Disenberry on the Oregon Trail: The Smackdown Review

An Intercontinental Title Tournament, Miz TV segment and the NXT Champion, Charlotte Flair makes her Smackdown return, there’s a lot going on in this week’s show, can it deliver? Let’s dive in and find out.



…And before Miz can introduce his first guest, we get the party started with Otis! – cartwheel and all! Otis has so much going for him and I’m here for every bit of it. Miz & Morrison tear him down, poking fun at him from what Mandy sees in him, to baby pictures and family life. Miz gets tired of Otis’ foolishness and challenges him and Tucker to a tag team match, but sadly Tucker can’t make it due to the disemberry on the Oregon trail, if that’s even spelled correctly (?) A fantastic and fun opening to Smackdown and the tag match is sure to entertain, whoever Otis ultimately picks to be his partner.



We start off with the brackets and there’s some interesting matches in there, Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak and Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus on one side and Elias vs King Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ STYLES!!! On the other, we are in for a fun tournament. I would’ve given this bracket full marks, but stripping Sami Zayn is unfair and outrageous considering Jordan Devlin didn’t receive the same treatment.



Our first match of the night is the first match of the IC tournament. These guys are bloodthirsty after how their WrestleMania match ended AND how Elias screwed Corbin out of the Money in the Bank briefcase. We get plenty of time invested in this match with a lot of back and forth. Sadly it ends in a roll up for the win by Elias, not sure I’m happy with that ending considering it’s a poor finish and since Corbin is challenging Drew McIntyre on Raw, he’s made to look really weak here, but a great win for Elias nonetheless.



Otis bumps into Sheamus, desperate for a partner, but Sheamus isn’t interested. After the break, Mandy brings up the idea of asking the Universal Champion to be his partner, and Otis is all for that idea. He gives his “beautiful peach” a kiss and goes on the lookout for Braun. Sadly Braun doesn’t know whether Otis is looking for a cheap shot or real help, but he likes his gall and will think about the offer.



I had no interest in this match going in and they did nothing to change my mind. Sadly this felt more like a training match than anything special. Dana wins with a pin. Yep, she sits on Naomi and that’s enough for the three. Why they are treating Naomi like this I’ll never know, but clearly they are going all in with Dana.



We get a recap of The Man’s huge news from Raw, as well as a video package of her biggest moments. It was fantastic and may even bring a tear to your eye. If this is the last we see of Becky in the ring, I’m just thankful for some of the amazing moments she brought to the WWE. Thank you, Becky Lynch, and once again, congratulations.



Charlotte talks up her game and brags how dedicated she is in showing up on all three brands. I mean it’s not like they’re all in the exact same arena or anything. Anyway, Bayley and Sasha Banks come out and there’s a lot of back and forth, but then it got good. Charlotte targets Sasha and asks, “Are you your own woman or are you happy being Bayley’s lackey and an afterthought?” Bayley challenges Charlotte to a champion vs champion match next week, which Charlotte accepts.



Braun is flexing his muscles with some exercise. He’s asked if he’s accepting to invitation to be Otis’ partner, but he’s still thinking. These  small moments from Braun backstage are more like the Braun I’ve enjoyed. The past month has been awful from him and I hope he’s on his way up to show. He deserves to be the champion and not just Reign’s last minute replacement.



Blurgh, the Forgotten Sons bore me. They did show they can go in the ring at Money in the Bank, but the promo gave me nothing. They served their country and were deemed unstable and whatever – I really don’t care. The only positive I will give them is Jaxson Ryker looks like he can possibly cut some good promos, but this is not it.



Two of the most gifted mat based wrestlers and what a match is was. After their last match we know going in this would be great and the story here is being told so beautifully. Every move and submission is met with respect, breaking the holds after the count of 1 and each sharing a cheeky smile. If you like your slow but methodical wrestling, you won’t want to miss this one. They got plenty of time and left everything in that squared circle for our entertainment. We end with a lovely heel hook submission by Bryan on Gulak after working on his left leg through the match. They shake hands and keep it civil which I’m happy about as I’m not ready for this team to split just yet.



A mixed tag match between Otis & Mandy Rose vs Soyna Deville & Dolph Ziggler is announced for next week and Sonya is ready to humiliate Mandy once again, which gets her thinking, what is Mandy actually good at and she realised (which we already  all knew), it’s being blonde and pretty. Sonya delivers a brutal and fantastic promo on Mandy and sells it, while Dolph clearly tries to keep it together without laughing in the back. Sonya delivers perfectly here and if it wasn’t already obvious, she’s got one heck of a career ahead of her if given the chance.



We’re teased on who would team with Otis, if anyone, but Braun comes out to Miz & Morrison’s shock. Otis has a new sort of swagger to him and I’m loving it. The goofball knows how to work the crowd – even if they’re stuck at home. There were a few questionable moments, first with Braun and Otis hitting a double caterpillar on Morrison (if you can call it that). Braun looked more like he was having a fit. Then Braun looking dangerous in the ring when he tossed Morrison, like he pretty much dropped him. Braun hits his powerslam to give Otis and Braun the predictable victory.

The match itself wasn’t exactly great but what came afterwards was fun. Mandy comes out and Otis teases taking out Braun. They fist bump and celebrate to finish the show.



Raw was always going to be hard to top, but Smackdown really shone bright tonight, most of the matches were fun to watch and the backstage antics through the night were fantastic. If you haven’t watched it yet, I sincerely suggest you find a way to check it out and it’s worth watching!