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All of those “Keep Calm” parodies are starting to make me angry.


Raw Results:

Charly Caruso is in the ring and she introduces Randy Orton and he makes his way to the ring. Orton talks about his challenge to Edge and recaps how Edge beat him at Wrestlemania. He reiterates that Edge is the better man but also reiterates that he is the better wrestler between the two. He talks about how nobody can do what he does and talks about Edge’s grit and doubt. Edge then makes his way out to the ring to respond to the challenge. Edge talks about how he couldn’t rush to make a decision because this is all a game to Orton. Edge talks about how Orton could be the most talented person he has seen in the ring and how this was Orton’s backup plan. Edge talks about how Orton was handed everything and how Edge had to fight for everything he has accomplished. They continue to have a back and forth and Edge accepts Orton’s challenge.

Seth Rollins is backstage and Murphy puts his hand on his shoulder. Rollins does the same and tells him that he has had a revelation and the two start to make their way out to the ring as Raw goes to commercial.

Seth Rollins and Murphy are in the ring and Seth talks about his loss to Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania. He says he ended up in a dark place after the loss but says that without darkness, there can be no light. He says he saw the light because of Rey Mysterio and talks about his attack on him from last week. He calls what he did to Rey unfortunate but necessary because it made him to be the leader that he knew he could be. He talks directly to Rey and how the attack was a blessing in disguise. He says “you’re welcome” to Rey and Humberto Carrillo comes out. Humberto calls Seth a coward and gets in the ring. Seth tells him that his disciple Murphy would be happy to oblige him with a match and they go to commercial.

Murphy def. Humberto Carrillo. Murphy attacks Carrillo after the match ad Aleister Black comes out to make the save.

King Corbin is belittling a staff member backstage because he wants his own dressing room. He then berates a referee because he is not being treated like a king.

Liv Morgan cuts a promo and she talks about how her mom is her hero. She talks about how she never quit and she is her mother’s daughter. She talks about her loss to Charlotte and that she has learned from it.

Charlotte Flair comes out to the ring and she talks about how great she is. She talks a bit about her upcoming match with Bayley this week and how she is excited for it. She then calls out Ruby Riott to the ring and she makes her way out.

Charlotte Flair def. Ruby Riott

Bobby Lashley is interviewed backstage and MVP comes in and says they will not do business with each other. He says that Lashley decided not to because he has other things going on right now. MVP talks about how Lashley hasn’t done anything since returning and asks him when he is finally going to do something of note in WWE again.

A video is played of the Street Profits showing up to a camp where the Viking Raiders are. The Viking Raiders tell them that they have the smoke for them and Dawkins tries to decline the gift but Montez tells him they should accept it. The Vikings invite them to the camp and say they will be throwing axes this week. Dawkins says they should forfeit but Montez talks him out of it.

Kairi Sane is in the ring and she introduces Asuka for her celebration for becoming Raw Women’s Champion. Asuka makes her way out and thanks Kairi for planning this celebration. Kairi then starts listing Asuka’s accolades and the two continue to celebrate. Nia Jax then comes out to the ring to crash the celebration. Nia talks about how she wants the title and Asuka attacks Nia and sends her out of the ring.

King Corbin is interviewed backstage about his upcoming match with Drew McIntyre and he talks about how he wanted this match. He talks about how well he knows Drew and how he made him the man he is today. He compliments him on beating Brock and how he will beat him tonight. McIntyre is watching on a monitor elsewhere and reacts the the whole promo by Corbin.

Bobby Lashley def. R-Truth. Lana is shown having watched the match and throws a tantrum backstage.

Asuka and Kairi Sane are backstage and are still celebrating. They go their separate ways and Nia Jax is in the background and appears to follow Kairi.

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross def. The IIconics by DQ to retain the Women’s Tag Team Titles

Kairi Sane is backstage playing her recorder and Nia Jax attacks her from behind.

The IIconics are backstage and are talking about being disqualified. Peyton says she got caught up in things and Billie talks about how this was their one shot to get the titles back. Peyton slaps Billie but apologizes right after. The two hug after Billie apologizes.

A sneak peak is played of the Last Ride for this Sunday.

Kairi is being helped in the back after being attacked and Asuka is checking on her. Kairi tells her that Nia was the one that attacked her and Asuka goes off looking for Nia.

Nia Jax is walking backstage and Asuka catches up to her. Asuka goes off on her and Nia tries to walk off but Asuka kicks her in the head and walks off.

Shayna Baszler def. Natalya

Angel Garza, Austin Theory and Andrade are arguing backstage and Zelina Vega comes in and tells them to calm down. She asks each of them if they understand her and they all say yes to her.

Kevin Owens comes out for the Kevin Owens Show and he addresses why he hasn’t been on tv since Mania. He says he is all healed up and that the Kevin Owens Show is back. He introduces Zelina Vega, Andrade, Angel Garza and Austin Theory as his guests for the evening. Zelina talks about how Owens wanted them on the show so they could fight with each other but she is not here to have that happen. She hypes up Andrade, Garza and Theory and herself in how good they are. Zelina tells Owens that he is disrespecting him by standing on the apron and Owens says he is doing it for a reason. Owens says that Apollo Crews is his other guest and he sprints to the ring to attack Andrade. Garza, Theory and Owens attempt to pull them apart as Raw goes to commercial.

Apollo Crews & Kevin Owens def. Angel Garza & Andrade. Andrade and Garza beat down Theory after the match.

Drew McIntyre is interviewed backstage and he talks about the brand to brand invitation. Drew talks about how it opens up the possibilities of dream matches and he talks about his match with King Corbin. He talks about Corbin and how he is ready to hit him with a Claymore in their match.

Another video is shown of the Viking Raiders and Street Profits preparing for the axe throwing competition and the Vikings show off their prowess in axe throwing. Montez tries and overthrows the axe by a lot.

They come back and continue to show the axe throwing. Dawkins tries and accidentally lets the axe go into a barrel full of mead. Ivar and Erik have to hold back everybody from attacking him.

Aleister Black def. Murphy by DQ when Austin Theory attacks Black at the behest of Seth Rollins. Murphy and Theory beat down Black after the match.

The axe throwing competition is shown and the Viking Raiders hit the target every time and the Street Profits hit only once. The police show up and ask who throw an axe through their windshield. Dawkins grabs and axe and hits the target by throwing it over his shoulder.

Apollo Crews is interviewed backstage and he talks about returning from injury. He talks about moving on from having to miss Money in the Bank and that he is challenging Andrade for the US Championship in a match next week. Zelina Vega walks in and tells him that he has two choices and he could either walk again or be injured by him. Apollo says he wants the match and plans on winning the title.

Another video is played of the axe throwing and the police let them go with a warning. The female officer says she is letting them off with a warning because she finds Ivar cute but doesn’t say the same for Erik.

Drew McIntyre def. King Corbin