Becky Announces Pregnancy

Raw started with Becky in the ring with the Women’s MITB case on a table in the ring with her.  She talks a bit and cries some.  Asuka comes to the ring, upset that Becky is there with her case.  Becky said that she knew Asuka couldn’t get into the case all day because it was locked.  Becky unlocked the case to show the belt was inside.  Asuka was very confused.

“You are the Champion.  You are happy, but I might be a little happier.  You go be a Warrior and I’m going to go be a mother,” said Becky.  Asuka grabbed the belt, started dancing around with it laughing, but also hugged Becky and chanted Becky’s name.

It was obvious that the locker room was as shocked and very supportive in the backstage segment after the commercials.  Starting with Rey, including Liv, Street Profits and Bianca, and Truth who dropped all kayfabe and was all telling her she will be a great mother.  No sign of Seth Rollins, but I get why they’re not dropping kayfabe with him over this.  Besides, everyone knows he’s the Baby Daddy!


QD – What can I say about this?  I was so bummed when the wedding had to be pushed back, but this was so heartwarming.  I loved how obvious it was that no one in the back knew what was going to happen in the ring.  The love they showed Becky was lovely.  She looked so happy and so sad in the ring.  It was obvious that she wanted to tell the world that she’s pregnant, but had to go with the flow of the segment.  That was one of the best segments I’ve seen since the pandemic lockdown started, and I’m still all choked up typing this.  I think this is a great time for Becky to be out and I cannot wait to see her back in the ring when she’s ready, but until then, all of WR wishes Becky, Seth, and their baby all the best.