Money In The Bank

WWE presented another social distancing PPV and really seem to be learning how to handle things in our pandemic world.  As per usual, some of the matches were great, some not as much, but overall, this was a solid PPV!  I’m not the only writer of The Glow this month, I’ve been joined by Sam, Lewis, and Oscar.  They each review matches, and Lewis added a bit to the Women’s MITBLM to express his feelings about the dual match.

Please, if you haven’t watched this PPV or at least the MITBLMs, please go and watch the combined match as the spoilers in the review will ruin it for you. That match is too unique to have it spoiled before you watch it through.  I hope you all enjoy!


Jeff Hardy vs Cesaro




I struggled with what grade to give this match, but I ultimately went with 3 crowns for this. Cesaro just continues to prove he can work with anybody and really had a solid match with Jeff on the MITB Kickoff. I was a bit worried about this match because Jeff’s body has been through a lot in his career, so it is clear how he isn’t the same worker he was 10 years ago. Cesaro just shows how good he is because he worked well with Jeff and Jeff looked good in this match. Solid back and forth in this match and Cesaro got to show off his strength a bit when he would catch Jeff in midair. It would look like Cesaro had the match won but Jeff found a way to kick out of the pin. Jeff landed on Cesaro’s knee during the match and Cesaro sold it the rest of the match. They eventually found their way outside and Cesaro hit Jeff with a great looking uppercut when Jeff was up against the barricade. Jeff sent Cesaro into the ring steps and would run the barricade to hit him with a clothesline. He then rolled him into the ring and hit him with the Swanton for the win. I will say I am a bit disappointed that Sheamus didn’t come out to attack Jeff after the match because it felt like the obvious thing to do after Jeff got the upper hand on Smackdown. Guess they are saving that for later but just feels like a missed opportunity to me. 


Fatal Four Way Tag Team Championship Match




There was no way that this match would disappoint. There was so much talent in the ring. Matches like this are about making moments in history. We often forget who the winner is. We never forget about who was able to pull the craziest move. I would have loved to see this match be a ladder match, but beggars can’t be choosers. Once I saw the ladders all over the PC, I was hoping they would be involved. The shoutout to Juvi, by Graves, was a great way to start the match. Great start by Metalik and Kofi setting the fast pace. Plenty of tags in and out to start the match as everyone was involved in the action. JoMo and Metalik had a beautiful Spanish fly on to everyone involved in the match outside of the ring. It was a beautiful piece of art. I love seeing Metalik involved in the match so early as he doesn’t get to display how great of a wrestler he is. He took most of the punishment at the beginning of the match. The Forgotten Sons surprise me by being so active in the match. They wasted no time to show they can be a player in the tag division. The same can be said for the Lucha House party as they were involved in the match from the get-go. At times you could see the rust in some of the move combinations. The action was nonstop from everyone involved in the match. Great showing by the Lucha House party as they almost had Big E for the win after a beautiful combination from the top rope. The Forgotten Sons were able to break up the pin. New Day put a great match together as well. Everyone had an important part in the match. I wish they could have gone forever that’s how much I liked it. There was no other way to start the night. I will go back and rewatch that match because there was so much good stuff. Everything was great and all the combinations of moves were unbelievable. The SmackDown Tag Team division is in good hands.


R-Truth vs MVP




It started well with R-Truth coming out believing the audience was there, although I’d have loved him saying “I can’t hear you, what’s up?”. MVP comes out shortly followed by Bobby Lashley who gives MVP the night off, it seems maybe they could be pairing them and I really hope so as MVP as his mouthpiece will be so much better than Lana. So, the match wasn’t all that and easily could have just been on Raw, Lashley gets the win after a spear on Truth. The only reason this doesn’t get a skull is due to R-Truth, his accidental slap on Lashley had me in stitches!


SD Championship Match – Bayley (c) vs Tamina




What a cluster of a match!  There were some solid moves in this match, and Tamina looked really strong, but Bayley looked a mess.  Between her newest haircut, the way she got tossed around, and couldn’t do anything but sell and rely on her hot friend.  Yes, Sasha looked hot out there in that outfit, but looking hot doesn’t mean you should be on TV all the time.  I know, I’m not the norm when it comes to Sasha, but I’ve been quite unimpressed with her running as Bayley’s breakable sidekick.  It’s time for WWE to pull the trigger and give us the Sasha/Bayley feud, or get the strap off Bayley and let some strong women fight over the SD Championship.  Being a Horsewoman hasn’t translated to Bayley being strong on WWE TV, and the fact that she’s holding gold at all almost pisses me off.


Universal Championship Match




I’m pretty sure a lot of people thought this would be nothing more than a one-sided affair, or something similar to Braun’s match with Goldberg, but I had a gut feeling this had the potential to shine, and that’s exactly what they did. It’s Bray and not the Fiend so we get something a little different and we got to see Bray’s hench-puppets make an appearance. The match itself was very physical, Braun flying over the announce table, big moves, and a lot of mind games. This match told a better story than all the weeks leading up to Money in the Bank. Braun finishes the match by tricking Bray with the old black sheep mask making him think he’s come back home, but Braun isn’t the same person anymore, takes Bray out with the power slam for the win. This feud isn’t over by a long shot and I’d like more of this!


WWE Championship Match




I was not really excited about this match when it was booked.  I’d rather see a real feud, not Rollins getting tossed into a top championship match because he’s Seth-Freakin’-Rollins!  They really worked hard once they got going, but I’ll admit I’m biased because I know a lot of people don’t care to see Super Rollins here.  On the other hand, watching McIntyre work Rollins over the way he did, both in and outside the ring, I was giddy.  I keep hoping that each pin attempt on Rollins is the end of it all.  I shouldn’t feel that way about a McIntyre as WWE Championship match!  The match picked up and wasn’t too bad.  They got really physical in and out of the ring, showing how strong both of them are with their moves, but in the end, I didn’t believe the three because Rollins’ head was up in a strange way.  His shoulders were down, but the way his head was up was weird looking for the end of the match.

I don’t understand Rollins shaking McIntyre’s hand.  It makes me wonder where this is going, which annoys me as I think we need new main eventers like McIntyre, not more of the same Rollins.


Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match




I said from when they announced this match that someone needed to jump off the balcony onto wrestlers in a ring below.  Well, they didn’t have a ring there, but they absolutely did what I’d hoped would happen, and Asuka was great in how she handled it.  She’s a beast!  I’d love to take an extra point for that move, but I don’t take them for myself, only give them away as bonus prizes.

The work in the MITB conference room was great!  Between the face-off between Nia and Shayna, the way my dear Dana thought she won the match, and Steph’s cameo talking about Nia drooling and how gross it was.  Steph always nails it these days.  It’s a bit painful to go back and watch where she started in the 90s, but where she is now is so spectacular that we can really look at her early days as growing pains, because she got there after lots of bad moments and some serious learning.  Speaking of my dear Dana, her Titus Worldwide moment was great.  She sold it hard, but I almost wish the janitor rushed to her side and tried to perform mouth-to-mouth on her.  It would make for so much more fun with her slapping him away saying she wasn’t even knocked out!

There were a few overly-produced moments, specifically in the food fight and right after.  Slamming Dana into the Coke machine was fine, but the way Nia looked after putting Mella through the table was just strange, made even stranger when she and Otis had their stare-down.

I really expected more on the roof.  I did love how Asuka wouldn’t let Corbin climb the ladder along with her.  It was her moment and she was going to shine.  That being said, she looked more tentative up there that I expected her to.  She flew off the balcony but struggled at the top of the ladder.  Also, I don’t like how Shayna, Mella, and Dana never really seemed to make it to the roof.  Maybe showing them looking for the roof, or still down and out somewhere could have tied up loose ends.



I’d have liked it to go longer, maybe see a bit more wrestling in the building. If I was planning it, I’d have had moments a bit like Dana & Mella where people got fully taken out then when they get to the ring the few that are left battle it out more in the ring. They could have gone 30 minutes longer and it wouldn’t have dragged.


Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match




Before I start talking about this match, go and watch this if you have not seen it because it is every little bit of crazy that I thought it would be. I loved how the men entered because it was done in the same style as fighting games. It was very much like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat and I loved it. The action was hard to keep track of but in the best way possible. The chaos was great from start to finish and it was truly awesome. I love how Corbin reacted when he threw one of the weights into a mirror. He knew he messed up and that his paycheck may suffer from it. I loved Otis pinning AJ to the floor with a barbell from a squat machine. There was just so much happened, and it was all awesome. They fought in the elevator and throughout the halls of WWE HQ. I loved when the men and women were all around each other in front of Paul Heyman and a table full of food. Otis then started a food fight and it was awesome and I loved that it led to Shayna choking out Rey. I called for Shayna to choke out some of the men and it happened, and I loved it. It was awesome seeing a cameo from Brother Love when Rey went into one of the restrooms and I loved Rey’s reaction to him. We saw a quick cameo from Doink as well and that was great. I also loved how Otis found his way into the cafeteria and was distracted by the food. That was something I predicted in my prediction for this match and I loved that it happened. He threw a pie into John Laurinaitis’ face and went back to finding his way to the roof.  I loved AJ going through the hallway and seeing various superstars’ posters and walked into a purple lit room and saw a casket in it. He had flashbacks to his Boneyard match with Undertaker and I loved how he tried to “nope” right out of there. Aleister didn’t let him though as he threw him into the room.

I loved when AJ and Bryan fought into Vince’s office and how they reacted to him. They knew they messed up and were quick to get everything back to the way it was. Vince’s played his role perfectly here and it was awesome. I loved how AJ told Bryan how he was quick to back down from Vince too and how the fighting resumed outside his office.

They finally made their way to the roof after more fighting and that is where more craziness happened. Corbin was the first one there and he would be knocked off the ladder by Asuka when she was going for the women’s briefcase. After Asuka won, the men had their turn in fighting over the briefcase and this was just a ton of fun. Corbin threw Black and Rey off the roof and I loved how pleased with himself he was when he did it each time. It looked like Corbin or Styles would win but Elias would return and hit Corbin in the back with his guitar to prevent him from winning. AJ ended up dropping the briefcase right into Otis’ hands and he was declared the winner. I was totally shocked by that and I have a feeling we may get a match between Otis and AJ and maybe Corbin as well because they will claim they were the winner of the match. Vince is said to be a huge fan of Otis and it certainly looks true based on this result. This was just so much fun from start to finish and I loved every single minute of it.

Also, the image below is in memory of Rey and Aleister. They were thrown off the building by King Corbin and we should take a moment.


Shut Up Cory, We Are Talking!

What a wild night!  WWE has had to change a lot of how things have been done the past couple months and will have to continue doing.  Hopefully they continue growing with the changing times and learn from their mistakes as they go.  What a wild night, and so much better than WM36!

Queen, Sam, Lewis, and Oscar