesaro and Naka, but I think they will overwhelm him and interfere in such a way that Sami will win, possibly by disqualification.

Natalie’s Predicted Winner – Sami Zayn



No disrespect to Sami but I wish we were getting Bryan/Nakamura in this spot instead. However, what I do like is the brewing teacher/protégée angle between Bryan and Gulak. I get Rocky Balboa/Tommy Gunn type vibes from this. And I think Bryan winning the IC title is the first step in getting us to the next phase of Bryan/Gulak.




Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Kabuki Warriors (c) vs Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss


Squee, I’m so excited about this one!  I have to worry about whether Sane will actually be involved as we haven’t seen much of her with Asuka recently, and there are questions about whether her contract is up, when it’s up, and whether she’s planning on staying in WWE.  That looming question also makes me question whether Asuka should retain the gold if she’s losing her partner.  Then there is Bliss/Cross who I completely adore.  I have liked Bliss from the start and have only grown more fond of her.  Cross intimidated me at first but watching her and her husband on social media, I’m completely head over heels in love with her and him.  They make me smile when little else (other than Dre’s FB wall which is always sweet and funny) can.  They adore each other in a way that few relationships manage.  Okay, sorry about the tangent, but I adore Bliss/Cross and want their latest shirt (hint hint).  Because of all the reasons listed, it’s time for Bliss/Cross to be strapped.  It will be that much more fun following them on social media with gold to show off.

Queen’s Predicted Winners & New WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Bliss/Cross



This match has been building for a bit and I have enjoyed it so far. Cross and Bliss have become a wonderful duo and they know how to play off of each other very well. Asuka and Kairi are a bunch of fun and it is a shame that Kairi has not been around for the build due to everything that is going on in the world. I really do not know what to expect from this match, but I hope that it will be fun. This does feel like a bit of a coin flip to me and could really go either way. I also just had a thought that maybe Bliss and Cross win here and that leads to the IIconics coming back and challenging them for the titles. That is one scenario, but I have no idea what their status is right now. I just have a feeling about this match that is making me choose the winners here.

Sam’s Predicted Winners and NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions: Bliss & Cross



We will finally get to see the Women’s Tag Team Championship be defended. At one point the Women’s Tag Team Division brought great excitement, and promise to other women talents in WWE. Then WWE forgot they even existed. Asuka went on a feud with Becky. Kairi was not pictured much and didn’t wrestle. The division basically disappeared from WWE. The Kabuki Warriors captured the championship from Bliss & Cross back in 2019 at Hell in a Cell. Bliss & Cross finally get their rematch at Mania. With basically no other women tag team in sight. Bliss & Cross had an open road at the champions. Asuka has developed into a great heel, and the language barrier has not become a problem. It adds more of a heel factor to Asuka. The green mist has added a great characteristic to Asuka. Her partner Sane, has not developed as Asuka has. Sane, a former Mae Young Classic winner has shown that her in-ring talent is one of the best in WWE. Sane has always been a babyface to me, and that might be where the problem is. Her transition to heel has not been great. With the rumors that Sane is to leave WWE once her contract is up, I would not be surprised to see Bliss & Cross win. The upper hand in the match goes to Asuka & Sane. Their in-ring ability to me is superior to Bliss & Cross. Bliss has spent a significant amount of her career nursing injuries. She has looked strong in her return to the ring since her last injury. The momentum going into Mania goes to Bliss and Cross. Bliss has a victory over Asuka, on the second to last episode of SmackDown. I hope this is a good match, as I was once very excited about the women’s tag team division. Will Bliss & Cross be able to match up against two great ring veterans?

Oscar’s Predicted Winners & New Women’s Tag Team Champions: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross



FYI I’m a Nikki Cross fan and was after the first time I saw her in NXT not that long ago.  That said, both teams are great, the Kabuki Warriors are rather sneaky in addition to this.  However, I love Nikki Cross and while I never liked Alexa before, I think Nikki has helped change that.  I want Nikki (and Alexa) to win this so Nikki and Alexa for the win. 

Natalie’s Predicted Winners & New Women’s Tag Team Champions – Bliss/Cross



Asuka’s antics leading up this have been fun to watch. Unfortunately Kairi Sane hasn’t been around to help promote this match. But given a decent amount of time to work I think this should be a pretty good match. I really enjoyed their match last year at Hell In A Cell.

The outcome of this match is basically a pick-em. I’m gonna roll the dice here and say The Kabuki Warriors retain. On a side note, I just wanna say that the WWE really needs to work on establishing more women’s tag teams because they are really lacking in that department.




Otis vs Dolph Ziggler w/ Mandy Rose


I’m getting a serious Jerich/Christian/Trish love triangle, but this time the good guy will finish first.  I do wish they had more time to show Mandy getting a bit more annoyed at Ziggy for how he taunts Otis, but I think it will come to a head in this match.  I hope in Mandy turning on Ziggy and getting with Otis to help him win this, she also turns on Sonya.  I’d love to see Sonya and Ziggy versus Mandy and Otis verbally dueling online until they can get back in the ring and give us a solid feud.  WWE has set this up beautifully, now they just need to pull the trigger and do what’s right, with a kiss for the big guy in the end.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Otis & Mandy!



Oh, how I have loved the build for this feud and that it is getting a match at Wrestlemania. Ziggler has such a punchable face and Otis is the man to do it. Mandy Rose is going to be in Dolph’s corner so that will definitely play a role during this match somehow. Dolph hasn’t been my favorite WWE superstar over the last five years and that is purely because his pushes have been stop and go and his character work has been kind of meh really. I think this match will be more about the story rather than the ringwork based on how it’s been built. I will say that this match shows how WWE feels about Otis because he is getting this shot. Or it could be a case of the pandemic going on that has creative shift where they were going with this but either way, they had enough confidence in Otis that he has a match at Mania. I think choosing the winner comes down to where I think they will go with Mandy Rose here.

Sam’s Predicted Winner: Otis 



There are times when WWE gets lucky, and something that was nothing develops into great storytelling. The comic relief that was once Otis and Mandy Rose has developed into a heated love triangle. The persistent Otis did all he could to get a chance with Mandy Rose. At one point helping Mandy stay in The Royal Rumble by being mattress, and not allowing her feet to hit the ground. Every week more and more Otis gained the trust of Mandy showing her chivalry is not dead. Otis finally got his date with Mandy on valentines’ day only to be heartbroken at the sight of Dolph Ziggler taking his spot at the table. Otis has been on a mission to get revenge on Dolph. At Elimination Chamber he ran through the plexiglass on to the outside of the ring trying to run through Ziggler. This basically caused the chances for Heavy machinery to win the Tag Championship. Otis can’t stand the fact that Mandy is with Ziggler now. The “Showoff” has been cockier than ever with his new girl by his side. It all came to an overflow last week when Otis tried to attack Ziggler backstage. Otis was held back by Tucker and WWE officials. The Showoff finally challenged Otis to a match at Mania, and Otis accepted with no hesitation. Ziggler had a match with Tucker last night. Nothing eventful happened until the end of the match. A mysterious guy came over the screen exposing the truth behind the soap opera that has been this whole storyline. It showed Ziggler and Sonya setting up Mandy for the gain of Sonya and Ziggler. Mandy stormed off and Otis chased after Ziggler. This adds more drama to the soap opera, which I kind of like. If Otis wins the match will he finally gain the love of Mandy Rose, or will Ziggler continue his “Showoff” ways? More of a soap opera story that has led us to a great built of a match. We will get the opportunity to see Otis as a single competitor. I have always been for the antagonist in love stories. I believe Mandy will be involved as to who wins the match.

Oscar’s Predicted Winner: Otis



Dolph is a dog, he had to know that Otis was infatuated with Mandy and he worked with Sonya to get her, just to spite Otis.  Sonya (in my humble opinion) went along with this because she didn’t’ want Mandy with Otis because Otis is a big guy (not skinny).  However, it has backfired on them and now Otis and Mandy know the truth.  I see Mandy coming to the ring with Otis and supporting him.  I also see Sonya coming to the ring with Dolph but will cost Dolph the match in trying to make up with Mandy.  Otis will win and rightly so.  Yup, I hope he wipes the ring with Dolph’s butt!

Natalie’s Predicted Winner – Otis



This matchup is the perfect example of how to book a love triangle angle (Take notes Rusev/Lana/Lashley). All parties involved here have told this story very beautifully and what makes this even better is the fact that I don’t have a clue what the outcome here. This is without a doubt the most organic feud on Smackdown and just shows when WWE creative is motivated they can still utilize the talent to perfection.

This will probably be the feel the good story of Mania. Otis wins but the bigger question is will he win the heart of Mandy Rose.

Dre’s Predicted WINNER: OTIS


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